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This page is a translated version of the page Hello world and the translation is 100% complete.

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Para las horas de llegada y salida, escribe la hora de tu vuelo en el formato «dd mmm hh:mm aeropuerto», p. ej., un vuelo proveniente de London Heathrow a las 2:30 p. m. del 11 de agosto sería: «11 Aug 14:30 LHR». Si vives en el Reino Unido, proporciona el condado o ciudad donde vives.

Rellena todos los campos que quieras:

Image Name Username Affiliation Region Email Twitter Facebook Mobile Arrive Depart Ask me about...
Ferran Cornella F3RaN Amical Wikipedia Germany Europe, Germany 7 August 10 August Amical
Gabrielle Lucille de Pooter GLdeP Europeana Fashion and MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp Europe: Belgium gabrielle.depooter@momu.be @eurfashion Europeana Fashion 7 August 10 August Organising fashion edit-a-thons, IPR and fashion heritage, Europeana
Edward Saperia EdSaperia Wikimania London Europe: UK ed@wikimanialondon.org @edsaperia edsaperia 07796955572 London London Running Wikimania, Open Access Reader
Charlie Southwell charliesaidthat Wikimania London Europe: UK charliesaidthat@gmail.com @charliesaidthat charliesaidthat 07858 252 374 I live in London I live in London Tweeting your photos and links
Sam Ballard Samballand99 Wikimania London Europe: UK sam@sunlightafterdark.com @Baron_Blackmore BaronBlackmore 07825 760526 I live in London I live in London Design and Illustration
Sinead Doyle smcdoyle Wikimania London Europe: UK smcdoyle@gmail.com @smcdoyle smcdoyle 07762424299 I live in London I live in London
Chris McKenna Chris McKenna / Thryduulf Wikimedia UK Europe: UK chris.mckenna@wikimedia.org.uk 07548 103 782 I live in London I live in London Volunteer coordination, photography, Wikimedia UK
Marielle Volz Mvolz (talk) Wikimedia Foundation (intern) Europe: UK marielle.volz@gmail.com @mariellevolz Already in London Staying in London Citoid
James Moulding James Moulding (talk) Wikimania Team Europe: UK jamesm@wikimanialondon.org @jamo133 /jamo133 07741495838 I live in London I live in London I'm Ed's assistant!
Liam Wyatt Wittylama Europeana Australia / Europe: Italy liamwyatt-at-gmail-dot-com @wittylama liamwyatt 05 Aug 12 Aug GLAM!
James Hare Harej Wikimedia DC North America: USA james.hare at wikimediadc dot org @harej 05 Aug 12 Aug English Wikipedia, Wikimedia chapters and affiliates, GLAM-Wiki, outreach
Bill Thompson billthom Various. A bit of BBC Europe: UK bill@thornburrowthompson.com @billt billt I live in London I live in London Media. Tech.
Chris Keating The Land Wikimedia UK Europe: UK chris.keating@wikimedia.org.uk @chriskeating /christopherkeating Wikimedia UK, Chapters, movement governance, organisational development, battleships
Phil Lim Plim Europe: UK plimster@talk21.com 09 Aug 09 Aug what to see in London and volunteering online for sustainable human development
Rexford Nkansah Nkansahrexford Africa: Ghana rexford@wikiafrica.net google.com/+Nkansahrexford 05 Aug
Emeric Vallespi ShreCk Wikimédia France Europe: France emeric.vallespi@wikimedia.fr @evallespi Emeric Vallespi 05 Aug 11 Aug Finance, Internal control, Board governance, International affairs,...
Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat Masssly Wikimedia Ghana Africa: Ghana asianhausie@gmail.com @masssly Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat +447999714669 +233207101435 05 Aug 09:40 DXB
Fabian Tompsett Leutha Wikimedia UK Europe: UK: London fabian.tompsett@wikimedia.org.uk 07548 103787 Already here Remaining here Volunteer coordination, Education/training, Wikimedia UK
Austin Hair Austin Europe: The Netherlands adhair@gmail.com @adhair adhair 05 Aug
Marek Stelmasik masti Wikimedia Poland Europe: Poland mastigm@gmail.com @masti01 marek.stelmasik +48 601606985 05 Aug 13:55 LTN 11 Aug 20:30 LTN Small grants programs, bots, WM PL
Dirk Franke Dirk Franke Dirk Franke (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany dirk.franke@wikimedia.de @southgeist 06 Aug from Berlin 11 Aug Volunteer support
Pavel Richter Pavel Richter (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany pavel.richter@wikimedia.de @pavel +4915119645755 06 Aug 11 Aug
Joe Sutherland Foxj Europe: Scotland Email @jrbsu +447722916433 04 Aug 13:30 ABZ 16 Aug 09:20 LCY
Adi Khajuria adikhajuria Europe: UK adi@wikimanialondon.org @adiman423 Adi Khajuria
Ralf Roletschek Ralf Roletschek Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany Ralf@Roletschek.de no Mobile 07 Aug 11 Aug photography
Enock Seth Nyamador Enock4seth Africa: Ghana @Enock4seth
Andy Mabbett Pigsonthewing Europe: UK andy@pigsonthewing.org.uk @pigsonthewing Close friends only 05 Aug 11 Aug Voice Intro Project, ORCID, Infoboxes, Metadata, Microformats, Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, GLAM, Wikipeidans-in-Residence, more...
Nasir Khan Saikat nasir8891 Wikimedia Bangladesh Asia: Bangladesh nasir8891@gmail.com nasir8891 Nasir Khan Saikat 05 Aug
Steffen Prößdorf Stepro Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany Wikimail @Stepro Steffen Prößdorf existing ;-) 07 Aug late 11 Aug anything you want
John Andersson John Andersson (WMSE) (work) Wikimedia Sverige Europe: Sweden john.andersson@wikimedia.se John Andersson Yes 07 Aug early 11 Aug GLAM-wiki work, writing applications for funding, anything about Wikimedia Sverige
Naureen Nayyar techistoria Wikimania London North America: USA / Asia: Thailand social@wikimanialondon.org @norabean Naureen Nayyar
Benoît Evellin Trizek Wikimédia France / #laNCO Europe: France: Brittany benoit.evellin@wikimedia.fr @bevellin 05 Aug late 11 Aug early Community engagment, local implication, how to create a local group

At Wikimania 2007
Andrew Lih Fuzheado Wikimedia DC (USA), American University North America: USA andrew.lih@gmail.com @fuzheado Andrew Lih +1-646-403-4113 05 Aug 11 Aug Wikipedia Weekly, Video in Wikipedia, GLAM Wiki USA
Netha Hussain User: Netha Hussain Wikimedia India Asia: India: Kozhikode nethahussain@gmail.com @nethahussain nethahussain 05 Aug 11 Aug Wikiwomen's collaborative, Edit-a-thons, Indic languages
Patricio Lorente Patricio.lorente Wikimedia Foundation Latin America: Argentina plorente at wikimedia dot org @patriciolorente 05 Aug 11 Aug
Matthias Süßen (talk) Matthias Süßen German Wikipedian and Commonist Europe: Germany matthias.suessen@wikipedia.de @matthiassuessen matthias.suessen YES 07 Aug early 11 Aug Commons, East Frisia, GLAM in Germany
Claudia Garád Claudia Garád WMAT Europe: Austria claudia.garad@wikimedia.at claudia.garad 04 Aug early 11 Aug WMAT, chapter strategy, organisational development, open data
