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Wikimania Fringe May – July 2014

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

The Wikimania Fringe includes

  • Events by the Wikimania team before or after the main programme
  • Events created by Wikimedian community members (why not propose your own?)
  • Related events in the open knowledge movement


Pre-Wikimania Weekends

A series of informal two-day events where you can discuss and co-work on anything to do with Wikimedia, open knowledge, or the upcoming conference itself. A great chance to learn from experts and develop your own projects with the help of others. They will be held in the same venue as Wikimania itself, The Barbican Centre, and are organised by the Wikimania team, who will be present at each event.

24–25 May Social Machines Weekend
7–8 June Free Culture Weekend
21–22 June Future of Education Workshop
5–6 July Open Data Weekend
19–20 July Open Scholarship Weekend


11–13 July Pre-Wikimania meetup Berlin

Pre-Wikimania Editathons

Manchester Girl Geeks Edit Day

Throughout the country, Wikimedia UK is working with universities, museums and other organisations to raise issues of interest to Open Knowledge and to enable editors from all sectors to address these issues through editing Wikipedia.

22 May Women in Science Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at the University of Manchester
29 May The DNADigest Wikipedia Editathon. All welcome hosted in Wayra Euston London, DNAdigest Editathon Wikimedia Page

London Walks

Visiting from abroad and keen to explore London, or want to walk with some Wikimedians? Join or propose a London Walk!

Local Wikimedia meet-ups

Wikimedians at a recent meetup in Coventry

The Wikimedia community have a regular social meetups in many parts of the country, usually in pubs or cafés.

The London pub meet-up happens on the second Sunday of every month, and in the run up to the conference this will be no different! There is one Meet up left before Wikimania.

In the coming weeks there are also meet-ups in:

If there isn't a meet near you, then organise one and let people know! Contact Chris McKenna if you want assistance.

Other conferences

  • Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2014: − 26th July 2014 − London, UK − ciunconference.org − Bringing people together to talk about Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems.
  • Open Knowledge Festival: − 15–17 July 2014 − Berlin, Germany − 2014.okfestival.org − Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Open Knowledge (formerly the Open Knowledge Foundation).

During the conference

Education Pre-Conference

6–7 August Education Pre-Conference

Volunteer Support Workshop

7 August Pre-conference: Volunteer Support

Medical Wikipedians

7 August 3.30-5.30 pm Pre-Conference: Medical Wikipedians, Angel Islington, 1.5 miles from the conference centre

Wikimedia Boards Governance workshop

7 August: Wikimedia UK hosted a training workshop for members of boards of movement organisations

Train the Trainers workshop

4-5 August: Wikimedia UK Train the Trainers workshop

Wikimania Volunteer meet-ups

There will be quite a few events for Wikimania Volunteers in the run up to the conference, some casual fun meet-ups, some more serious planning events. If you'd like to get in on this action, fill in the Volunteers form, and you'll be invited!

  • There will be a meeting for all those who are going to collaborate in the video production on-site in London and those who help from their homes. The date will be 12 (or 13) July at the Wikimedia headquarters in Berlin. Please put your name and preferences in Videos#Video production.
  • If you are interested in helping with the Wikimania Social team, which refers to itself as #wikimaniasocial on twitter, they will have a meeting on Monday, July 28, at Barbican. You can contact Naureen Nayyar if you have a desire to help online even if you are not attending the conference.

Meetups during the conference

Want to organise an informal meetup with other delegates in the conference venue during the conference itself? Meetups

OpenStreetMap 10th Birthday Party

9th Aug OpenStreetMap 10th Birthday Party at the Artillery Arms pub from 3pm until late (One possible evening activity after the conference on the Saturday)

England and Wales Vs Rest of the World Pop Up Cricket March

In order to share some of the joy of this wonderful sport we will be organising a pop-up rapid Cricket Match at Wikimania. We have decided not to make this a five day match as per tradition but to hold a rather shorter one (possibly thirty minutes) outside the Barbican on the Saturday evening. We are looking for volunteers to demonstrate the art of this noble pastime. According to the MCC this is a game played by eleven a side, we may be more flexible. Not to be confused with French Cricket Sign up here

Digital Revolution

From 8-10 August, delegates will be able to purchase tickets to Digital Revolution for £8 (rather than the usual £12.50) by showing their delegate pass at the ticket desk.

Post conference

Other conferences

  • OpenSym 2014: 27–29 August 2014 − Berlin, Germany − www.opensym.org − An annual conference series dedicated to open collaboration research and practice.