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Interface vision for wikimania london
Interface vision for wikimania london
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Interface Vision
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Jared Zimmernan
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Jaredzimmerman (WMF)
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United States of America
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Many say that Wikimedia sites never change. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find that this sentiment comes mostly from readers who haven’t created account, logged in, or tried to edit the encyclopedia. That is 99.98% of our users. Their opinion counts, and whether it is true or not, it informs how the internet and general public see the project.

This impression is largely incorrect. Change in the projects is slow and gradual. We don’t see the tree growing day by day but we do see the fruit it produces at harvest time.

The user experience team is working on many small and large improvements to the site that benefit readers and editors alike. While you may be familiar with the projects like Flow and VisualEditor, these improvements are targeted at existing contributors and not designed to create a better experience for readers.

The user experience team has lots of changes planned that will help elevate the projects to greatness. Changes that will surface content across projects, provide easier access to new and existing contributory features, and help to highlight our best asset: our editor community. We’ll utilize Beta Features extensively to accomplish this goal both to manage change and to give our community a greater voice in the design and product development process.

We’ll show you how all of these components come together to create an amazing experience for everyone who reads and contributes to our projects, highlights existing work and features that have existed for years, and leverages the amazing content present but not linked between wikis.

  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30-60 minutes
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Will provide

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