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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom
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Use this page for finding other people at Wikimania, and help make it easy for other people to find you! See also Attendees for more.

For arrival and departure times, use the time of your flight in the format "dd mmm hh:mm airport", e.g. a 2:30pm flight from London Heathrow on 11 August would be "11 Aug 14:30 LHR". If you live in the UK, write the county or city you live in.

Fill in as many fields as you like:

Image Name Username Affiliation Region Email Twitter Facebook Mobile Arrive Depart Ask me about...
Ferran Cornella F3RaN Amical Wikipedia Germany Europe, Germany 7 August 10 August Amical
Gabrielle Lucille de Pooter GLdeP Europeana Fashion and MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp Europe: Belgium gabrielle.depooter@momu.be @eurfashion Europeana Fashion 7 August 10 August Organising fashion edit-a-thons, IPR and fashion heritage, Europeana
Edward Saperia EdSaperia Wikimania London Europe: UK ed@wikimanialondon.org @edsaperia edsaperia 07796955572 London London Running Wikimania, Open Access Reader
Charlie Southwell charliesaidthat Wikimania London Europe: UK charliesaidthat@gmail.com @charliesaidthat charliesaidthat 07858 252 374 I live in London I live in London Tweeting your photos and links
Sam Ballard Samballand99 Wikimania London Europe: UK sam@sunlightafterdark.com @Baron_Blackmore BaronBlackmore 07825 760526 I live in London I live in London Design and Illustration
Sinead Doyle smcdoyle Wikimania London Europe: UK smcdoyle@gmail.com @smcdoyle smcdoyle 07762424299 I live in London I live in London
Chris McKenna Chris McKenna / Thryduulf Wikimedia UK Europe: UK chris.mckenna@wikimedia.org.uk 07548 103 782 I live in London I live in London Volunteer coordination, photography, Wikimedia UK
Marielle Volz Mvolz (talk) Wikimedia Foundation (intern) Europe: UK marielle.volz@gmail.com @mariellevolz Already in London Staying in London Citoid
James Moulding James Moulding (talk) Wikimania Team Europe: UK jamesm@wikimanialondon.org @jamo133 /jamo133 07741495838 I live in London I live in London I'm Ed's assistant!
Liam Wyatt Wittylama Europeana Australia / Europe: Italy liamwyatt-at-gmail-dot-com @wittylama liamwyatt 05 Aug 12 Aug GLAM!
James Hare Harej Wikimedia DC North America: USA james.hare at wikimediadc dot org @harej 05 Aug 12 Aug English Wikipedia, Wikimedia chapters and affiliates, GLAM-Wiki, outreach
Bill Thompson billthom Various. A bit of BBC Europe: UK bill@thornburrowthompson.com @billt billt I live in London I live in London Media. Tech.
Chris Keating The Land Wikimedia UK Europe: UK chris.keating@wikimedia.org.uk @chriskeating /christopherkeating Wikimedia UK, Chapters, movement governance, organisational development, battleships
Phil Lim Plim Europe: UK plimster@talk21.com 09 Aug 09 Aug what to see in London and volunteering online for sustainable human development
Rexford Nkansah Nkansahrexford Africa: Ghana rexford@wikiafrica.net google.com/+Nkansahrexford 05 Aug
Emeric Vallespi ShreCk Wikimédia France Europe: France emeric.vallespi@wikimedia.fr @evallespi Emeric Vallespi 05 Aug 11 Aug Finance, Internal control, Board governance, International affairs,...
Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat Masssly Wikimedia Ghana Africa: Ghana asianhausie@gmail.com @masssly Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat 05 Aug 09:40 DXB
Fabian Tompsett Leutha Wikimedia UK Europe: UK: London fabian.tompsett@wikimedia.org.uk 07548 103787 Already here Remaining here Volunteer coordination, Education/training, Wikimedia UK
Austin Hair Austin Europe: The Netherlands adhair@gmail.com @adhair adhair 05 Aug
Marek Stelmasik masti Wikimedia Poland Europe: Poland mastigm@gmail.com @masti01 marek.stelmasik +48 601606985 05 Aug 13:55 LTN 11 Aug 20:30 LTN Small grants programs, bots, WM PL
Dirk Franke Dirk Franke Dirk Franke (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany dirk.franke@wikimedia.de @southgeist 06 Aug from Berlin 11 Aug Volunteer support
Pavel Richter Pavel Richter (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany pavel.richter@wikimedia.de @pavel +4915119645755 06 Aug 11 Aug
Joe Sutherland Foxj Europe: Scotland Email @jrbsu +447722916433 04 Aug 13:30 ABZ 16 Aug 09:20 LCY
Adi Khajuria adikhajuria Europe: UK adi@wikimanialondon.org @adiman423 Adi Khajuria
Ralf Roletschek Ralf Roletschek Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany Ralf@Roletschek.de no Mobile 07 Aug 11 Aug photography
Enock Seth Nyamador Enock4seth Africa: Ghana @Enock4seth
Andy Mabbett Pigsonthewing Europe: UK andy@pigsonthewing.org.uk @pigsonthewing Close friends only 05 Aug 11 Aug Voice Intro Project, ORCID, Infoboxes, Metadata, Microformats, Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, GLAM, Wikipeidans-in-Residence, more...
Nasir Khan Saikat nasir8891 Wikimedia Bangladesh Asia: Bangladesh nasir8891@gmail.com nasir8891 Nasir Khan Saikat 05 Aug
Steffen Prößdorf Stepro Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany Wikimail @Stepro Steffen Prößdorf existing ;-) 07 Aug late 11 Aug anything you want
John Andersson John Andersson (WMSE) (work) Wikimedia Sverige Europe: Sweden john.andersson@wikimedia.se John Andersson Yes 07 Aug early 11 Aug GLAM-wiki work, writing applications for funding, anything about Wikimedia Sverige
Naureen Nayyar techistoria Wikimania London North America: USA / Asia: Thailand social@wikimanialondon.org @norabean Naureen Nayyar
Benoît Evellin Trizek Wikimédia France / #laNCO Europe: France: Brittany benoit.evellin@wikimedia.fr @bevellin 05 Aug late 11 Aug early Community engagment, local implication, how to create a local group

At Wikimania 2007
Andrew Lih Fuzheado Wikimedia DC (USA), American University North America: USA andrew.lih@gmail.com @fuzheado Andrew Lih +1-646-403-4113 05 Aug 11 Aug Wikipedia Weekly, Video in Wikipedia, GLAM Wiki USA
Netha Hussain User: Netha Hussain Wikimedia India Asia: India: Kozhikode nethahussain@gmail.com @nethahussain nethahussain 05 Aug 11 Aug Wikiwomen's collaborative, Edit-a-thons, Indic languages
Patricio Lorente Patricio.lorente Wikimedia Foundation Latin America: Argentina plorente at wikimedia dot org @patriciolorente 05 Aug 11 Aug
Matthias Süßen (talk) Matthias Süßen German Wikipedian and Commonist Europe: Germany matthias.suessen@wikipedia.de @matthiassuessen matthias.suessen YES 07 Aug early 11 Aug Commons, East Frisia, GLAM in Germany
Claudia Garád Claudia Garád WMAT Europe: Austria claudia.garad@wikimedia.at claudia.garad 04 Aug early 11 Aug WMAT, chapter strategy, organisational development, open data
Mischa Tuffield mtuffield State Europe: UK mischa at state dot com @mischat YES YES I live in London I live in London Semantic Web, Linked Data, Personal Data, Privacy, Opinions
Dan Garry DGarry (WMF) WMF Europe: UK / North America: USA dgarry@wikimedia.org 05 Aug 11 Aug Mobile apps, SUL finalisation
Katie Chan Katie Chan (WMUK) / KTC Wikimedia UK Europe: UK katie.chan@wikimedia.org.uk @katieteresachan katie.teresa.chan +447885980534 Some point in the past Some point in the future Wikimedia UK, Volunteering
Gereon Kalkuhl Gereon K. de.wikipedia.org Europe: Germany gereon dot kalkuhl at wikipedia dot de gereon.kalkuhl +49 160 97348594
Lori Byrd Phillips Lori Byrd Phillips GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium North America: USA lori.byrd.phillips at gmail dot com @lorileebyrd GLAM-Wiki, museums, social media, open authority
Dominic McDevitt-Parks Dominic U.S. National Archives, GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium, Wikimedia D.C. North America: USA dominic@wikimediadc.org @Dominic_MP GLAM-Wiki, archives, Wikisource, conflict of interest, open government
Fabrice Florin User:Fabrice Florin (WMF) WMF North America: USA fflorin@wikimedia.org @fabriceflorin 05 Aug 11 Aug Multimedia, Kindness
Iolanda Pensa iopensa SUPSI and Wikimedia Italia and CH Europe: Italy and CH io@pensa.it 11 Aug
Matti MB-one Europe: Germany matti.blume@wikipedia.de @mbeins 04 Aug 11 Aug Categories and Wikidata
Vinicius Siqueira vini 175 Wikimedia Brasil User Group, WikiProject Med Foundation Latin America: Brazil vini_175@hotmail.com vinicius.siqueira 01 Aug 11 Aug Brazil, Medical Content!
