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Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap: History, Current Status, and Challenges
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Eugene Alvin Villar (seav)
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Wikimedia Philippines, OpenStreetMap Philippines
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OpenStreetMap (OSM) is to map data as Wikipedia is to encyclopedias. In fact, when introducing OSM, it is usually described as "Wikipedia for maps". Both projects are all about the creation and promotion of free and open content through the use of a collaborative editing platform by diverse users. OpenStreetMap was actually inspired by Wikipedia and there is much value in the two projects collaborating since Wikipedia articles need maps and OpenStreetMap data needs informative context.
There is some history of collaboration between the OSM community and the Wikimedia movement in general, and as of the moment, there are several efforts that currently bring the two projects together or further link them in the future, such as in displaying interactive popup maps based on OSM (WikiMiniAtlas, OSM Map Pane, and WIWOSM) on Wikipedia articles and tagging OSM objects with Wikipedia articles and/or Wikidata items. Wikimedia Deutschland even sponsored a project to generate multi-lingual map tiles based on OSM data.
There are some challenges encountered on the road towards greater collaboration between especially and this is generally related to the currently incompatible licensing between Wikimedia (Creative Commons), Wikidata (CC0), and OSM (Open Database License) and on OSM's origin in a jurisdiction with sui generis database right (United Kingdom). This may or may not prevent greater linking of data between OSM and Wikipedia/Wikidata especially with respect to geographical data as the license of the resulting "link database", if any, would be unclear. In addition, efforts to harmonize the database of geographical coordinates on Wikidata with OSM is problematic even if Wikidata is CC0 because OSM is strict with the provenance of contributed data (e.g., Google Maps cannot be consulted) and many coordinates in Wikipedia/Wikidata have been derived from Google Maps.
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30 minutes
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Yes, if my scholarship application is approved
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There is usually an "Introduction to OpenStreetMap" session in Wikimania followed by an OpenStreetMap Mapping Party. I would like for this submission, if accepted, to be scheduled together with those sessions.

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