Mischa Tuffield mtuffield State Europe: UK mischa at state dot com @mischat YES YES I live in London I live in London Semantic Web, Linked Data, Personal Data, Privacy, Opinions
Dan Garry DGarry (WMF) WMF Europe: UK / North America: USA dgarry@wikimedia.org 05 Aug 11 Aug Mobile apps, SUL finalisation
Katie Chan Katie Chan (WMUK) / KTC Wikimedia UK Europe: UK katie.chan@wikimedia.org.uk @katieteresachan katie.teresa.chan +447885980534 Some point in the past Some point in the future Wikimedia UK, Volunteering
Gereon Kalkuhl Gereon K. de.wikipedia.org Europe: Germany gereon dot kalkuhl at wikipedia dot de gereon.kalkuhl +49 160 97348594
Lori Byrd Phillips Lori Byrd Phillips GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium North America: USA lori.byrd.phillips at gmail dot com @lorileebyrd GLAM-Wiki, museums, social media, open authority
Dominic McDevitt-Parks Dominic U.S. National Archives, GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium, Wikimedia D.C. North America: USA dominic@wikimediadc.org @Dominic_MP GLAM-Wiki, archives, Wikisource, conflict of interest, open government
Fabrice Florin User:Fabrice Florin (WMF) WMF North America: USA fflorin@wikimedia.org @fabriceflorin 05 Aug 11 Aug Multimedia, Kindness
Iolanda Pensa iopensa SUPSI and Wikimedia Italia and CH Europe: Italy and CH io@pensa.it 11 Aug
Matti MB-one Europe: Germany matti.blume@wikipedia.de @mbeins 04 Aug 11 Aug Categories and Wikidata
Vinicius Siqueira vini 175 Wikimedia Brasil User Group, WikiProject Med Foundation Latin America: Brazil vini_175@hotmail.com vinicius.siqueira 01 Aug 11 Aug Brazil, Medical Content!
Ad Huikeshoven Ad Huikeshoven Wikimedia Nederland Europe ad@wikimedia.nl Ad_Huikeshoven ad.huikeshoven +31640293574 07 Aug 10 Aug International Affairs, Education Program
Mervat Salman Mervat Salman Middle East: Jordan mervat.salam@gmail.com 05 Aug 12 Aug
Allan Aguilar Ralgis Wikimedistas de Costa Rica (Wikimedians of Costa Rica) Latin America: Costa Rica ralgis@vmail.me @userralgis 07 Aug 11 Aug Tor, Tails, cryptography... and Wikimedia
Salvador Alcántar salvador_alc Wikimedia México / AffCom Latin America: Mexico salvador.alcantar@wikimedia.mx @salvador_alc 05 Aug 12 Aug WMMX projects, Affiliations Committee, Latin America
U:Takot at Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong Takashi Ota Takot Far East: Japan supertakot at gmail dot com @takot [1] 06 Aug 14:50 LHR 12 Aug 11:30 LHR Translation, Japan(ese)
Omar Sandoval Omar_sansi Wikimedia México / Wikimania 2015 Latin America: Mexico omarsansi@gmail.com @omar_sansi omarsansi 04 Aug 11 Aug Wikimania 2015 (Mexico City), WMMX projects
File:TenWikipedia-Minsk-11.JPG Volha Sitnik хомелка Belarusian Wikipedia Europe: Belarus @Homelka Olya Sitnik 05 Aug 11 Aug Belarusian Wikipedia and Belarusian language
Andrés Cruz y Corro Andycyca Wikimedia México && Wikimania 2015 Latin America: Mexico andycyca@gmail.com @andycyca 04 Aug 11 Aug Wikimania 2015, volunteer coordination, Wiki-editing school
Michael Jahn Michael Jahn WMDE Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany michael.jahn@wikimedia.de @tastenundtinte 07 Aug 10 Aug WMDE, communications, strategy
Sandra Fauconnier Spinster Wikipedian in Residence, Stichting Academisch Erfgoed (NL) Europe: Netherlands s.fauconnier@uva.nl @sanseveria Sandra Fauconnier 07 Aug 10 Aug University courses in a WiR project. WiR in the field of academic / scientific heritage. Also: gender gap, diversity, systemic bias on Dutch Wikipedia.
