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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom
This page is a translated version of the page Attendees and the translation is 100% complete.

Du kannst Deinen Wunsch an der Wikimania 2014 teilzunehmen auf dieser Seite kundtun. Deine Freunde und andere Leute könnten interessiert sein und die Organisatoren können besser die Teilnehmerzahl einschätzen. Bitte beachte, dass dies keine offizielle Registrierung ist.

Reisekoordination — prüfe, wann Deine Freunde eintreffen und abreisen, organisiere gemeinsame Reisen vom und zum Flughafen.

Doppelzimmer (roomsharing) – sieh' nach, wer einen Mitbewohner für ein Zimmer/ein Hostel/eine Wohnung sucht

Füge Dich hinzu. Ich werde teilnehmen:

Definitely (100%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
UK United Kingdom flexewebs2 en-4 9 August 10 August Helping out raise awareness of the awesomeness of Wikimania
NL Netherlands GLdeP en, nl, fr 7 August 10 August Participating in F for Fashion panel on Friday 8 August, representing Europeana Fashion and MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp. Europeana Fashion currently has nearly 500 files available on Wikimedia Commons and has organised a series of edit-a-thons. Based on the experiences, Europeana Fashion has also published a Fashion Edit-a-Thon Handbook. I am hoping to meet institutions interested in organising a fashion edit-a-thons/to learn more about IPR related issues for contemporary collections/to understand Wikipedia better from a technical point of view.
US United States Dthomsen8 en-4 5 August 12 August Attended Wikimania 2012; missing HK; attending Wikimania 2014 Hackathon, Conference, Fringe?
US United States Djembayz en-4, ge-3, sp-3, ru-1, fr-1 TBA TBA Wikimedia DC, want to meet GLAM / British Library / Africa editors
nl Netherlands Ad Huikeshoven nl TBA TBA The family is going to spend holidays in England!
es Spain B25es, 19Tarrestnom65, Sumolari & Jaeguer es, ca, en TBA TBA Yeah, four of us!
GB United Kingdom WereSpielChequers EN Already here Not leaving I'm a Londoner, attended Wikimania in 09, 10 and 11
FR France Seb35 fr-N, en-3, de-2 TBA TBA probably hackathon too
GB United Kingdom Mvolz en Already here Not leaving Hackathon too although possible not all days
DE Germany Olaf Kosinsky de, en-2 TBA TBA
GB United Kingdom MartinPoulter EN TBA TBA Based in the UK and attended the previous two Wikimanias
GB United Kingdom Lawsonstu EN already there none based in London
BG Bulgaria Dimi_z bg, en, de, fr TBC TBC based in Brussels, will talk about advocacy most of the time
GB United Kingdom Phil Lim en 9 August 9 August Newbie! My first Wikimania event ever!
GB United Kingdom Panyd enS Already here None Part of the bid team
GH Masssly EN, ak TBA TBA
SE Sweden Ainali sv Not sure yet Not sure yet
GB United Kingdom Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry enS Already here None Part of the bid team
US United States Fuzheado en, zh-2 5 August 11 August Got to go keep the perfect record!
EE Estonia Kruusamägi en, et 5 August 12 August
UK United Kingdom CT Cooper en-N, de-1 5 August 11 August Recipient of a Wikimedia UK scholarship. Attendance will include voluntary work to help ensure the conference runs smoothly.
GB United Kingdom HJ Mitchell en 1/2 August) TBD Part of the organising team (working on volunteer recruitment/coordination)
AT Austria Braveheart en,de TBD TBD -
JO Jordan عباد ديرانية ar, en-3, he-1 5 Aug 14 Aug Attending through Wikimedia scholarship. Talk to me about WLM, GLAM, TWL or any other Wikimedia stuff (Also if you want; TED, Astronomy & Birding!).
JO Jordan Mervat Salman ar, en 5 Aug 11 Aug Got a scholarship. If you need anything from Jordan, plz let me know
US United States Keilana en-N, fr-3.5, ar-1, ko-1 TBD TBD
it Italy iopensa it, en, fr 6 August 11 August Travel grant within the IEG - Wikipedia What is about project.
CR Ralgis es, en-4 7 August 11 August Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!