Ad Huikeshoven Ad Huikeshoven Wikimedia Nederland Europe ad@wikimedia.nl Ad_Huikeshoven ad.huikeshoven +31640293574 07 Aug 10 Aug International Affairs, Education Program
Mervat Salman Mervat Salman Middle East: Jordan mervat.salam@gmail.com 05 Aug 12 Aug
Allan Aguilar Ralgis Wikimedistas de Costa Rica (Wikimedians of Costa Rica) Latin America: Costa Rica ralgis@vmail.me @userralgis 07 Aug 11 Aug Tor, Tails, cryptography... and Wikimedia
Salvador Alcántar salvador_alc Wikimedia México / AffCom Latin America: Mexico salvador.alcantar@wikimedia.mx @salvador_alc 05 Aug 12 Aug WMMX projects, Affiliations Committee, Latin America
U:Takot at Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong Takashi Ota Takot Far East: Japan supertakot at gmail dot com @takot [1] 06 Aug 14:50 LHR 12 Aug 11:30 LHR Translation, Japan(ese)
Omar Sandoval Omar_sansi Wikimedia México / Wikimania 2015 Latin America: Mexico omarsansi@gmail.com @omar_sansi omarsansi 04 Aug 11 Aug Wikimania 2015 (Mexico City), WMMX projects
File:TenWikipedia-Minsk-11.JPG Volha Sitnik хомелка Belarusian Wikipedia Europe: Belarus @Homelka Olya Sitnik 05 Aug 11 Aug Belarusian Wikipedia and Belarusian language
Andrés Cruz y Corro Andycyca Wikimedia México && Wikimania 2015 Latin America: Mexico andycyca@gmail.com @andycyca 04 Aug 11 Aug Wikimania 2015, volunteer coordination, Wiki-editing school
Michael Jahn Michael Jahn WMDE Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany michael.jahn@wikimedia.de @tastenundtinte 07 Aug 10 Aug WMDE, communications, strategy
Sandra Fauconnier Spinster Wikipedian in Residence, Stichting Academisch Erfgoed (NL) Europe: Netherlands s.fauconnier@uva.nl @sanseveria Sandra Fauconnier 07 Aug 10 Aug University courses in a WiR project. WiR in the field of academic / scientific heritage. Also: gender gap, diversity, systemic bias on Dutch Wikipedia.
