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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

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La NCO, famous wiki-group in Brittany.
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Cabal for dummies

The good tips to start a local group, how laNCO did it. You can do it too!
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Benoît Evellin (Trizek)
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Benoît Evellin (Trizek, referent), Léa Lacroix (Auregann), Nicolas Vigneron (VIGNERON), Pierre-Yves Mevel (Pymouss), Édouard Hue (EdouardHue), Seb35
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Wikimédia France
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meta:Wikimedia France/NCO
Tips to start a local group, "à la NCO" recipe.
You may have already heard of "la NCO", a local group of French wikimedians living in Western France which have been meeting on a weekly basis, and organizing several events, for the last 5 years. This includes setting up panels duplicating Wikipedia entries in the streets of a city to celebrate Wikipedia's 10th anniversary, organizing photo scavenger hunts in various cities, monthly trainings for new contributors, Edit-a-thon, workshops...
This presentation will analyze which factors helped us to build our success, or which had to be overcome, and how our experience can be reproduced to create and develop your own local group. Some keypoints are : regular meetings, challenges, organization, communication, and of course, a pinch of fun!
Being easy to identify is important to reach newcomers as well as senior editors. In order to do that, our meetings held regulary, with easy to identify dates and places, and with a clear internal and external communication policy, so that our potential members know when and where they can join us. Creating boundaries within the existing groupe can be achieved through challenges like listing and illustrating all monuments and cities in a region, or through trips to cover events and improve articles about neighboring areas.
But all of this can't be done without lots of conviviality : beers, fun, socializing, beers, friendship, gossips, food, beers. That's what we want to convey during our talk. The Dark side has cookies, "la NCO" has galettes!

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Presentation at Wikimania 2011: Let's get local!

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