RS Serbia Dungodung sr, en 5 August 17 August
GB United Kingdom Edward Buckner en, en I live here! NA
de Germany toblu de, en, fr TBD TBD
uk United Kingdom / US United States DGarry (WMF) en-gb 5th August 11th August Should be attending the hackathon too, hopefully.
US United States bluerasberry en TBA TBA I will be there for all days. I am attending talks on medicine, open access, the education program, LGBT issues, and South Asia.
nl Netherlands / be Belgium Romaine nl, en-3, de-2 TBD TBD on site volunteer
GB United Kingdom Trevj en-N, en-5, fr-3, de-1 7 Aug 10 Aug Registration complete, no scholarship sought, home attendee, first ever Wikimania. See you there!
be Belgium SPQRobin nl-BE, en-3, fr-2, de-2 5 Aug 11 Aug My third Wikimania; it's so close (relative to the rest of the world) that I cannot skip this one! Most likely attending the Hackathon as well.
sk Slovakia Rudko sk, cz, en, de 4th or 6th Aug 11 Aug everything about Slovakia, culture, german-slovak relationship
DE Germany Gereon K. de, en not sure yet not sure yet https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Impact_of_Wikipedia_Gereon_Kalkuhl.webm
de Germany ireas de, en-2 2 Agust 11 Agust
de Germany MB-one de, en-3, fr-1 4 August Agust Talk with me about commons categorization
US United States LoriLee en 6 August 11 August Attending through Wikimedia scholarship. Previously attended 2011 in Haifa and 2012 in Washington D.C.
US United States Dominic en 6 August 11 August I have attended Wikimania 2007 and Wikimania 2012. I work with the GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium and Wikimedia D.C., and will be presenting.
IN India Shyamal en 7 August - Have attended Wiki Conference India, Mumbai. Would like to stay on for a few days after the conference and look up some of the libraries/collections at the NHM (also Tring), India Office Library/BL, Zoological Society of London, Linnean Society for some India-related research. WMUK assistance welcome. If anyone is planning a bit of birding, do let me know.
MW Michaelphoya En 5 Agust 14 Agust Very excited to be a part of this. Thank you Wikimedia Foundation and WikiAfrica for such a great opportunity. Will stay an extra two days just to explore the city of London! WMUK assistance very much welcome. Looking forward sharing about Wiki Malawi and Wiki Africa!
au Australia billinghurst en TBC TBC Hackthon, Mania, especially WS events, and fringe components where able. Long distance to come, going to make the most of the opportunity
tn Salah Almhamdi ar-n, en-5, fr-5 5 August 16 August Attended Wikimania 2012 and missed Wikimania 2013. Got a scholarship
nl Netherlands Ciell nl/en-3/de-2 5 August 11 August Can't wait!
fr France Elfix fr, en-3 7 Agust 10 Agust Sponsored by WMFr
il Israel Ynhockey en, he, ru, fr-2 TBD TBD Should be attending hackathon days too
cat Unknown country Lluis_tgn ca, es, en-3 6 August 12 August Scholarship of Amical Wikimedia
DE Germany Gnom de, en, it, fr 5 August 11 August Wikimedia Deutschland scholarship recipient, interested in legal (privacy, copyright...) and various other topics
np Nepal Ganesh Paudel ne-N, en-3, hi-4, sa-2, bh-2 1 August 11 August See you in London.
np Nepal सृजना ne-N, en-2, hi-2 1 August 11 August WMF Scholarship; Waiting for visa
es Spain Millars es-N, ca-N, en-3, it-3, fr-3, de-2, pt-1, ru-1 4 August 18 August WMF Scholarship; My first Wikimania
de Germany Rillke de-N, en-2, fr-1 5 August 12 August WMDE Scholarship; (my projects)
se Sweden LA2 sv-N, en-3, de-2 ~5 August ~11 August
US United States Another Believer en-n Previously attended Wikmania 2012 in Washington, D.C.
