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Hamburger Abendblatt David Slater vs. Wikipedia: Wer macht sich hier zum Affen?


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RT 'History is a human right': UK govt. Wikipedia edits obscure high profile killings

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BBC Photographer 'lost £10,000' in Wikipedia monkey 'selfie' row

The New Zealand Herald Right to be forgotten is web 'censorship' - Wikipedia

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Mirror Wikipedia to vote on monkey selfie to decide whether it should take the picture down

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Guardian Wikipedia's monkey selfie ruling is a travesty for the world's monkey artists

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Guardian Monkey owns selfie, claims Wikimedia

My Science Work Wikipedia, Sharing Democratically

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Guardian Wikipedia UK chief: 'UK produces 20% of all articles'

Repubblica Diritto oblio, la protesta di Wikipedia: "È profondamente immorale"

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Gulf News Photographer goes bananas over monkey selfie

BBC Wikipedia: The book...

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Guardian Wikipedia edits made by government sought to minimise high-profile killings

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The Irish Times Google removes Wikipedia link to former criminal ‘the Monk’

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Fudzilla Wikipedia told to “forget” historical information

The Australian Wikipedia’s best ever monkey selfie sparks primate copyright row

Independent.ie Hutch’s bid to wipe out past from cyberspace

Delhi Daily News Copyright row erupts over monkey 'selfie'


Terra.com.br 'Selfie' de macaco gera briga entre fotógrafo e Wikipédia

The Washington Post If a monkey takes a selfie in the forest, who owns the copyright? No one, says Wikimedia.

Irish Mirror Convicted criminal Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s Wikipedia page has request to be removed from online search results

Al Jazeera America Wikipedia defies Europe's 'right to be forgotten' rule

Telegraph Wikipedia founder: EU's Right to be Forgotten is 'deeply immoral'

Al Jazeera Balkans Wikipedia otkrila 'zaboravljene' linkove

La Tercera "Selfie" de un mono provoca polémica en Wikipedia por derechos de autor

El Periódico Wikipedia se niega a borrar el 'selfie' de un mono

Salon Wikipedia at war! “Monkey selfie” sets off bizarre copyright dispute

ITV Monkey 'selfie' picture sparks Wikipedia copyright row

International Business Times Google Removes More Than 50 Links to Wikipedia Content

Evening Standard Help! I’m a Wiki-geek: Nimrod Kamer on his addiction to Wikipedia

BoingBoing Human photographer goes ape over monkey photo decision

The Wire The Best of Wikipedia's Rejected Takedown Requests

Gizmodo Wikipedia Reveals Which Pages the "Right to be Forgotten" Law Killed

International Business Times 'Communist' Wikipedia Faces Lawsuit Over Monkey Selfie Copyright Dispute

Digital Spy Wikipedia refuses to remove 'monkey-owned' photograph

Venture Beat Wikimedia transparency report reveals hundreds of takedown requests, 57 links removed by Google

Business ETC Photographer loses battle with Wikipedia over this amazing monkey selfie

PC Pro Wikipedia highlights five articles "forgotten" by Google

Time Wikimedia Foundation Releases Its First-Ever Transparency Report

The Verge Wikimedia denies photographer's claim to a monkey's selfie

Daily Mail Wikipedia attack on 'censorship'

Metro Wikipedia, photographer (and presumably monkey) in copyright row over black macaque selfie picture

Telegraph Wikipedia founder: History is a human right

NY Mag This Monkey Sort of Owns the Rights to Its Selfie, Says Wikimedia

Independent Google removes links to notorious criminals' Wikipedia pages

Phys Wikipedia says EU court ruling is Web 'censorship'

Reuters Wikipedia fights back against Europe's "right to be forgotten"

Daily Mail Wikipedia rejects photographer's claim of copyright over famous monkey selfie - on the grounds that the ape took it!

ITProPortal Monkey selfies and Aboriginals: Wikipedia founder brands Google censorship "immoral"

Telegraph Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as 'monkey owns it'

Telegraph Government computers used to alter Wikipedia entries on high profile killings

Huffington Post Monkey Selfie Picture Is Fair Game Says Wikipedia

Channel 4 Government Wiki edits downplay high profile killings

La Vanguardia Esta semana: Wikimania

BBC Wikipedia 'not perfect but improving' says founder

Guardian Wikipedia swears to fight 'censorship' of 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Guardian Wikipedia boss Lila Tretikov: ‘Glasnost taught me much about freedom of information’

9To5Google Wikipedia stands up against ‘right to be forgotten,’ uploads Google removal notices

Huffington Post Wikipedia Won't Delete Photo As Monkey 'Owns' It

Huffington Post Wikipedia Publishes Full List Of 'Right To Forget' Requests

Press Association Wikipedia attack on 'censorship'

Washington Post Google has scrubbed 50 links to Wikipedia, thanks to the ‘right to be forgotten’ law

Ars Technica “Memory holes” blanket Wikipedia as links disappear in search results

Daily Dot Wikimedia Foundation officially condemns 'right to be forgotten'

Independent Wikipedia warns that EU legislation will create 'Orwellian memory holes' in the internet

Press Association Wikipedia Attack on 'Censorship'

Digital Spy Wikipedia refuses to remove 'monkey-owned' photograph

Fast Company Wikipedia Publishes First-Ever Transparency Report—And There's A Funny Story About A Monkey

Mirror Wikipedia refuses photographer's request to remove animal selfie because MONKEY took the picture

PC Pro Wikipedia highlights five articles "forgotten" by Google

Express Wikipedia guru blasts European court after slamming ‘forget me’ laws

Tech Crunch Attacks Europe’s Right To Be Forgotten Ruling As Threat To Its Mission

TheNextWeb releases first transparency report: Over 300 content edit and takedown requests rejected

TheNextWeb Wikimedia slams ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling, creates page for Wikipedia link removal notices

IB Times Google Removes More Than 50 Links to Wikipedia Content

Tech City News Wikipedia refuses over 300 censorship requests, insists ‘history is a human right’

BBC Wikipedia reveals Google 'forgotten' search links

NYTimes Bits blog Wikipedia Details Government Data Requests

Telegraph Wikipedia link removed from Google under 'Right to be Forgotten'

Time Wikimedia Foundation Releases Its First-Ever Transparency Report

Time Out London Wikimania! Head to Wikipedia’s first ever London festival

BBC Wiki wars: Do Wikipedia's internal tiffs deter newcomers?

The Next Web Wikimedia’s annual Wikimania conference is coming to London in 2014

Guardian Armenians asked to write Wikipedia entries to promote culture (This project has a slot on the wikimania meetups list.)