Bence Damokos User:Bdamokos Affiliations Committee Europe: Hungary bdamokos@gmail.com @bdamokos +36 30 416 6070 09 Aug (~23:00 on 08 Aug) 10 Aug Affiliations Committee, European Parliament
Tom Pollard user:tomjpollard Europe: UK tom.pollard.11@ucl.ac.uk @tompollard London London
Dorothy Howard OR drohowa Wikipedian in Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council North America: USA New York City dhoward@metro.org @DorothyR_Howard
Nicole Ebber Nicole Ebber (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany nicole.ebber@wikimedia.de @antischokke +447943289786 05 Aug 11 Aug WMDE, Chapters Dialogue, International affairs
David Richfield David Richfield Wikimedia South Africa / Wikimedia Deutschland Africa: South Africa / Europe: Germany davidrichfield@gmail.com @slashme David Richfield +49 176 72663368 03 Aug 17:40 LHR 11 Aug 06:20 LGW Wikimedia South Africa, Graphic Lab, Chapters

With Waldir (left) at Wikimania 2010
Jon Harald Søby User:Jon Harald Søby Europe: Norway jhsoby@gmail.com @jhsoby jon.harald.soby +47 977 67 510 05 Aug 15 Aug Localization, translating, life
Hogne Neteland en:user:Hogne Wikimedia Norway (Member of the board) Europe: Norway @nnwikipedia August 5 August 9 Anything you like
Siebrand Mazeland translatewiki:User:Siebrand translatewiki.net, Wikimedia Foundation Europe: The Netherlands siebrand@kitano.nl @translatewiki siebrand.mazeland +31 6 50 69 1239 (WhatsApp/iMessage will work) 05 Aug 11 Aug i18n, L10n, translatewiki, MediaWiki, assorted stuffs
Andrew Lamb Appropedia Foundation Global andrew.lamb@appropedia.org @andrewlamb Andrew Lamb London London Appropedia - the sustainability wiki
Maarten Dammers Multichill Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands email @mdammers MaartenDammers 04 Aug 11 Aug GLAM, cultural heritage, Wikidata, (Pywiki)bot, Wikidata, Commons and other cool stuff
Harry Mitchell HJ Mitchell Wikimania 2014, Wikimedia UK, enwiki Europe: UK harry@wikimanialondon.org +44 (0) 7507 536971 01 Aug 11 Aug gallstones; Wikimania volunteer coordination (read: insomnia!)
Mohammed BACHOUNDA bachounda Algerian wikipedian Africa: Algeria email @bachounda_ Bachounda DéZèdien +213 660830697 05 Aug 15:20 11 Aug 16:25
Olaf Kosinsky Olaf Kosinsky German wikipedian Europe: Germany email 07 Aug 10 Aug
Martin Rulsch DerHexer German Wikimedian Europe: Germany email @DHWM martin.rulsch 01 Aug 11 Aug Wikimedia Stewards, Wiki Loves Parliaments, Administration, Volunteer Support, OTRS
Luis Villa LuisV (WMF) WMF Legal North America: USA San Francisco lvilla@wikimedia.org @tieguy 05 Aug afternoon 12 Aug morning licensing or anything else legal
Jon Davies User:Jon Davies WMUK CEO Europe jon.davies@wikimedia.org.uk @jonatreesdavies Here already 13 Aug evening anything
Jan-Patrick Fischer J. Patrick Fischer German Wikipedian, Wikiyoyagist and Commons filler Europe: Germany wikimail No You can find me ask me via mail or Facebook 07 Aug 11 Aug East Timor
Tjane Hartenstein (WMDE) Tjane Hartenstein Tjane Hartenstein (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany tjane.hartenstein@wikimedia.de @tjalinka 06 Aug 11 Aug testimonial videoshoot at Wikimania
Sebastiaan ter Burg (WMNL) Sebastiaan ter Burg Ter-burg Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands terburg@wikimedia.nl @ter_burg sebastiaanterburg +31648088615 04 Aug 11 Aug GLAM, GWToolset, Training
Sandra Rientjes WMNL Sandra Rientjes SRientjes Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands rientjes@wikimedia.nl @SandraRientjes +31631786379 06 Aug 11 Aug Strategy, Programme Development, HR, Setting up an office, Partnerships
Sindy Meijer SindyM3 Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands meijer@wikimedia.nl @wmnl Facebook +31650879379 07 Aug 11 Aug Community, Communication, Website, Social media, Events.
