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Wikipedia in the classroom: Language teaching and learning.

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J. Gustavo Góngora, English philologist, M.A. Literary Research (UNED), committed Wikimedian.
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Spain/Principality of Andorra
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Wikimedia España (former Board member) / Amical / Wikimedia Uruguay
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Early draft. This presentation aims at describing the learning process in our current society. TICs (new technologies) as well as CALL (computer-assisted language learning) are indispensable in the 21st century classroom. To begin with, this presentation will focus on how students can - and actually - take advantage of a wide array of resources available on the web, being Wikipedia one of the most important in tasks such as writing about one's hometown, favourite music band, country, football team, etc. As a teacher, I've been particularly involved in the design of new materials that can be applied to the learning process. For instance, using Wikipedia as active users - and not only as passive ones - has broaden the scope of many language learners, not only by getting them to know how to write better but also by contributing to Wikipedia with the key motivation of sharing 'something familiar' with the world.

The presentation will also show some videos and surveys where students give their opinion, feedback and talk about their experience using Wikipedia in the classroom. The final goal is to motivate other Wikipedians, teachers and learners alike and get them involved. It's also an important opportunity for sharing different viewpoints.

To sum up, the presentation will be structured as follows:

1) A brief introduction to the topic: What is CALL? Historical background, examples in the classroom.

2) Wikis in Education: How do they work? What advantages do they offer? WikisinEducation Examples, ITE (Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas, in Spanish).

3) Wikipedia in the classroom: survey, motivation as a starting point in the learning process. Videos and feedback from students/teachers: What's their experience using Wikipedia? Viquifabricació project (in Catalan/Spanish): Engineering students writing on Wikipedia as part of an ambitious competition between different Spanish universities.

Previous presentations by the same author: (An interdisciplinary approach to Wikipedia, Wikimania 2010) and (How Wikipedia can be a useful tool for the learning of L2, Wikimania 2011).

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15-20 minutes
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