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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom
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I'm 'nl:user:valhallasw' (but really more wikitech:User:Merlijn van Deen these days). In real life, I'm a PhD student in physics, but in the WMF context, I'm one of the developers of the Pywikibot framework, as well as the main developer of the new Wikibugs IRC bot, flask-mwoauth, the Gerrit patch uploader, the Gerrit reviewer bot and tsreports. Apart from that, I've worked on a tool to convert bugs on Toolserver's JIRA to WMF's bugzilla, and I am one of the maintainers for the nl:Project:nlwikibots project.

One of my main goals in the projects above, as well as one of the main goals I'll be working on in the near future, is making it easier for people to contribute to the technical infrastructure of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Gerrit patch uploader allows one to upload changes without needing to install all the Gerrit prerequisites, while the Gerrit reviewer bot helps to provide timely reviews to newly uploaded changes. One of my current interests is improving the Pywikibot documentation, and as a result, I hope this will provide improved documentations for other mediawiki.org/Gerrit based projects as well.

During Wikimania, I hope to work with people on improving the new developer experience in general, and the new developer experience for Pywikibot in particular. In addition, I hope to improve the 'tsreports' tool, which could then provide regular users with up-to-date statistics on various subjects. Apart from that, I hope to be able to help people get started -- with pywikibot, with python-based web tools on Tool Labs, or otherwise.

Sessions I'd like to visit are related to Open Data and reuse of data (e.g. re-using Wikidata), inclusivity (e.g. Submissions/Informed_but_unempowered, Submissions/A_Culture_of_Kindness and Engaging minorities on WMF projects) but I'm also interested in some topics from my professional background: e.g. Open Access related talks, academic-Wikimedia partnerships and the use of Wikipedia in the classroom and in student life. However, the main draw are the technical contributions: empowering non-technical GLAM contributors, Opening up all the resources we have to new contributors, Interface improvements, and of course the Pywikibot session.

Technically, I'm too late to request a scholarship from WMNL, but as they are 'wars van bureaucratie', I'll still give it a go ;-). I (explicitly) agree with the terms on Beurs_Wikimedia_Nederland Valhallasw (talk) 19:25, 1 June 2014 (UTC)