Denise Jansen DDJJ Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands jansen@wikimedia.nl +31629520069 07 Aug 11 Aug Community, Communication, Conferences, Hackathon, Membership, CiviCRM
Sam Reed Reedy Wikimedia Foundation Europe: UK Near York reedy@wikimedia.org @tehreedy 05 Aug 11 Aug MediaWiki, MediaWiki config for Wikimedia sites, AutoWikiBrowser...
Nicola Zeuner Nicola Zeuner (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany nicola.zeuner@wikimedia.de @NikkiZeuner 06 Aug 11 Aug WMDE, Fundraising, Collective Impact
Erica Litrenta Elitre (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Europe: Italy elitrenta@wikimedia.org @Elitre Elitre Wiki TBD 05 Aug 11 Aug Come see me at the Community Village (stall 15)! Let's discuss m:VisualEditor and community engagement plans; also, please join the VisualEditor Translation Sprint!
Cristian Consonni CristianCantoro Wikimedia Italia and Fund Dissemination Committee (FDC) of the Wikimedia Foundation Europe: Italy wikicantoro@gmail.com @CristianCantoro Cristian Consonni (if you need it, ask me) 05 Aug 11 Aug FDC, grants in general, and projects.
Ivo Kruusamägi Kruusamägi Estonian Wikipedia Europe: Estonia ivo.kruusamagi@gmail.com Kruusamägi ask me 05 Aug 12 Aug Education, small wikis, image competitions, etc
Daniel Case Daniel Case Wikimedia-NYC North America: USA: NYC metro area dancase@frontiernet.net 05 Aug, early 12 Aug WM-NYC, Wiki Loves Monuments, video
Nicolas VIGNERON VIGNERON Wikimédia France / #laNCO Europe: France: Brittany nicolas.vigneron @wikimedia.fr @belett 05 Aug 11 Aug Breton, Monuments / WLM, Commons / Wikisource / Wiktionary, etc.
Caroline Becker Léna Wikimédia France Europe: France: Toulouse caroline.becker @wikimedia.fr @K_rho 05 Aug 11 Aug Commons / Wikipedia / WLM / GLAM / Photography / Public Domain / Diversity (Gender & LGBT+)
Bernhard Krabina Bernhard Krabina KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research, OKFN.at Europe: Austria: Vienna krabina @kdz.or.at @krabina https://www.facebook.com/krabina 05 Aug 11 Aug Semantic MediaWiki/ Open Data / GLAM / Open Government
Lodewijk Gelauff Effe iets anders Europe: The Netherlands Emailuser @effeietsanders 05 Aug 11 Aug Photo competitions, chapters, Dutch politicians
Tobias Lutzi toblu Europe: Germany toblu@gmx.net @toblu_de Tobias Lutzi 05 Aug 11 Aug Law
Douglas Scott Discott Wikimedia ZA Africa: South Africa douglas.scott {at} wikimedia.org.za Douglas Scott +27 (0)79 515 8727 06 Aug 13 Aug South Africa stuff, WLM, Chapters
Nodir Ataev Nataev Uzbek Wikipedia Asia: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan ataevnodir@gmail.com @ataevnodir Nodir Ataev 05 Aug 11:35 LGW 11 Aug 12:35 LGW Central Asia
Katja Ullrich Katja Ullrich (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Berlin, Germany katja.ullrich@wikimedia.de 07 Aug 10 Aug GLAM in Germany
Maarten Jansen Maarten Jansen Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands mhj.jansen@gmail.com @maarten_jansen mhj.jansen +31614775078 07 Aug 12:40 AMS 11 Aug 16:05 LCY GLAM, GLAMwiki Toolset, cultural heritage, Amsterdam