Bence Damokos User:Bdamokos Affiliations Committee Europe: Hungary bdamokos@gmail.com @bdamokos +36 30 416 6070 09 Aug (~23:00 on 08 Aug) 10 Aug Affiliations Committee, European Parliament
Tom Pollard user:tomjpollard Europe: UK tom.pollard.11@ucl.ac.uk @tompollard London London
Dorothy Howard OR drohowa Wikipedian in Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council North America: USA New York City dhoward@metro.org @DorothyR_Howard
Nicole Ebber Nicole Ebber (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany nicole.ebber@wikimedia.de @antischokke +447943289786 05 Aug 11 Aug WMDE, Chapters Dialogue, International affairs
David Richfield David Richfield Wikimedia South Africa / Wikimedia Deutschland Africa: South Africa / Europe: Germany davidrichfield@gmail.com @slashme David Richfield +49 176 72663368 03 Aug 17:40 LHR 11 Aug 06:20 LGW Wikimedia South Africa, Graphic Lab, Chapters

With Waldir (left) at Wikimania 2010
Jon Harald Søby User:Jon Harald Søby Europe: Norway jhsoby@gmail.com @jhsoby jon.harald.soby +47 977 67 510 05 Aug 15 Aug Localization, translating, life
Hogne Neteland en:user:Hogne Wikimedia Norway (Member of the board) Europe: Norway @nnwikipedia August 5 August 9 Anything you like
Siebrand Mazeland translatewiki:User:Siebrand translatewiki.net, Wikimedia Foundation Europe: The Netherlands siebrand@kitano.nl @translatewiki siebrand.mazeland +31 6 50 69 1239 (WhatsApp/iMessage will work) 05 Aug 11 Aug i18n, L10n, translatewiki, MediaWiki, assorted stuffs
Andrew Lamb Appropedia Foundation Global andrew.lamb@appropedia.org @andrewlamb Andrew Lamb London London Appropedia - the sustainability wiki
Maarten Dammers Multichill Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands email @mdammers MaartenDammers 04 Aug 11 Aug GLAM, cultural heritage, Wikidata, (Pywiki)bot, Wikidata, Commons and other cool stuff
Harry Mitchell HJ Mitchell Wikimania 2014, Wikimedia UK, enwiki Europe: UK harry@wikimanialondon.org +44 (0) 7507 536971 01 Aug 11 Aug gallstones; Wikimania volunteer coordination (read: insomnia!)
Mohammed BACHOUNDA bachounda Algerian wikipedian Africa: Algeria email @bachounda_ Bachounda DéZèdien +213 660830697 05 Aug 15:20 11 Aug 16:25
Olaf Kosinsky Olaf Kosinsky German wikipedian Europe: Germany email 07 Aug 10 Aug
Martin Rulsch DerHexer German Wikimedian Europe: Germany email @DHWM martin.rulsch 01 Aug 11 Aug Wikimedia Stewards, Wiki Loves Parliaments, Administration, Volunteer Support, OTRS
Luis Villa LuisV (WMF) WMF Legal North America: USA San Francisco lvilla@wikimedia.org @tieguy 05 Aug afternoon 12 Aug morning licensing or anything else legal
Jon Davies User:Jon Davies WMUK CEO Europe jon.davies@wikimedia.org.uk @jonatreesdavies Here already 13 Aug evening anything
Jan-Patrick Fischer J. Patrick Fischer German Wikipedian, Wikiyoyagist and Commons filler Europe: Germany wikimail No You can find me ask me via mail or Facebook 07 Aug 11 Aug East Timor
Tjane Hartenstein (WMDE) Tjane Hartenstein Tjane Hartenstein (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany tjane.hartenstein@wikimedia.de @tjalinka 06 Aug 11 Aug testimonial videoshoot at Wikimania
Sebastiaan ter Burg (WMNL) Sebastiaan ter Burg Ter-burg Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands terburg@wikimedia.nl @ter_burg sebastiaanterburg +31648088615 04 Aug 11 Aug GLAM, GWToolset, Training
Sandra Rientjes WMNL Sandra Rientjes SRientjes Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands rientjes@wikimedia.nl @SandraRientjes +31631786379 06 Aug 11 Aug Strategy, Programme Development, HR, Setting up an office, Partnerships
Sindy Meijer SindyM3 Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands meijer@wikimedia.nl @wmnl Facebook +31650879379 07 Aug 11 Aug Community, Communication, Website, Social media, Events.
Denise Jansen DDJJ Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands jansen@wikimedia.nl +31629520069 07 Aug 11 Aug Community, Communication, Conferences, Hackathon, Membership, CiviCRM
Sam Reed Reedy Wikimedia Foundation Europe: UK Near York reedy@wikimedia.org @tehreedy 05 Aug 11 Aug MediaWiki, MediaWiki config for Wikimedia sites, AutoWikiBrowser...
