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Teachers' use of wikipedia
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Hagit Meishar-Tal
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The Open University of Israel and Mofet Institute
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The study investigates teachers’ attitudes toward the use of Wikipedia, the collaborative encyclopedia written by Internet users. Previous studies have shown that Wikipedia has proven to be a relatively reliable source of information that employs sophisticated mechanisms to ensure the quality of the information published by its users. Previous studies also argue that although teachers themselves utilize Wikipedia as a source of information, they tend to forbid their students to use it rather than teach them how to use it intelligently. The present study aims to reveal the factors that impact the attitudes of teachers toward the use of Wikipedia. The paper will describe the findings from the questionnaire that was administered to 150 elementary-school teachers.

Findings show that most teachers use Wikipedia between once a week and once a month. The use of Wikipedia is shallow and may indicate a superficial familiarity with Wikipedia. The use of Wikipedia with students is low and mainly limited to allowing students to use Wikipedia for learning purposes. The study also found that the use of Wikipedia is linked to perceptions about its value of information. The higher the perceived information value is, the higher the personal and educational use.

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30 Minutes
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