de Germany se4598 de-N, en-2 5 August 11 August WMDE Scholarship
uk United Kingdom foxj en-N, es-1 4 August TBC TBD Attended in 2012 and 2013. Have a presentation on GLAM in the UK :-)
fr France VIGNERON fr-N, br-3, en-2, de-2 5? August TBC 11 August WMF Scholarship; Finally my first Wikimania
az Azerbaijan Wertuose az-N, tr-4, ru-3, en-2 5 August 11 August WMPL scholarship; Previously attended Wikmania 2012 and 2013 in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong
uk United Kingdom Lcawte en-N 5 August? 11 August? -
nl Netherlands Multichill nl-N,en-3,de-1,fr-1 29 July
/ 4 August
11 August First holiday, than my 5th Wikimania
US United States Philippe (WMF) en-N - - I think this is Wikimania #5 for me? Philippe (WMF) (talk) 16:37, 30 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]
UK United Kingdom Thryduulf en-N already here not leaving Working to deliver Wikimania as part of the Wikimedia UK team. I previously attended Frankfurt in 2005
NA Pgallert de-N, en-4, af-2 5 Aug 11 Aug Thanks for the scholarship!
fr France Léna fr, en-4 ? ? Interested in Diversity, GLAM+, Commons, and Research.
FR France Trizek fr-N, en-3 TBA TBA Hackathon too
fr France Pymouss fr-N, en-3, br-2, de-2, it-2 5 August TBC 11 August WMF Scholarship; 1st Wikimania
fr France Jean-Frédéric fr-N,en-3, es-1 29 July
/ 4 August
11 August First holiday, then my 5th Wikimania
fr France Lionel_Allorge fr-N,en-3 7 August 11 August 1st Wikimania
fr France Symac fr-N,en-2 TBA 11 aug (?) 10 years on wiki projects before this first Wikimania. Mainly interested in GLAM projects
es Spain Coentor es, ca, en, fr-2 5 aug 11 aug Veteran user, first wikimania. Looking someone to share room
US United States West.andrew.g en 7 August 11 August Wikimania #5; presenting on some WP:MED statistical collaboration
DE Germany Duschgeldrache2 de, en-3 5 August 11 August My first one! This time near enough. Did it!
fr France Tpt fr, en-2 ? ? My second Wikimania
US United States Victorgrigas en 5 August 11 August Just imagine if all the names on this list had photos and stories associated with them -- my goal is to capture stories from Wikimedians to show who makes Wikimedia projects work. If you're interested, please email me at vgrigas(at)gmail.com
stories from Wikimedians
US United States Ashstar01 en 7 August 11 August My first Wikimania - interested in education and offline project works
NL Netherlands TheDJ nl-N, en-3 6 August 11 August Hackathon and Conf, will be in London starting the 2nd
PL Poland Bonvol pl-N, en-3, de-3, eo-3, fr-2 WMPL scholarship, my first Wikimania
PL Poland Matma Rex pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland PMG pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Tar Lócesilion pl-N, en-3, fr-2 5 August 11 August WMPL scholarship, Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU, first Wikimania
PL Poland Boston9 pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Borys Kozielski pl-N, en-3 5 August 11 August WMPL scholarship, Wikiradio, podcasting, audio internet broadcasting
PL Poland Leinad pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Yarl pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland GringoPL pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Pablomx7 pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Magalia pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Awersowy pl-N, en-3
PL Poland Maire pl-N, en-3 WMPL scholarship
PL Poland Polimerek pl-N, en-2 5 August 11 August WMPL rep.
PL Poland Masti pl-N, en-2 5 August 11 August WMPL rep.
PL Poland Aegis Maelstrom pl-N, en-2 WMF scholarship
GB United Kingdom Mike Peel en-N 7 August 10 August
se Sweden Haxpett sv-N, en-3 5 August 11 August Also known as User:Axel Pettersson (WMSE)
US United States Dschwen de-N, en-4 5 August 12 August 3rd Wikimania, 2nd talk, WMF scholarship
AR Argentina Isha es-N, en-3, pt-1 7 August 11 August WMF Scholarship
US United States Ijon he-N, en-5 5 August 11 August User:Nemo_bis is right
US United States Sbouterse (WMF) en-N, ar-2 5 August 11 August looking forward to seeing you there!
UY Uruguay Marinna es, en, ca 5 August 11 August WMF scholaship, my #4 Wikimania, thanks.