Nicola Zeuner Nicola Zeuner (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany nicola.zeuner@wikimedia.de @NikkiZeuner 06 Aug 11 Aug WMDE, Fundraising, Collective Impact
Erica Litrenta Elitre (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Europe: Italy elitrenta@wikimedia.org @Elitre Elitre Wiki TBD 05 Aug 11 Aug Come see me at the Community Village (stall 15)! Let's discuss m:VisualEditor and community engagement plans; also, please join the VisualEditor Translation Sprint!
Cristian Consonni CristianCantoro Wikimedia Italia and Fund Dissemination Committee (FDC) of the Wikimedia Foundation Europe: Italy wikicantoro@gmail.com @CristianCantoro Cristian Consonni (if you need it, ask me) 05 Aug 11 Aug FDC, grants in general, and projects.
Ivo Kruusamägi Kruusamägi Estonian Wikipedia Europe: Estonia ivo.kruusamagi@gmail.com Kruusamägi ask me 05 Aug 12 Aug Education, small wikis, image competitions, etc
Daniel Case Daniel Case Wikimedia-NYC North America: USA: NYC metro area dancase@frontiernet.net 05 Aug, early 12 Aug WM-NYC, Wiki Loves Monuments, video
Nicolas VIGNERON VIGNERON Wikimédia France / #laNCO Europe: France: Brittany nicolas.vigneron @wikimedia.fr @belett 05 Aug 11 Aug Breton, Monuments / WLM, Commons / Wikisource / Wiktionary, etc.
Caroline Becker Léna Wikimédia France Europe: France: Toulouse caroline.becker @wikimedia.fr @K_rho 05 Aug 11 Aug Commons / Wikipedia / WLM / GLAM / Photography / Public Domain / Diversity (Gender & LGBT+)
Bernhard Krabina Bernhard Krabina KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research, OKFN.at Europe: Austria: Vienna krabina @kdz.or.at @krabina https://www.facebook.com/krabina 05 Aug 11 Aug Semantic MediaWiki/ Open Data / GLAM / Open Government
Lodewijk Gelauff Effe iets anders Europe: The Netherlands Emailuser @effeietsanders 05 Aug 11 Aug Photo competitions, chapters, Dutch politicians
Tobias Lutzi toblu Europe: Germany toblu@gmx.net @toblu_de Tobias Lutzi 05 Aug 11 Aug Law
Douglas Scott Discott Wikimedia ZA Africa: South Africa douglas.scott {at} wikimedia.org.za Douglas Scott +27 (0)79 515 8727 06 Aug 13 Aug South Africa stuff, WLM, Chapters
Nodir Ataev Nataev Uzbek Wikipedia Asia: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan ataevnodir@gmail.com @ataevnodir Nodir Ataev 05 Aug 11:35 LGW 11 Aug 12:35 LGW Central Asia
Katja Ullrich Katja Ullrich (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Berlin, Germany katja.ullrich@wikimedia.de 07 Aug 10 Aug GLAM in Germany
Maarten Jansen Maarten Jansen Wikimedia Nederland Europe: The Netherlands mhj.jansen@gmail.com @maarten_jansen mhj.jansen +31614775078 07 Aug 12:40 AMS 11 Aug 16:05 LCY GLAM, GLAMwiki Toolset, cultural heritage, Amsterdam
Kaarel Vaidla Misosoof Wikimedia Eesti Europe: Estonia kaarel@wikimedia.ee - kaarel.vaidla +372 523 0204 07 Aug 11 Aug Wikimedia Eesti, education, GLAM, competitions, project writing - reporting
Martin Lindner Falkmart German Wikipedian Europe: Germany martin.lindner@wikimedia.de - 06 Aug 13 Aug Germany
Daniel Schwen Dschwen Commons crat USA, Idaho wiki@schwen.de @danielschwen 05 Aug 12 Aug WikiMiniAtlas, Commons, FastCCI
Filip Maljković Dungodung Wikimedia Serbia Belgrade, Serbia filip@vikimedija.org @dungodung dungodung 05 Aug 17 Aug Wikimedia Serbia, Educational projects, CEE, Checkusers, Board Chairs
Brandon Harris Jorm (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation California, USA bharris@wikimedia.org @jorm jormosaurusrex +1.415.806.4208 05 Aug 11 Aug WMF, Design, Winter, Flow
Bryan Davis BDavis (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Idaho, USA bd808@wikimedia.org 05 Aug 11 Aug MediaWiki-Vagrant, Deployment Tooling, HHMV, Logstash, Structured logging, Composer
Nick Wilson Quiddity (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation BC, Canada nwilson@wikimedia.org 05 Aug 11 Aug Flow
Sebastian Sooth Sebastian Sooth Sebastian Sooth (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany sebastian.sooth@wikimedia.de @sebaso 06 Aug from Berlin 10 Aug Volunteer support, Community Space, http://ffw.wikimedia.de/
Simon Knight User:Sjgknight Wikimedia UK, vice-chair Europe: UK simon.knight@wikimedia.org.uk @sjgknight live in London Impact measurement and strategy, education strategy (e.g. draft House of Lords evidence), volunteer onboarding.
