To Do List

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

We want to make this website a wonderful resource for people wanting to find out about Wikimania 2014 and Wikimania in general, below are a list of tasks to make this happen.

List of tasks

  • Add opening and closing ceremonies and other videos to section called special events on the front page
  • Add images of each speaker to the relevant sections
  • Add links to each of the fringe weekends in their relevant sections
  • Create page for each part of the programme e.g Medicine in Future of Education track, this is then transcluded to the Future of Education. Examples can be found in the Open Scholarship section.
  • Change name of Community village page to something like Involved Organisations
  • Add videos to the sections (videos currently being uploaded to Wikimedia Commons)
  • Create curated lists of videos based on the programme
  • Fix headings on some pages (there are double headings on some pages)
  • Change hackathon section to projects worked on