Kaarel Vaidla Misosoof Wikimedia Eesti Europe: Estonia kaarel@wikimedia.ee - kaarel.vaidla +372 523 0204 07 Aug 11 Aug Wikimedia Eesti, education, GLAM, competitions, project writing - reporting
Martin Lindner Falkmart German Wikipedian Europe: Germany martin.lindner@wikimedia.de - 06 Aug 13 Aug Germany
Daniel Schwen Dschwen Commons crat USA, Idaho wiki@schwen.de @danielschwen 05 Aug 12 Aug WikiMiniAtlas, Commons, FastCCI
Filip Maljković Dungodung Wikimedia Serbia Belgrade, Serbia filip@vikimedija.org @dungodung dungodung 05 Aug 17 Aug Wikimedia Serbia, Educational projects, CEE, Checkusers, Board Chairs
Brandon Harris Jorm (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation California, USA bharris@wikimedia.org @jorm jormosaurusrex +1.415.806.4208 05 Aug 11 Aug WMF, Design, Winter, Flow
Bryan Davis BDavis (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Idaho, USA bd808@wikimedia.org 05 Aug 11 Aug MediaWiki-Vagrant, Deployment Tooling, HHMV, Logstash, Structured logging, Composer
Nick Wilson Quiddity (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation BC, Canada nwilson@wikimedia.org 05 Aug 11 Aug Flow
Sebastian Sooth Sebastian Sooth Sebastian Sooth (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany sebastian.sooth@wikimedia.de @sebaso 06 Aug from Berlin 10 Aug Volunteer support, Community Space, http://ffw.wikimedia.de/
Simon Knight User:Sjgknight Wikimedia UK, vice-chair Europe: UK simon.knight@wikimedia.org.uk @sjgknight live in London Impact measurement and strategy, education strategy (e.g. draft House of Lords evidence), volunteer onboarding.
Anne-Laure Prevost - 2014-01-19 Anne-Laure Prévost Anne-Laure WMFr Wikimédia France Europe: France: Paris annelaure.prevost@wikimedia.fr +33762934202 05 Aug 11 Aug Whatever you like
Pierre-Selim Huard PierreSelim Wikimedia Commons OS/Sysop
Wikimédia France
Europe: France: Toulouse pierre-selim.huard@wikimedia.fr @PierreSelim 02 Aug 08:20 LGW 11 Aug 14:00 LGW Photography, Micro-Grants, Wiki Loves*, Governance, Metrics, Code
AlisonW AlisonW Yes Europe: England wikimania@alisonw.com @AlisonW AlisonWheeler 077 1017 2564 London London What life used to be like online. The RedSox
Daniel Mietchen Daniel Mietchen Museum für Naturkunde Europe: Germany daniel(dot)mietchen(at)mfn-berlin(dot)de EvoMRI nope +49-162-4055784 04 Aug 08:10 LGW 12 Aug 08:40 LGW Open research, Science GLAM, WikiProject Open Access, Signalling Open Access, Open Access Media Importer
Johnson Oluata Joluata Wikimedia UK Africa joluata@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/johnson.oluata +2348023714700 06 Aug 06.50 LHR 10 Aug 21.00 LHR Nigerian accountants, Accountancy profession in Nigeria
Sarah Staniforth Shiningroad En Wiki, Simple Wikipedia Sheffield, England https://www.facebook.com/sarah.sparkle.3 06 Aug from Grays 10 Aug Feminism
Amir E. Aharoni Amire80 Hebrew, English, Russian, Catalan Wikipedia; Hebrew, English Wikisource; MediaWiki development Jerusalem, Israel amir.aharoni@mail.huji.ac.il aharoni https://www.facebook.com/amir.aharoni 02 Aug 09 Aug Languages! Translation! Exotic writing systems! Right to left alphabets!