Anne-Laure Prevost - 2014-01-19 Anne-Laure Prévost Anne-Laure WMFr Wikimédia France Europe: France: Paris annelaure.prevost@wikimedia.fr +33762934202 05 Aug 11 Aug Whatever you like
Pierre-Selim Huard PierreSelim Wikimedia Commons OS/Sysop
Wikimédia France
Europe: France: Toulouse pierre-selim.huard@wikimedia.fr @PierreSelim 02 Aug 08:20 LGW 11 Aug 14:00 LGW Photography, Micro-Grants, Wiki Loves*, Governance, Metrics, Code
AlisonW AlisonW Yes Europe: England wikimania@alisonw.com @AlisonW AlisonWheeler 077 1017 2564 London London What life used to be like online. The RedSox
Daniel Mietchen Daniel Mietchen Museum für Naturkunde Europe: Germany daniel(dot)mietchen(at)mfn-berlin(dot)de EvoMRI nope +49-162-4055784 04 Aug 08:10 LGW 12 Aug 08:40 LGW Open research, Science GLAM, WikiProject Open Access, Signalling Open Access, Open Access Media Importer
Johnson Oluata Joluata Wikimedia UK Africa joluata@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/johnson.oluata +2348023714700 06 Aug 06.50 LHR 10 Aug 21.00 LHR Nigerian accountants, Accountancy profession in Nigeria
Sarah Staniforth Shiningroad En Wiki, Simple Wikipedia Sheffield, England https://www.facebook.com/sarah.sparkle.3 06 Aug from Grays 10 Aug Feminism
Amir E. Aharoni Amire80 Hebrew, English, Russian, Catalan Wikipedia; Hebrew, English Wikisource; MediaWiki development Jerusalem, Israel amir.aharoni@mail.huji.ac.il aharoni https://www.facebook.com/amir.aharoni 02 Aug 09 Aug Languages! Translation! Exotic writing systems! Right to left alphabets!
