From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

Conference Director: Edward Saperia

"We are no longer the guardians of a fragile idea, but the most significant media entity on the planet. This programme contains serious proposals for dramatic changes to the world’s infrastructure. A website with all the answers? How can this be anything less than astonishing, baffling, revolutionary? And yet we’ve barely scratched the surface of what wikimedia is capable of."

Saperia is a media theorist, community specialist and social entrepreneur, with particular interest in the boundary between technology and culture. He conceived of Wikimania London after discovering a myriad of world-changing Wikimedia projects that were completely unknown, even in the tech community. Despite being a central part of the internet's infrastructure as well as one of its most popular destinations, he found Wikimedia was widely ignored by technologists for being too content focused, and by the media industry for being too platform focused. He has worked since 2011 as an unpaid volunteer to create Wikimania London, to bring Wikimedia the recognition it deserves.

He spends most of his waking life on facebook/edsaperia, frequents twitter/edsaperia, and fights an endless deluge of email: Say hello!

Vice Director: Ellie Young

Young is Conference Coordinator for The Wikimedia Foundation, and needs to fill out her profile!

Logistics Director: Stuart Prior

Stuart is responsible for delivering some of the conference's more practical needs and acts as a liaison between the Wikimedia Foundation and the UK Chapter. He deals with things such as registration, getting delegates to the conference, and making sure we have the space we need. If there are no conference t-shirts in your size, it's probably his fault.

His background is banking, bar work and bicycle couriering. When he's not checking emails he likes yoga and trying to speak other languages.

Technical Director: Declan Pattison

Without Pattison nothing would work, it would all be a disaster. He needs to fill out his profile!

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Coordinator: Hera Hussain

Hera is the Volunteer Coordinator for Wikimania. Hera has always been a fan of Wikipedia but didn't realise how big the Wikiprojects networks was until she came to the Wikimania press release event last year. After that, she knew she had to contribute back to the Wikipedia community by helping run Wikimania. In her day job, she works as a Community & Communications Manager at OpenCorporates, the world's largest open database of companies. Previously, she worked as a Marketing and Community consultant for startups such as Nutmeg, Eat Balanced and helped organise events with Microsoft, Mozilla and Danone. When she is not working or volunteering, she helps run MakeSense (a global network of people who want to support social entrepreneurship) and Chayn (a pro-bono organisation that uses technology to empower women). Hera loves meeting people, travelling, watching american tv series and everything sweet. You can tweet to her on @herahussain

Katie Chan

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Harry Mitchell

Mitchell is a long-time Wikipedian and Wikimedia UK volunteer. His focus includes recruiting Wikimedians to volunteer at Wikimania, working closely with Hera on coordinating volunteers and dealing with issues related to volunteering, and advising other members of the team on community issues. He can be reached at, on +44 (0) 24 7698 0977, or as harry_j_mitchell on Skype.

Chris McKenna

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Fabian Tompsett

Fabian is a long term Wikimedian who prefers his first name to his surname. He has been active in the Open Culture Movement for many years, providing an English translation of Asger Jorn's Open Creation and its Enemies in 1994. Fabian worked for a number of community printshops before discovering Wikipedia in 2003. His research areas cover Black History, Situationism and the relationship between culture and technology. He leads the team employed by Wikimedia UK in May 2014 to help deliver Wikimania 2014.

Kevin McLaughlin

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Programme Chair: James Forrester

Forrester has been involved with Wikimania from the very first one in 2005! He's been a Wikipedia editor since 2002 on the English Wikipedia and a few other Wikimedia projects, and is now product manager on the VisualEditor team for The Wikimedia Foundation.

Programme Vice-Chair: Edward Saperia

Ed wanted to be in this list twice.

Programme Deputy-Chair: Deror Lin

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Programme Deputy-Chair: Orsolya Virág Gyenes

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Programme Supervisor: Francis Dickinson

Francis has been a Wikipedia editor since 2004, and works as an analyst and troubleshooter for the NHS. He's found watching and helping Wikipedia grow every bit as fascinating as reading the more interesting articles.

Programme Committee: Philippe Beaudette

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Programme Committee: Katie Filbert

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Programme Committee: Gerald Shields

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Programme Committee: Kiril Simeonovski

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Programme Committee: Tiffany Smith

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Programme Committee: Sarah Stierch

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Programme Committee: Joe Sutherland

Joe Sutherland is a long-time Wikimedian hailing from the barren wastes of Aberdeenshire. He is a member of the programme committee for Wikimania 2014. To the right is an apple.

Programme Committee: Gregory Varnum

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Kundan Nath Yadav


kundan Nath Yadav a volunteer Web designer from India for wikimania.

currently in New Delhi. Graphics, web design, UI design & development.