Kris Lok-chit Cheng User:Krislcc Wikimedia Hong Kong Hong Kong krischeng@wikimedia.hk @krislc https://facebook.com/krislcc 04 Aug May live in London Hong Kong, Media cooperation, Social Media, Conference, Open Data in East Asia
Salah Mhamdi User:Salah Almhamdi Arabic Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, English Wikiquote Middle East: Tunisia salahalmhamdi@hotmail.com @salahalmhamdi https://www.facebook.com/salah.almhamdi.1 00216 96908425 August 5 August 16 Languages! Translation! Exotic writing systems! Right to left alphabets!Politics!Media!Ethnicities
Lukas Gnom German Wikipedia Europeː Germany Wikimail @lukasmezger 5 Aug 09:40 LGW 11 Aug 15ː55 LGW copyright law, privacy
Borys Kozielski boryskozielski Wikimedia Poland Europe: Poland boryskozielski@wikiradio.org @boryskozielski boryskozielski 07454941492 05 Aug 14:30 LTN 11 Aug 20:30 LTN Wikiradio, podcasting, community, communication, audio, audio internet transmission, internet audio broadcasting
Yan Nasonov Ynhockey enWiki, Wikimedia Israel Israel ynhockey@gmail.com Yan Nasonov August 1, 2014 August 11, 2014 (morning) Wikimedia Israel projects/plans, Israel, WLM, anything else
Prost Stefan Flöper Stefan de:wp Germany Wikimail @kweku_ +358 four–one–seven–zero–one–three–four–eight–eight 07 Aug 07:40 STN 11 Aug 08:04 STP
zentriert Rainer Halama User:Wuselig de:wp Germany Wikimail that's what birds do yes, but only with personal aquaintances not on the net 02 August STP 11 August STP my experiences, but also tell me yours: in writing good artictles, taking good pictures, especially in museums and for WLM
Arnau Duran User:Arnaugir Catalan Wikipedia, Amical Wikimedia South Europe: Catalonia arnauduran@gmail.com arnauduran - - 7th August morning 11th August afternoon whatever
Raimund Liebert Raimund Liebert (WMAT) Wikimedia Österreich Europe: Austria raimund.liebert@wikimedia.at raimund.liebert +43 69914128612 05 Aug late 11 Aug early Wikimedia Österreich, volunteer support
Karl Gruber User:Karl Gruber Wikipedia DE Europe: Austria karl.gruber@wikipedia.at +43 676 55 17 14 3 05 Aug late 11 Aug early
Lydia Pintscher Lydia Pintscher Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany lydia.pintscher@wikimedia.de @nightrose 1 Aug 11 Aug Wikidata
Hay Kranen Husky Wikimedia Nederland / National Library / National Archive of the Netherlands Europe: the Netherlands hay@wikimedia.nl @hayify 05 aug afternoon 11 aug afternoon Wikipedian in Residence, GLAM, digital art, frontend development, beer, kittens, stroopwafels
Alexander Wagner AleXXw Wikimedia Österreich Europe: Austria alexander.wagner@wikimedia.at @AleXXw1 05 aug 11 aug
Magnus Manske Magnus Manske Cambridge, UK @MagnusManske Wednesday 6th Sunday 10th Tools, Wikidata
Susanna Ånäs Susannaanas Wikimedia Finland Finland susanna.anas@wikimedia.fi @susannaanas Tuesday 5th Monday 11th Wikimaps, Nordic GLAMs, cultural heritage
Pierre-Yves Mevel Pymouss Wikimédia France Europe: France: Brittany Pymouss 5 Aug 11 Aug
File:Wiki-ah-thu- MG 8403-0229.jpg Dario Taraborelli DarTar Wikimedia Foundation USA dario@wikimedia.org @readermeter 5 Aug 11 Aug Research @ Wikimedia Foundation, The WikiResearch Hackathon; altmetrics, OA and open scholarship.
Benjamin Smith Benjism89 / Benji Wikimédia France Europe: France benjamin.smith@wikimedia.fr @benjis89 5 Aug 11 Aug
Greg Grossmeier Greg (WMF) / Greg G Wikimedia Foundation USA greg@wikimedia.org @g_gerg Aug 5th Aug 11th Anything! (Release Engineering and Free Software really)
Jan Ainali Ainali Wikimedia Sverige Sweden jan.ainali@wikimedia.se @Jan_Ainali jan.ainali 2014-08-05 2014-08-11 Whatever you want to know from me.
Christopher Thomas Cooper CT Cooper Wikimedia UK United Kingdom ct-cooper@hotmail.co.uk @CT_Cooper christopher.thomas.cooper Upon request 2014-08-05 2014-08-11 English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia UK, Wikimania (particularly scholarships), local information, or anything you feel like!