Kris Lok-chit Cheng User:Krislcc Wikimedia Hong Kong Hong Kong krischeng@wikimedia.hk @krislc https://facebook.com/krislcc 04 Aug May live in London Hong Kong, Media cooperation, Social Media, Conference, Open Data in East Asia
Salah Mhamdi User:Salah Almhamdi Arabic Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, English Wikiquote Middle East: Tunisia salahalmhamdi@hotmail.com @salahalmhamdi https://www.facebook.com/salah.almhamdi.1 00216 96908425 August 5 August 16 Languages! Translation! Exotic writing systems! Right to left alphabets!Politics!Media!Ethnicities
Lukas Gnom German Wikipedia Europeː Germany Wikimail @lukasmezger 5 Aug 09:40 LGW 11 Aug 15ː55 LGW copyright law, privacy
Borys Kozielski boryskozielski Wikimedia Poland Europe: Poland boryskozielski@wikiradio.org @boryskozielski boryskozielski 07454941492 05 Aug 14:30 LTN 11 Aug 20:30 LTN Wikiradio, podcasting, community, communication, audio, audio internet transmission, internet audio broadcasting
Yan Nasonov Ynhockey enWiki, Wikimedia Israel Israel ynhockey@gmail.com Yan Nasonov August 1, 2014 August 11, 2014 (morning) Wikimedia Israel projects/plans, Israel, WLM, anything else
Prost Stefan Flöper Stefan de:wp Germany Wikimail @kweku_ +358 four–one–seven–zero–one–three–four–eight–eight 07 Aug 07:40 STN 11 Aug 08:04 STP
zentriert Rainer Halama User:Wuselig de:wp Germany Wikimail that's what birds do yes, but only with personal aquaintances not on the net 02 August STP 11 August STP my experiences, but also tell me yours: in writing good artictles, taking good pictures, especially in museums and for WLM
Arnau Duran User:Arnaugir Catalan Wikipedia, Amical Wikimedia South Europe: Catalonia arnauduran@gmail.com arnauduran - - 7th August morning 11th August afternoon whatever
Raimund Liebert Raimund Liebert (WMAT) Wikimedia Österreich Europe: Austria raimund.liebert@wikimedia.at raimund.liebert +43 69914128612 05 Aug late 11 Aug early Wikimedia Österreich, volunteer support
Karl Gruber User:Karl Gruber Wikipedia DE Europe: Austria karl.gruber@wikipedia.at +43 676 55 17 14 3 05 Aug late 11 Aug early
Lydia Pintscher Lydia Pintscher Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany lydia.pintscher@wikimedia.de @nightrose 1 Aug 11 Aug Wikidata
Hay Kranen Husky Wikimedia Nederland / National Library / National Archive of the Netherlands Europe: the Netherlands hay@wikimedia.nl @hayify 05 aug afternoon 11 aug afternoon Wikipedian in Residence, GLAM, digital art, frontend development, beer, kittens, stroopwafels
Alexander Wagner AleXXw Wikimedia Österreich Europe: Austria alexander.wagner@wikimedia.at @AleXXw1 05 aug 11 aug
Magnus Manske Magnus Manske Cambridge, UK @MagnusManske Wednesday 6th Sunday 10th Tools, Wikidata
Susanna Ånäs Susannaanas Wikimedia Finland Finland susanna.anas@wikimedia.fi @susannaanas Tuesday 5th Monday 11th Wikimaps, Nordic GLAMs, cultural heritage
Pierre-Yves Mevel Pymouss Wikimédia France Europe: France: Brittany Pymouss 5 Aug 11 Aug
File:Wiki-ah-thu- MG 8403-0229.jpg Dario Taraborelli DarTar Wikimedia Foundation USA dario@wikimedia.org @readermeter 5 Aug 11 Aug Research @ Wikimedia Foundation, The WikiResearch Hackathon; altmetrics, OA and open scholarship.
Benjamin Smith Benjism89 / Benji Wikimédia France Europe: France benjamin.smith@wikimedia.fr @benjis89 5 Aug 11 Aug
Greg Grossmeier Greg (WMF) / Greg G Wikimedia Foundation USA greg@wikimedia.org @g_gerg Aug 5th Aug 11th Anything! (Release Engineering and Free Software really)
Jan Ainali Ainali Wikimedia Sverige Sweden jan.ainali@wikimedia.se @Jan_Ainali jan.ainali 2014-08-05 2014-08-11 Whatever you want to know from me.
Christopher Thomas Cooper CT Cooper Wikimedia UK United Kingdom ct-cooper@hotmail.co.uk @CT_Cooper christopher.thomas.cooper Upon request 2014-08-05 2014-08-11 English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia UK, Wikimania (particularly scholarships), local information, or anything you feel like!
Isla Haddow-Flood Islahaddow WikiAfrica / Wikimedia ZA Africa isla@wikiafrica.net @havingaflood 05 Aug 11 Aug Anything to do with activating Wikipedia across Africa; including Wiki Loves Africa, Kumusha Takes Wiki, #OpenAfrica Toolkits, Kumusha Bus or Wiki Entrepreneur.
