Community Village 8 - 10th August

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

Chapters, user groups, major projects and other significant Wikimedia-related or open-knowledge-related organisations were invited to register interest to run stalls here, the Community Village was the exhibition space and a main social area of the conference. It's the opportunity to build awareness with the Wikimedia movement, other open projects and the general public. The Community Village could be found in the Main Foyer on the ground floor.

  • We are an open movement: Open communities are working towards common goals, let’s do something together!
  • We want to exchange and support exchanging ideas, inspiration and experience within the open movement.
  • We want to inform each other about our initiatives and projects and encourage them to get involved.
  • We want to get feedback (best practice, worst practice) to improve our work in the future.
  • We want to share your work with the general public

Community Village participants

Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia UK is the local chapter of the global Wikimedia movement. We exist to support and promote the Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia, and the many volunteers that share our mission: to help people and organisations create and preserve open knowledge and to provide easy access for all.

@Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia UK

Open Coalition

Helping open organisations and those hoping to be more open.


Wikimedia Deutschland

Wikimedia Deutschland - Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens (engl. Wikimedia Germany - Association for the promotion of free knowledge) is an independent membership-based association serving as a Wikimedia chapter. According to the charter, the purpose of the association is to support the creation, collection and distribution of Open Content in an altruistic way in order to support equal opportunity to access to knowledge and education. Founded on June 13, 2004 in Berlin, it was the first chapter to be created. Wikimedia Deutschland currently has 6536 members (as of July 2013). Jimmy Wales is an honorary member of the association.


Wikimedia DE


Discover a new way to visualise Wikipedia. Choose from over 1.5 million events to create and share timelines in minutes.





Wikimedia Österreich

Wikimedia Österreich - Gesellschaft zur Förderung freien Wissens is the Austrian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was approved as a chapter on February 26th, 2008 and registered as an association pursuant to Austrian law. The first board was elected at a chapter meeting in Vienna on May 2nd, 2008.

Wikimedia Polska

Wikimedia Polska Association is an independent non-profit organisation serving as a Wikimedia chapter and covering the area of Poland. It was created during the 2005 Wikimedia Meetup on 14 August 2005 in Kraków and has been officially registered as a membership-based association since 15 November that year; it was the fourth Wikimedia chapter to be recognised by the Wikimedia Foundation.

According to the Bylaws, the purpose of the Association is to equate everyone's chances to access knowledge, both general and specific in the fields of science, culture, education and art as well as to promote and organise volunteering and charity.

Wikimedia Foundation Merchandise Shop

All of the proceeds from the sale of merchandise on this shop go back to the Wikimedia Foundation - and help us support our mission. Some of these proceeds are used to give branded merchandise to our global volunteers - as a way to recognize them for their incredible efforts to collaborative build projects like Wikipedia. For more information about the foundation and its objectives, please visit our FAQ page.

Wikimédia France

Wikimedia Belgium

Wikimedia Belgium is a local chapter in creation phase. The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees has approved its recognition as a Wikimedia chapter on August 6, 2014. The first discussions started in 2005, and the active local team has been doing projects (the pilot program as described in the chapter creation guide) since that date. The most important yearly activity was the organisation of Wiki Loves Monuments Belgium & Luxembourg in 2011, 2012 en 2013. Hundreds of volunteers participated in these events: online, during one of the real live events.

Wikimedia Canada

Wikimedia Canada is the official Wikimedia chapter for Canada. The association was incorporated on 10 November 2010 under the name "Wiki Canada" and does business under the name Wikimedia Canada in English and Wikimédia Canada in French. It was recognized as a chapter by the Wikimedia Foundation on 24 May 2011.

Wikimedia CH


WikiFranca is a partnership between francophone Wikimedia chapters and affiliated working groups. The objective is to encourage activities in the French Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and its sister projects, both on the Web and on the ground. It not only allows local user groups with no chapters in their countries to organize activities and events in their communities and in their language, but also to build a bridge between the countries participating in the Wikimedia projects in French language.

Wiki loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest for monuments, organized by Wikimedia this September. Wikimedia is the movement behind Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – a global collaboration authored by volunteers. Cultural heritage is an important part of the knowledge Wikipedia collects and disseminates. Everybody can contribute images as well as write articles. An image is worth a thousand words, in every language at once and local enthusiasts can (re)discover the cultural, historical, or scientific significance of their neighbourhood.