Isla Haddow-Flood Islahaddow WikiAfrica / Wikimedia ZA Africa isla@wikiafrica.net @havingaflood 05 Aug 11 Aug Anything to do with activating Wikipedia across Africa; including Wiki Loves Africa, Kumusha Takes Wiki, #OpenAfrica Toolkits, Kumusha Bus or Wiki Entrepreneur.
Marieke Guy mariekeguy Open Knowledge United Kingdom marieke.guy@okfn.org @mariekeguy 7 August 10 August Open Education - Open Education Working Group
John Byrne Wiki CRUK John, Johnbod Wikipedian Residence, Cancer Research UK; Wikimedia UK Europe: UK John.Byrne@cancer.org.uk Noooo nor that Native
David Gerard David Gerard, Media volunteer, WMUK/WMF Europe: UK dgerard@gmail.com @davidgerard davidgerard 07733 223 584 Native
Szymon Grabarczuk Tar Lócesilion Wikimedia Poland Europe: Poland tar.locesilion@gmail.com szymon.grabarczuk +48 516 272 520 05 Aug 13:55 LTN 11 Aug 20:30 LTN Copyright, CC (+OA in Poland), WMPL, local IA & web usability; UX & design, VE (+TD), Echo etc.
Harald Krichel Seewolf Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany harald.krichel@wikipedia.de @hkrichel 05 Aug Don't ask.
Peter Coombe Pcoombe (WMF) /
the wub
Wikimedia Foundation Europe: UK pcoombe@wikimedia.org @thewub pcoombe I live in London I live in London Fundraising, A/B testing, help pages, Wiki Loves Monuments UK
Yassine Tounsi Vivaystn Wikimedia TN User Group Africa: Tunisia tounsi.yassin@gmail.com yassine 05 Aug 11 Aug Wikipedia Arabic, Wikimania Monastir bid 2015
Ganesh Paudel Ganesh Paudel Wikimedians of Nepal (User Group) South Asia: Nepal gpaudel@gmail.com GKpaudel Ganesh Paudel 02 Aug 11 Aug Nepali Wikipedia, WeAreWikipedia, Wikipedia Education Program
Chris Schilling I JethroBT The Co-op, WikiProject GLAM/Pritzker Military Museum & Library North America: United States, Chicago. ijethrobot@gmail.com cjschilling 07 Aug 12 Aug The Wikipedia Cooperative, working with new editors, or setting up a GLAM in your area!
Kat Walsh mindspillage Wikimedia advisory board, lawyer for Creative Commons North America: United States, San Francisco bay area kat@mindspillage.org @mindspillage none in UK 06 Aug 12 Aug Creative Commons, copyright and other weird legal questions in general (but usually *not* in specific!), Wikimedia's ED search, parody song lyrics
Jonathan Gray jwyg Director of Policy at Open Knowledge Europe jonathan.gray@okfn.org @jwyg 07 Aug 09 Aug Open data, open access, open culture, public policy, data journalism
Michal Matúšov KuboF Esperanto kaj Libera Scio, Wikimedia Slovenská republika Europe: Slovakia michal.matusov@wikimedia.sk [2] 06 Aug 11 Aug Esperanto (and constructed languages), Slovak(ia), music, (in general) libre software,
Massimiliano Picone Maxscience Singularity University GSP'13, Founder at Science.cx Europe: Italy @maxscience 05 Aug 11 Aug Startups, Open Access, Open Science, Semantic Web
Edward Hands Edwardx Wikimedia UK (GLAM committee chair) Europe: UK I live in London I LIVE HERE Anything you like
SCrouse April 2010 wikimedia 03 10 944 Sara Crouse Saraanine Wiki Education Foundation USA sara@wikiedu.org @saraanine August 6 August 11 Fundraising, partnerships, non-profits, Wikipedia in higher ed, Global Lives Project, OER, Creative Commons, small dogs.
Marek Kosniowski Marek69 Wikimedia UK Europe: UK marek.kosniowski@gmail.com @Marek1969 marek.kosniowski August 7 August 11 Anything you like
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