SA OsamaK ar, en TBD TBD -
CH Pakeha de-N, it-4, en-3, fr-3 6 August 14 August WMCH scholarship & private stay
IT Italy CristianNX it-N, en-3, de-2 6 August 11 August WMIT scholarship
IT Italy Virginia Gentilini it-N, en-3 WMIT scholarship
IT Italy P_tasso it-N, en-3 WMIT scholarship
IT Italy MLWatts it-N, en-3, fr-2 WMIT scholarship. My first Wikimania!
IT Italy Laurentius it-N, en-3 WMIT scholarship
IT Italy .laramar. it-N, en-3 WMIT scholarship
IT Italy valepert it-N, en-3 7 August 11 August WMIT scholarship
IT Italy LuigiPetrella it-N, en-3 WMIT scholarship
IT Italy CristianCantoro it-N, en-3 FDC
IT Italy Sannita it-N, en-3 5 August 11 August WMF Scholarship
IT Italy Aubrey it-N, en-3 WMIT president
IT Italy Atropine it-N, en-3 WMIT board, projects
IT Italy Fabexplosive it-N, en-2 31 Jul 11 Aug WMCH scholarship
IT Italy M7 it-N, en-3 4 Aug 11 Aug
TZ Tanzania Francis Kaswahili en-2,sw 7 August 12 August after missing HK; I’ll definitely attending Wikimania 2014 Only main Conference
AR Argentina Ezarate es, en-3, pt-1 5 August 11 August My 5th Wikimania, thanks!!
AR Argentina Banfield es-N, en-3 7 August 11 August WMF Scholarship.
ES Spain Poco a poco es-N, de-4, en-3, it-2, fr-2, pl-2, pt-1 7 August 13 August WMDE Scholarship + member, WMES member, participating in the program with Submissions/How Commons made a quality photographer out of me
ES Spain Góngora es-N, ca-4, en-4 4 August 12 August WMES member,WMUY member, Amical member, my 5th Wikimania
au Australia Gnangarra en 2 August 11 August Representative of Wikimedia Australia & Vice President of WMAU, principle leader of WikiTowns Freopedia & Toodyaypedia interested in outreach programs and community development activities. Happy to discuss any WMAU project
US United States Mssemantics en TBA TBA Young Wikipedian & IEG recipient-would love to schedule interviews!
CH Martin E. Walder gsw-N, de-4, en-3, fr-2 6 August 10 August My 1st Wikimania
NL Netherlands Lodewijk Gelauff nl, en-3, de-1 ? ? Looking forward to this Wikimania again! Hopefully with a lot of joyful and constructive discussions.
DE Germany Nicole Ebber (WMDE) de-N, en-3 5 August (tbc) 11 August WMDE employee, International Affairs, Chapters/Movement Dialogue
fr France EdouardHue fr-N, en-3 5 August 11 August First Wikimania
nl Netherlands 1Veertje nl-N, en-4, de-2 5 August 11 August WMNL scholarship, second Wikimania
DE Germany Manuel Merz (WMDE) de-N, en-3 6 August 6 August WMDE employee, Evaluation
de Germany Rebecca Cotton (WMDE) de-N, en-N 6 August 11 August WMDE employee-Volunteer Support, organizing the volunteer support meetup, my talk
US United States Frank Schulenburg de, en-4, fr-3 4 August 11 August Wiki Education Foundation representative
US United States Jami (Wiki Ed) en 5 August 11 August Wiki Education Foundation representative
CH Kelson fr, de, en 5 August 9 August Kiwix, openZIM, GLAM, QRpedia, tech
BR Brazil Sturm pt, en 3 August 12 August Wikimedia movement, Brazil Catalyst Program
UK United Kingdom Ezia en-N, fr-3, es-3, ko-1, de-1 10 August 10 August I can only attend on the Sunday due to work commitments (well that makes me feel like a veritable grown-up), but I'm very much excited to come nonetheless. My first Wikimania!
UK United Kingdom Acalamari en-N 10 August 10 August This will be my first Wikimania; I look forward to coming!
DE Germany elya en-3,uk-2,ru-1,fr-1 7 August 10 August de.wp community member, co-organisator of Lokal K, local community-driven space in Cologne
EU Europe .js en-3, de-N, fr-2 TBA TBA Nice to meet you :)
UK United Kingdom breandank en 7 August 11 August Looking forward to seeing Europeana/LODLAM/GLAMWiki colleagues and others!
hk Hong Kong Deryck Chan yue-N, en-4, zh-4, de-2, ja-1 5 August not leaving My next job posting is coincidentally in London, so I'm flying to London early to catch Wikimania!
