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Submissions/Open Access & Wikipedia: A Panel Discussion

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

This session will take place at 10:00am on Saturday, August 9, in the Auditorium 1.

Submission no. 6008
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Open Access & Wikipedia: A Panel Discussion
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  • Nick Shockey, nshockey
  • Melissa Hagemann
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Leslie Chan
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The Right to Research Coalition; The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)
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This discussion-based panel will provide context for the Open Scholarship track within Wikimania, and will include Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. The discussion will focus on the current state of Open Access—the free, immediate, online availability of peer-reviewed research articles coupled with full reuse rights—and highlight how Wikimedians are working to harness the power of Open Access to improve Wikipedia and its sister projects, and how these efforts intersect with efforts to promote Open Access in policy environments.

The panel will include those leading efforts within the Wikipedia community to integrate research materials published under an open license as well as experts from leading Open Access advocacy organizations to describe the current state of efforts to promote the issue on campuses, within governments and research funders, and through intergovernmental organizations like the European Commission.


  • Jimmy Wales: Co-founder, Wikipedia
  • Jonathan Gray: Director of Policy and Ideas, Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Daniel Mietchen: WikiProject Open Access
  • Nick Shockey: Director, Right to Research Coalition
  • Alma Swan: Director of European Advocacy, SPARC
  • Moderator: Melissa Hagemann: Senior Program Manager, Open Society Foundations; Member, Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board

The session will be tailored to be useful and engaging for both experienced Wikimedians and those new to the community, and provide a general framework for a proposed series of more specialized sessions around interactions of the Wikimedia and Open Access communities.

For veteran editors, the panel will distill projects currently underway to integrate and highlight Open Access content, which help improve the utility and credibility of Wikimedia projects. When citations in Wikipedia articles point to sources in subscription-access journals, most readers will not be able to follow the link to the source article to find further information or to judge its credibility. Although Wikipedia’s clear and proper consensus is that sources need not be open access to be legitimate, readers benefit when source material is openly available to read online, and Wikipedia is a more credible and transparent resource when sources are open for all to evaluate. Therefore, WikiProject Open Access is working on a way to mark cited references as to how open they are.

For those just beginning to engage with the Wikimedia community, the session will provide an introduction to an issue with significant impact both within Wikimedia projects and far beyond. Open Access is a hot topic in the UK, Europe, and around the world—mentioned in outlets from the Economist and the New York Times to the Colbert Report in the past year—and one in which individual advocates and communities like Wikipedia’s can make a significant impact.

The goal of the session is to raise awareness about the value that opening up the body of scholarly and scientific research could have to the Wikimedia community, while promoting greater participation in the Open Access movement to turn the scholarly literature into a highly significant global resource not just for researchers but also the society around them.

  • Open Scholarship
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60 minutes
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