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A data and developer hub for Wikimedia

Wireframe for Data and Developer Hub homepage A showcase of Wikimedia data visualizations.
Excerpt from the results of the 2012 Wikimedia open data survey (1/2)
Excerpt from the results of the 2012 Wikimedia open data survey (2/2)
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Moiz Syed, Wikimedia Foundation (Design)
Jared Zimmerman, Wikimedia Foundation (Design)
Stephen LaPorte, Wikimedia Foundation (Legal)
Dario Taraborelli, Wikimedia Foundation (Analytics)
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en:User:Jaredzimmerman (WMF)
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Wikimedia Foundation
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How can we attract more participants into our developer community?
How can we make Wikipedia's APIs more easily discoverable?
How can we empower people to build new tools, products, and knowledge from Wikimedia's data and help spearhead its mission?

Wikimedia's mission is to collect and develop the sum of all human knowledge and effectively disseminate it under free licenses. Our infrastructure is designed to make it possible for millions of people worldwide to freely access content, but it falls short of providing easy ways for anyone to reuse and remix this knowledge.

The Wikimedia Foundation has developed and made several APIs freely available; however both the APIs and their documentation are currently scattered across several projects, with no central location for people to learn about and build on them. When we build tools that no one can use, we fail to fulfill our mission.

As another example, a number of repositories of open data have been created as a result of Wikimedia and community research projects, but they are hardly discoverable. In an open survey that the Wikimedia Research Committee ran in 2012, "I didn't know the data existed" was the number one answer participants gave to the question "If you ever had the intention to use Wikimedia datasets but eventually decided not to, what was the reason that stopped you from using them?"

This proposal aims to fill these gaps: we will present and discuss design ideas, prototypes and early findings for a Data and Developer Hub. The goal of this project is to

  • inspire people by showcasing the best example of creative reuse of Wikimedia data and APIs.
  • be a friendly and inviting sandbox environment where new and experienced developers can play with Wikimedia's data and APIs.
  • provide a central resource where developers can find up-to-date and well-formed documentation about different APIs.

Open Data, Technology, Interface & Infrastructure (secondary track, will also be relevant.)

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30 Minutes

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mw:Data & Developer Hub

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