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Editing OpenStreetMap using Rawedit
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Terence Yuen
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Hong Kong
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I have become a veteran of Wikimedia projects after I started editing OpenStreetMap for almost 2 years. I am now working on creation, modification of bus routes and stops within Hong Kong area, becoming one of major contributor from Hong Kong in such routings.

Let's take creation of bus routes as an example. To create one, the first thing to do is to split roads in order to illustrate turns and to ensure no unwanted branches. I had used the embedded tool "PotLatch" to do so, but notified by another mapper, stating that my PotLatch edits affect turn restrictions. Although using JOSM to split roads does not affect turn restrictions, I prefer using Rawedit (the only text editor for OSM) to edit the map as I am unfamiliar with JOSM.

Apart from referencing websites of bus operators, there are loads of videos uploaded by bus spotters available on YouTube. As using RawEdit is more convenient on arranging road sections passing by the bus in order, applying "copy and paste" technique to create a bus route passes one or more sections of another bus routes become faster. That's why I choose RawEdit.

Besides editing bus routes, there is a useful web tool ( provided by the Government of Hong Kong, which supports WGS84 coordinates. As there are distortions and errors found in the satellite map provided by Bing, using this tool can ensure the accuracy of nodes and possibly rectify some errors.

My presentation will be intended for experience sharing on making minor edits (e.g. bus routes and some nodes) with RawEdit but not editing terrains which are complicated.

  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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15-20 Minutes
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