Wikiprojects leaflets stall

Project leaflets were created for Wikiprojects, a full list of Wikiprojects which had a leaflet created can be found here.

A WikiProject is a group of contributors who want to work together as a team to improve Wikipedia. These groups often focus on a specific topic area (for example, women's history) or a specific kind of task (for example, checking newly created pages). The English Wikipedia currently has over 2,000 WikiProjects and activity varies. A WikiProject's pages are not used for writing encyclopedia articles directly, but as resources to help coordinate and organize the group's efforts at creating and improving articles. WikiProjects often write advice for editors, use bots to track what is happening at articles of interest to the group, and create lists of tools and templates their members commonly use. The discussion pages attached to a project page are a convenient forum for those involved in that project to talk about what they are doing, to ask questions, and to receive advice from other people interested in the group's work.

Wikimedia South Africa

Wikimedia South Africa is a Wikimedia chapter for the Republic of South Africa. It is incorporated as a non-profit-making organisation under South African law. It was founded locally on 25 February 2012 after being approved as a chapter by the Wikimedia Foundation on 26 March 2011. This chapter seeks to promote local awareness of the projects and their proper academic use, encourage translation efforts into local languages and support the creation of local free knowledge and media.

Wikimedia Ghana User Group

Wikimedia Ghana User Group is a team of self-motivated individuals, who regularly help improve articles on Wikimedia Foundation project websites, such as Wikipedia, with the motive of promoting free and open access to knowledge locally and beyond. Our mission is to promote the distribution of free educational material and media in Ghana and globally via the project websites of the WMF, towards the establishment of a local chapter.

Wikimedia Tunisia User Group

The Wikimedia TN User Group is a local User Group of the Wikimedia Foundation. Its mission is to promote the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects in Tunisia.

One of its core missions is to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain or under a license that allows everyone to freely use, distribute and modify said content without the payment of royalties.

Wikimedia Nederland

Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland is a Wikimedia chapter. The association was founded on March 27, 2006 in Eindhoven, and recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as chapter. In early 2013 it had ~200 members. In English, the association informs usually here on Meta Wiki.See for example the English language 'chapter reports'. The web site (in Dutch) can be found at and the association has its own mailinglist, wikimedianl-l. You can find the Statutes on the association's wiki in English as well.

Wikimedia Foundation User Experience Research

Wikimedia Foundation Community Advocacy and Community Engagement

Wikimedia Foundation Wikipedia Zero

After hearing that in some other countries in Africa, mobile service providers were waiving data charges to access to Wikipedia on mobile phones, a high school class in a small South African township decided to write an open letter requesting free access to Wikipedia so that they could study and get a better education. What happens next is up to you - sign the petition for free access to Wikipedia on mobile phones: This film is a production of the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that supports Wikipedia.

Open Education Working Group / Open Knowledge / LinkedUp

Open Education is often associated with the popular concept of Open Educational Resources (OER) – freely accessible, openly licensed resources that are used for teaching, learning, educational, assessment and research purposes. But Open Education is much more than just OER and involves aspects like opening up relevant educational data and changing both institutional and wider culture. - See more at:

Open Knowledge is a worldwide non-profit network of people passionate about openness, using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge. We want to see enlightened societies around the world, where everyone has access to key information and the ability to use it to understand and shape their lives; where powerful institutions are comprehensible and accountable; and where vital research information that can help us tackle challenges such as poverty and climate change is available to all.

LinkedUp is an EU-funded project that aims to push forward the exploitation of the vast amounts of public, open data available on the Web, in particular by educational institutions and organizations.

Creative Commons HQ / UK / India / Argentina

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. Our free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work — on conditions of your choice. CC licenses let you easily change your copyright terms from the default of “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved.” Creative Commons licenses are not an alternative to copyright. They work alongside copyright and enable you to modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs.


Explore millions of items from a range of Europe's leading galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, sheet music and recordings, they’re all here. No need to travel the continent, either physically or virtually.


