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Submissions/OpenStreetMap - what is it and what does it mean for Wikimedians?

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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OpenStreetMap - what is it and what does it mean for Wikimedians
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Andy Mabbett
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OpenStreetMap is often described as "The Wikipedia of Maps". It's not a Wikimedia Foundation project, but it does have a lot in common with the movement and its ideals. So what is it, and how are they similar? And what is it not, and how are they different? Andy Mabbett, with a foot in each camp (he's a Wikimedian and an OSM mapper, and a member of both the Wikimedia UK chapter and the OpenStreetMap foundation) will answer these questions with a Wikimedia-biased audience in mind. He will describe how to get started with adding to the OSM map, and examine why it is in Wikimedians' interest to do that. He will demonstrate how to use open-licensed OSM maps and data in Wikimedia projects, and elsewhere. He will even demonstrate how OSM data has been used to make art. He will look at the opportunities for interlinking OSM and the various Wikimedia projects, especially, but not only, Wikipedias, Wikimedia Commons, Wikivoyage, and of course Wikidata; and the problems that arise due to their respective technical and social structures, and the "fuzziness" of some of the data they record. He will look at how OSM links with other open-source, open content projects, and the lessons that Wikimedia volunteers can learn from such links, and the implications of that "fuzziness" for such collaborations, for both OSM and Wikimedia projects. He will also explain his proposal for a collaborative, cross project, automation of links between OSM and Wikimedia projects, with bots jointly operating on both Wikimedia sites and in OSM, using shared activity logs, and flagging discrepancies for human inspection. He will describe how simple tools could facilitate this, even for novice users, based on previous OSM projects. Finally, for any OSM mappers in attendance, he will suggest lessons from Wikimedia for that project. Time will be allowed for questions.
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