UK United Kingdom HappyDog en, fr-2 N/A (local) N/A Got a full ticket, but I don't know which days I will be attending. Probably won't be all of them. Hope to attend hackathon.
AT Austria Plani de-N, en-3 5 August 11 August WMAT scholarship
AT Austria Hamster28 de, en-3 5 August 11 August WMAT scholarship
MK Macedonia Kiril Simeonovski mk-N, en, de, ru, sh, bg 6 August 11 August Thanks for the scholarship!
US United States GorillaWarfare en-N 5 August 11 August This will be my second Wikimania, after Wikimania 2012 in DC. Very excited to see everyone!
AT Austria Raimund Liebert (WMAT) de-N, en-3 5 August 11 August WMAT staff
CH Lantus de-N, en-3, fr-1 5 August 11 August Lantus. Thanks for the scholarship!, ist's my 1st Wikimania
US United States Ironholds en-N 5 August 15 August 4th Wikimania! Looking forward to seeing everyone again
TH/UK Unknown country Kudpung en-N, de-N, fr-N, th-2 5 August 11 August Wikimania DC 2012, Hong Kong 2013!No specific tracks to follow but particularly interested in developing SE Asia chapters/work groups, esp. Thailand. WM UK chapter member
US United States Guerillero en-N, fr-1.5 5 August 12 August I will be doing research on Wikidata while I am there. If anyone wants to be interviewed, please let me know
Eg لا روسا ar, es, en 5 Aug 17 Aug WMF Scholarship, My first Wikimania.
Eg Reem Al-Kashif ar, en, it 5 Aug 17 Aug WMF Scholarship, My first Wikimania.
ca Canada Eclecticology en, fr 5 Aug 12 Aug perfect 10th Wikimania; spouse for her 2nd
NL Netherlands Jane023 en-4,nl-4,fr-2 5 August 10 August WMF Scholarship grantee attending my first Wikimania: looking forward to it!
CH Hadi de, en, fr, it N/A 12 August My 1st Wikimania
UK United Kingdom Sjgknight en already here WMUK trustee
IL Israel Maor X es, en-4, pt-4, lad-4, he-3, guc-2 Aug 6 Aug 11 WMF Scholarship, AffCom, Wikimedia Venezuela. Say hello :-)
AT Austria Karl Gruber de-N, en-2 5 Aug 11 Aug My first Wikimania - interested in education and offline project works
AT Austria Claudia.Garad de-N, en-4, fr-1 4 August 11 August WMAT staff
AT Austria stefankasberger de-N, en-4 5 August 11 August Open Knowledge Foundation Austria
ru Russia Ruslik0 ru-N, en-3 5 August 11 August
UK United Kingdom Gwaterston en 7 August 10 August Attending for the Internet Archive, and really excited to meet everyone!
UK United Kingdom CBooth en 7 August 10 August Also attending for the Internet Archive, very much looking forward to meeting everyone and exploring what you are all up to!
UK United Kingdom RexxS en 6 August 10 August Looking forward to seeing you all!
AT Austria AleXXw de, en-3 5 August 11 August
MX Mexico ProtoplasmaKid es, en-3 4 August 11 August As Wikimania 2015 staff.
MX Mexico Wotancito es, en-1 4 August 11 August As Wikimania 2015 staff.
MX Mexico Christian Cariño es, en-3 4 August 11 August As Wikimania 2015 staff.
MX Mexico Omar_sansi es, en-3 4 August 12 August Attending as Wikimania 2015 staff. My 1st Wikimania and Wikimedia hackathon.
UK United Kingdom Thehelpfulone en-N 3 August 11 August First Wikimania (and I'm helping to organise things!)
AU Australia Shujenchang en-4, zh-N, zh-yue-3 5 August 12 August Both my visa application from UK and application for leave of absence from my school have been approved. Expected to see you all in London!
UK United Kingdom Elflin en-N, fr-N 2 August 12 August I look forward to the conference!
DE Germany Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) de-N, pt-4, en-3, es-3 7 August 11 August WMDE employee; international affairs, movement/structure, etc.
