From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

Please post your meetups on this page!

Meetups are self-organised by delegates, and can happen at any time during the conference, though we recommend 7pm onwards so as not to clash with sessions. The Wikimania team will assign meeting points for meetups, depending how many meetups are proposed and estimated attendance. These may or may not have their own room.

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Thursday, August 7

Friday, August 8

Central Eastern European Meeting 2014

Saturday, August 9

Sunday, August 10

Monday, August 11

Tuesday, August 12

  • LDNOpenDrinks - (very!) informal get together for anyone with professional or personal interests in Open Access, Open Data, Open Knowledge, and Open Anything Else.

List of Locations

If you want a dedicated room at the Barbican for your meetup, please contact Stuart Prior.