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Tar Lócesilion
Tar Lócesilion
alteri vivas oportet, si vis tibi vivere

About me

I'm a lawyer living in Warsaw, Poland. On the first year of law studies, I became a Wikipedian, and thus, I've been focusing on IP/IT law from the beginning of my legal adventure. I'm an ENTP. The nick is in quenya.


pl-N, en-3, fr-2, la-2

My work

In my opinion, little do Wikimedians know about themselves, and re-invent the wheel too often. That's why I've been building, improving, and maintaining Polish Wikipedia non-article pages. At some point, I started liaisoning between Polish community and WMF. Lately, I've been focused on my strategy role.

In the photo, I'm pointing at "Kierunek" (Polish word for Direction). The photo was taken at Wikimedia Polska Conference 2018.

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