Find him on his Website [1] and on facebook [2] talk to him here.

Kimi Lawrie

Kimi is a volunteer digital coordinator for Wikimania.

Goldsmiths educated, currently in London. Graphics, web design, open data, ARM & GPU-based tech and UI development.

Find her on and talk to her here.

Richard Hodkinson

hello world?
hello world?

Richard is a maker of things, fixer of technologies, product designer and problem solver. He has worked for a long time in digital developent using social network analysis and sociology and psychological theory in media and communication-related development. He brings teams together to solve people's communication and organisational problems using human theoretical insights and implementing with technology where necessary. He is currently writing and outlining a number of books which ought to be useful.

Design & Graphics

Sam Ballard

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John Cummings

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Paul Rubenstein

Rubenstein is a master's student at the University of Cambridge and first became interested in contributing to Wikimedia after realising how much more he had learned from Wikipedia than from textbooks at university while not having had to pay a penny to use it!


Social Media & Content

Naureen Nayyar

Naureen (aka Nora) Nayyar is usually the human behind @wikimanialondon and our Facebook page. A natural social anthropologist, Nora is a Californian, that truly believes in the freedom of information, and that #wearetheinternet, and that most of us control the future of the internet far more than we think. She just moved from San Francisco, to Bangkok, Thailand to get a better understanding of how people interact in socila commerce and funding spaces in that region. Her goal is to help support the goal of Ed and the team to make the #wikimaniasocial team promote the essence of the wikimania movement, that the users, such as you, control the future of Wikimedia and in many scopes, the social space.

Find her on all things social as @norabean. Her Wikipage is techistoria

Charlie Southwell

Charlie Southwell is a passionately curious Digital Strategist who loves digging into behavioural data and network patterns.

He has helped business units within Microsoft, TalkTalk, Docklands Light Railway and Channel 4 embrace technology to become more efficient.

At Wikimania 2014 you will likely find Charlie glued to a laptop, tablet and mobile phone tweeting like there's no tomorrow. But do stop by and say hi.

Twitter: @charliesaidthat


You can also read his blog here:

Adi Khajuria


I am Adi Khajuria and I'm helping out with Wikimania 2014..

One initiative I'm working on is to spread the word about the Wikimania Team's Project Leaflets service, where any kind of Wikimedia project (tech, outreach, wikiproject...) can have a physical paper leaflet designed for free, as a tool to help recruit new contributors. We'll have these leaflets printed at Wikimania 2014, and the design can be re-used in the future at other events and locations!

I am also helping out with social media at Wikimania 2014.

In my spare time, I also do a weekly technology podcast called MHF Tech and I also blog at Adi's Tech Site

You can also find me on Twitter. I am @adiman423

Venue Management

Eloise Freeman

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Charles André

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Rachel Farrand

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Quim Gil

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Sponsorships & Partnerships

Caitlin Virtue

I work for the Wikimedia Foundation as a member of the Major Gifts and Foundations team raising funds to help keep Wikipedia free. Please contact me if your company would like to become a sponsor of Wikimania 2014! I can be reached at or 1-415-839-6885 x6733.

Sara Lasner

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James Knight

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Helen Armfield

Helen Armfield (aka Littlepurplegoth) started meeting people & building communities off and online in the 1980’s, via the mediums of gaming, gigging & gin. These days she writes for money, & is a performance artist for fun; or vice versa^. Either way gin, gigs, giggles, growth and gigabytes are usually involved. Oh and coffee. Caffeine flows in her veins.

^she’s confident its all ultimately about communication.

Steve Benton

Hello. I'm the head of external relations for Wikimedia UK. I'm working on creating lots of useful and interesting booklets and materials to support the conference. I'm also involved in the media management of the event. I was going to change the image to a photo of me but I quite like the apple. My work at Wikimedia UK is anything comms related - press, social media, publications, design & print, policy, advocacy and more. With a list like that, I can always use volunteer help. If you'd like to get involved in comms, why not drop me a line? You can reach me on stevie.benton(at) while I'm also on Twitter - @steviebenton

Jove Oliver

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Katherine Maher

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Matt Wood

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VIP herding

John Lubbock

John studied and works on human rights research and reporting. He has just finished a year as a community organiser, and also works as a freelance journalist for Vice magazine.

James Moulding

Part of Team Ed, James is a recent graduate and researcher with a passion for games, tech and game based learning. James is currently producing an educational boardgame and app Imperialism in Space with fellow wikimanian Fabian Tompsett. James has worked on the Wikiversity platform and will be working as Conference Director Edward Saperia's assistant for Wikimania 2014.

@jamo133 @impsinspacegame


John Sivak

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Laila Woozeer

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Andrea Salazar

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