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Liquid Lobbying - How should Wikimedia advocate for free knowledge?
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Advocacy and Wikimedia has been a hot topic for years (Wikimania 2009 in Buenos Aires, Wikimania 2011 in Haifa and Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong). While becoming politically active has been critically questioned by community, chapters and the Foundation alike, we can nevertheless observe a constant increase in such activity, at least since the Wikipedia blackout in 2011. Futhermore, with the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU, we are witnessing an attempt by several chapters to establish a permanent platfrom dealing with advocacy and trying to pre-defined major policy goals.

The most fundamental challenge when dealing with advocacy is how to involve the volunteer community as much as possible in the process and - at the very best - let it run the initiatives with only administrative support by paid staff. The basic conflict here is to balance the need of long-term consistency and the occssional necessity of immediate reactions versus our core value of the widest possible community participation.

The Copyright Consultation by the European Commission in 2014 was answered by the Wikimedia Foundaiton, several European chapters and numerous individual Wikimedians. All these (meta and model answers) cooperated together in various degrees and made sure Wikimedia was represented by multiple, yet compatible voices.

Representatives of several Wikimedia organisations will come together to talk about their experiences with the copyright consultation and other activities and engage with other panelists and attendees to discuss how to best organise our advocacy efforts.

Panel participants: Jan Engelmann (WMDE), Luis Villa (WMF), Andrea Zanni (WMIT), Danny O'Brien (EFF), Katherine Maher (WMF)

Sharing experiences and discuss this.

  • Legal & Free Culture
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90 minutes
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