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Submissions/Close Encounters of the Third Kind - The secrets of local GLAM outreach

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind - The secrets of local GLAM outreach
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Lilli Iliev (WMDE)
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Wikimedia Deutschland
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GLAM outreach programs aim to reach people and raise awareness for free culture and Wikimedia activities. Several international experiences have shown that encounter formats specifically on a local scale can lead to longterm, sustainable relationships between professional staff members of cultural institutions, local GLAM-activists and chapter employees. An open discussion with longtime GLAM volunteers shows the broad scope of these local encounter activities.

The GLAM on Tour programme, established in 2013, focuses on linking up local Wikipedians with volunteers and employees of cultural institutions. By organizing 2-day-events including editathons, presentations on the Wikiverse for the scientific associates and curators in museums, scanathons or photo-excursions, Wikipedians get in touch with GLAMs, getting to know each others mode of practice. Strong and longterm relationships can be built better through close encounter than by “one-night-stands” or virtual interplay only. Given the fact that cultural institutions need a certain “institutional readiness” to be really prepared to work with Wikimedia and Wikipedia enthusiasts, the local approach paves the way for a close relation between GLAMs and volunteers: the real life way.

An earlier presentation on GLAM on Tour was held at the GLAM conference in Warsaw last year to present the programme. Now facing the experience of 5 GLAM on Tour stations, we´d like to discuss the perceptions of volunteers and interested GLAM representatives and activists. After longtime volunteers present “their” past and future GLAM on Tour stations, we like to discuss local GLAM outreach activities that worked out well and things that can be improved. Sharing experiences, setbacks and senses of achievement will help us to shape the GLAM approach in the chapter family.

We´d like to discuss the following points:

  • How have different project teams approached the concept of linking up Wikipedians and local GLAM institutions?
  • What worked out well, what can be improved, which are the most important experiences?

Target audience:

  • Wikimedians and GLAM representatives involved in GLAM-Wiki cooperation projects
  • Wikimedians and GLAM representatives considering to get involved in such projects
  • People interested in concepts of getting in touch with GLAMs

GLAM Outreach

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30 minutes
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  • Lilli: Probably
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