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nl-N Deze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal.
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de-2 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau.
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  • (nl): Deze gebruikerspagina is van een gebruiker die het meest actief is op de Nederlandstalige Wikipedia.
  • (en): This userpage is from a frequent wikipedian from the Dutch Wikipedia.
  • (de): Diese Benutzerseite ist von einem Benutzer von der Niederländischen Wikipedia.

My homewiki is located at: w:nl:Gebruiker:Romaine
Information in English is available at: meta:User:Romaine

If you want to contact me, please write a message on my nl-Wikipedia talk-page.

  • Please mention that it takes some time before messages on my talkpage of this project are seen.


I support A Culture of Kindness

My personal goal is to support other users on improving Wikipedia, which can be on site or on wiki, for both new users with their first steps (like as coach) or for existing users, so they can more easily add knowledge and improve the various projects. Another goal of mine is to improve the communication between Wikimedia and the community, but also for the outside world what kind of environment knowledge needs. My third goal is to create a more friendly user environment because I think a more friendly place will help to make it easier for contributors to improve the projects with more knowledge in a better quality.


  • I signed up as volunteer for helping on site with organizing Wikimania 2014.
  • I started earlier a discussion with Fabrice about A Culture of Kindness and what problems we face with having that on projects. (sfeerbevorderende initiatieven)
  • Supporting Dimi z with his submissions regarding advocacy (1 & 2) as Brussels volunteer.
  • Part of the working group Wikipedia Conferentie Nederland (WCN) and interested to learn in how other chapters organize their conferences as well how Wikimania is organized.
  • I support the implementation of the education programme, because this should make it easier to organize edit-a-thons and trainings on location which help people making their first steps in working on Wikipedia.
  • Would like to meet volunteers from other chapters to tell them about the newsletter This Month in GLAM (I publish).
  • Would like to attend the GLAM meeting afterwards if organized, as GLAM volunteer.

Like to attend


This page is extended in line with the scholarship of Wikimedia Netherlands (Beurs Wikimedia Nederland). I have added above the submissions I am interested in and want to learn more about it, and the first three are the submissions I am highly involved with. I have read and agreed with the terms of the scholarship. Romaine (talk) 17:26, 14 May 2014 (UTC)