Submissions/Engaging minorities on the Wikimedia projects: Easier said than done?

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Engaging minorities on the Wikimedia projects: Easier said than done?

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Carlos M. Colina (Maor X)

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Maor X

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Wikimedia Venezuela, Wikimedia Israel, AffCom

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One of the goals of the Wikimedia movement (and also, of the WMF) is to increase the participation of minorities in the different projects. Have the current strategies worked? How can they be improved? Does the current WMF approach to minorities need to be redesigned? What about chapters and other affiliates, are they involving their own minorities in their development properly? What can be done at a global, regional and local level to increase the participation of minorities? This presentation analyses these questions and proposes alternatives to the current approaches to minorities in the movement as a whole.

For the record, the presenter belongs to religious, linguistic, geographic and social minorities. Admin @lad.wikipedia


WikiCulture & Community

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30 minutes
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