Marieke Guy mariekeguy Open Knowledge United Kingdom marieke.guy@okfn.org @mariekeguy 7 August 10 August Open Education - Open Education Working Group
John Byrne Wiki CRUK John, Johnbod Wikipedian Residence, Cancer Research UK; Wikimedia UK Europe: UK John.Byrne@cancer.org.uk Noooo nor that Native
David Gerard David Gerard, Media volunteer, WMUK/WMF Europe: UK dgerard@gmail.com @davidgerard davidgerard 07733 223 584 Native
Szymon Grabarczuk Tar Lócesilion Wikimedia Poland Europe: Poland tar.locesilion@gmail.com szymon.grabarczuk +48 516 272 520 05 Aug 13:55 LTN 11 Aug 20:30 LTN Copyright, CC (+OA in Poland), WMPL, local IA & web usability; UX & design, VE (+TD), Echo etc.
Harald Krichel Seewolf Wikimedia Deutschland Europe: Germany harald.krichel@wikipedia.de @hkrichel 05 Aug Don't ask.
Peter Coombe Pcoombe (WMF) /
the wub
Wikimedia Foundation Europe: UK pcoombe@wikimedia.org @thewub pcoombe I live in London I live in London Fundraising, A/B testing, help pages, Wiki Loves Monuments UK
Yassine Tounsi Vivaystn Wikimedia TN User Group Africa: Tunisia tounsi.yassin@gmail.com yassine 05 Aug 11 Aug Wikipedia Arabic, Wikimania Monastir bid 2015
Ganesh Paudel Ganesh Paudel Wikimedians of Nepal (User Group) South Asia: Nepal gpaudel@gmail.com GKpaudel Ganesh Paudel 02 Aug 11 Aug Nepali Wikipedia, WeAreWikipedia, Wikipedia Education Program
Chris Schilling I JethroBT The Co-op, WikiProject GLAM/Pritzker Military Museum & Library North America: United States, Chicago. ijethrobot@gmail.com cjschilling 07 Aug 12 Aug The Wikipedia Cooperative, working with new editors, or setting up a GLAM in your area!
Kat Walsh mindspillage Wikimedia advisory board, lawyer for Creative Commons North America: United States, San Francisco bay area kat@mindspillage.org @mindspillage none in UK 06 Aug 12 Aug Creative Commons, copyright and other weird legal questions in general (but usually *not* in specific!), Wikimedia's ED search, parody song lyrics
Jonathan Gray jwyg Director of Policy at Open Knowledge Europe jonathan.gray@okfn.org @jwyg 07 Aug 09 Aug Open data, open access, open culture, public policy, data journalism
Michal Matúšov KuboF Esperanto kaj Libera Scio, Wikimedia Slovenská republika Europe: Slovakia michal.matusov@wikimedia.sk [2] 06 Aug 11 Aug Esperanto (and constructed languages), Slovak(ia), music, (in general) libre software,
Massimiliano Picone Maxscience Singularity University GSP'13, Founder at Science.cx Europe: Italy @maxscience 05 Aug 11 Aug Startups, Open Access, Open Science, Semantic Web
Edward Hands Edwardx Wikimedia UK (GLAM committee chair) Europe: UK I live in London I LIVE HERE Anything you like
SCrouse April 2010 wikimedia 03 10 944 Sara Crouse Saraanine Wiki Education Foundation USA sara@wikiedu.org @saraanine August 6 August 11 Fundraising, partnerships, non-profits, Wikipedia in higher ed, Global Lives Project, OER, Creative Commons, small dogs.
Marek Kosniowski Marek69 Wikimedia UK Europe: UK marek.kosniowski@gmail.com @Marek1969 marek.kosniowski August 7 August 11 Anything you like
Niklas Laxström Nikerabbit translatewiki.net, University of Helsinki, WMF, WMFI Finland niklas@translatewiki.net @nikerabbit MediaWiki, i18n, l10n, Wikimedia Language engineering and languages, DigiSami, NLP, WikiTalk, Bank of Finnish Terminology, cycling, cats, Finnish cuisine
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