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Liquid Lobbying - How could Wikimedia change EU copyright?
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The Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU aims mainly at the European Wikimedia chapters and the European communities so that they can have access to in-time and in-depth information about legislative proposals and initiatives at the European Union level. It strives to create a platform that monitors and explains law-making proceedings so that we can have a unified and clear position on major legislative and political changes affecting the goals and vision of the Wikimedia movement.

In 2013/2014 we have worked on our organisation:

  • We have collaboratively written a Statement of Intent to outline our core policy goals on the EU level.
  • We have had Contact people appointed by Wikimedia organisations to facilitate future coordination

We have also become active working on content:

  • We have answered Copyright Consultation by the European Commission and are following the possible copyright reform to come
  • We have asked the European Union IP Observatory to commission a study on the "Benefits of the Public Domain and Open Licensing to the European Economy"
  • We have had first contact with numerous policy makers using - sometimes indirect - initiatives (Wiki Loves Parliaments, Wikipedia Editing Workshops, IP events participation)

We are working on securing community input:

  • We have done so at two meetings in 2014 - Big Fat Brussels Meeting Vol. 2 and Wikimedia Conference (Berlin)
  • The Highlight: Wikimania 2014 in London - We believe a global conference is the best place to inspire and invite participation. This talk will be open ended asking the audience what policy issues and goals they would like to work on with us. We plan on giving people the chance to speak up and fill out post-its that we will pass around. We also plan on having an advocacy issue whiteboard throughout the conference where people can add ideas and chat with us about lobbying and interest representation.

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