ShouldWe is a non-partisan, crowd-sourced online guide to public policy debates and evidence. Every page debates a specific public policy, explains who advocates it and outlines the main arguments for and against. Every single sentence on ShouldWe has to be hyperlinked to evidence, so you can dive deeply in to the data if you choose. By empowering the crowd to aggregate the most authoritative policy information, from all sides, in one place, we help journalists, researchers, campaigners, policy-makers and citizens to place each argument and piece of evidence in its proper context. ShouldWe is a crowd-sourced evidence catalogue, not a group blog. ShouldWe pages are neither news reports nor opinion pieces. Instead, we deliver a 5-minute, unbiased, evidence-led overview of each live public policy debate. We will only ever be as good as our “crowd” so please do click below for different ways to get involved.

Wikimedia Foundation Grantmaking


WikiHouse is a non-profit project, developing hardware and software which is open and shared in the commons, owned by everyone. Help us build the project by co-funding the next development goals.


We are developing an ecosystem to democratise design and production.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.

Founded in 1996 and located in San Francisco, the Archive has been receiving data donations from Alexa Internet and others. In late 1999, the organization started to grow to include more well-rounded collections. Now the Internet Archive includes: texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived web pages in our collections, and provides specialized services for adaptive reading and information access for the blind and other persons with disabilities.

Wikimedia India

Wikimedia United States Coalition

The Wikimedia United States Coalition is a framework to organize the founding of a strong group of Wikimedia chapters and Wikimedia thematic organizations in the United States, and to promote cooperation among them. Chapters in the United States, unlike existing chapters in other nations, may be founded on a metropolitan and regional-scale level, because of the unique issues of uneven population density throughout the country, and the relative unimportance of state boundary lines.

Wikimedia New York City and Wikimedia DC are the first approved regional chapters in the United States. Wiki-Conference New York 2009 at NYU was the first live venue at which this framework was developed among aspirant US chapter organizers.


YouMagine is a community for people who want to make things together. Youmagine is a focal point nurturing open source sharing, remix, & design for 3D printing.


ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers. ORCID is unique in its ability to reach across disciplines, research sectors, and national boundaries and its cooperation with other identifier systems.

Wiki Borregos

The Wiki Borregos CCM User Group [1] is a user group (still in limbo with AffComm) to support current and future Wikimedia activities done by students and facutly with the Tec de Monterrey. It has campus ambassador functions as well as supporting activities such as meetings, conferences and outreach.

The fact that the Village was no longer limited to chapters means that smaller, independent organizations like us now have a chance to let the Wiki world that we exist! This was the main goal for London 2014, and although we initially were placed in a hidden corner (rectified shortly after the organizers were made aware of the problem), we managed to get dozens of visits including one from Jimmy Wales and the crew of 60 minutes. It also allowed us the opportunity to be part of the education video being made by Wikimedia Deutschland.

Wikimedia Ireland Community


Wikimedia Italia

Wikimedia Italia - Associazione per la diffusione della conoscenza libera is the Italian Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was formed on Friday 17th June 2005, in Canino. The bylaws were prepared and approved by the Wikimedia Foundation. During an IRC meeting with Jimbo, Angela and Anthere the bylaws were amended and the Foundation was given permission to proceed.

Map of the Community Village

Organization Table number
Community village Map
Wikimedia Deutschland 01 + 02 + 32
Histropedia 03
WikiTowns 03
Wikimedia Österreich 04
Wikimedia Polska 04
Wikimedia Foundation Merchandise Shop 05 + 06
Wikimédia France 09
Wikimedia CH 10
WikiFranca 09+10
Wiki loves Monuments 07 + 08
Wikiprojects leaflets stall 07 + 08
Wikimedia South Africa 11
Wikimedia Ghana User Group 11
Wikimedia Tunisia User Group 12
Wikimedia Nederland 12
Wikimedia Foundation User Experience Research 13 + 14
Wikimedia Foundation Community Advocacy and Community Engagement 15
Wikimedia Foundation Wikipedia Zero 16
Open Education Working Group / Open Knowledge/ / LinkedUp 17 + 18
Wikimedia UK 19 + 20
Creative Commons HQ / UK / India / Argentina 21 + 22
Open Coalition 22
Europeana 23
ShouldWe 24
Wikimedia Foundation Grantmaking 25 + 27
WikiHouse 28
WikiFactory 28
Internet Archive 29
UK Government Department for Culture, Media & Sport 30
Wikimedia India 31
Wikimedia United States Coalition 31
Wikimedia Deutschland 32
YouMagine 33
Wiki Borregos 34
Wikimedia Ireland Community 34
Wikimedia Italia


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