AU Australia SatuSuro en 6 August 11 Augustr WMF Scholarship.
- 3BRBS WMF Scholarship.
- AroundTheGlobe WMF Scholarship.
dz Algeria bachounda ar-N,arq-N,fr-5,en-3 5 aug 11 aug WMF Scholarship the first Algerian at wikimania.
- BD2412 WMF Scholarship.
- Bdamokos WMF Scholarship.
- bellayet WMF Scholarship.
CA Canada Benoit Rochon fr, en-4 5 Aug 11 Aug WMF Scholarship.
- Ctac WMF Scholarship.
- Discott WMF Scholarship.
- Enock4seth WMF Scholarship.
- Esh77 WMF Scholarship.
UY Uruguay Fixertool es, en, pt 4 Aug 21 Aug WMF Scholarship.
- Fsmatovu WMF Scholarship.
GR geraki el, en-3 6 August 11 August WMF Scholarship.
- Hahc21 WMF Scholarship.
SE Sweden Hannibal sv, en 7 August 10 August WMF Scholarship.
- Harsh4101991 WMF Scholarship.
- Islahaddow WMF Scholarship.
- Karthikndr WMF Scholarship.
- Khalid Mahmood WMF Scholarship.
- Ktr101 WMF Scholarship.
- KuboF WMF Scholarship.
- Lechatjaune WMF Scholarship.
GR Magioladitis el, en-4, de-3 5 August 11 August WMF Scholarship.
- Mahadeva WMF Scholarship.
- Mailer diablo WMF Scholarship.
- Manojk WMF Scholarship.
- Mardetanha WMF Scholarship.
- matanya WMF Scholarship.
AR Argentina Mel 23 es, en August 5 August 11 WMF Scholarship. My 4th Wikimania.
- Montgomery WMF Scholarship.
BD Bangladesh nasir8891 bn, en 5 August 20 August WMF Scholarship.
BD Bangladesh nhasive bn-N, en-3, hi-2 5 August 13 August WMF Scholarship. First Wikimania
UA NickK uk-N, ru-N, en-3, fr-3, de-2 7 August 11 August WMF Scholarship.
- Nikkimaria WMF Scholarship.
GH Nkansahrexford en, ak 4 Aug 10 Aug First Wikimania WMF Scholarship.
- Ocaasi WMF Scholarship.
- Olivier WMF Scholarship.
- Ori WMF Scholarship.
- Oscar . WMF Scholarship.
- Pharos WMF Scholarship.
- Protonk WMF Scholarship.
- psubhashish WMF Scholarship.
- putnik WMF Scholarship.
- Reem Al-Kashif WMF Scholarship.
- salvador alc WMF Scholarship.
- Samat WMF Scholarship.
EG Samir I. Sharbaty Ar-N, En-4, It-2 August 7 August 17 Education Program Leader, Egypt. Co-founder of Egypt Wikimedians user group.WMF Scholarship.
- seav WMF Scholarship.
- Soni WMF Scholarship.
- Spiritia WMF Scholarship.
- Strainu WMF Scholarship.
- Surya Prakash.S.A. WMF Scholarship.
- Taty2007 WMF Scholarship.
- taweetham WMF Scholarship.
- Urjanhai WMF Scholarship.
- Vince WMF Scholarship.
- Vini 175 WMF Scholarship.
- Viswaprabha WMF Scholarship.
- west.andrew.g WMF Scholarship.
- whym WMF Scholarship.
- Xelgen WMF Scholarship.
- Zeroth WMF Scholarship.
- Zuirdj WMF Scholarship.
- درفش کاویانی WMF Scholarship.
BY Belarus хомелка be-N, ru-N, en-2, uk-3, pl-2 5 August 11 August WMF Scholarship. My 1st time, both at a Wikimania and in the UK :)
KG Nataev uz-n, en-5, ru-4, tr-3 5 August 11 August Attending through Wikimedia scholarship. Previously attended Wikimania 2012 in Washington D.C.
DE Germany Kasia Odrozek (WMDE) pl-N ,de-4, en-4, it-2, fr-2, es-1 7 August 10 August WMDE employee, Executive Director's Office
UK United Kingdom SUL15TAN11 Arabic/English 8 August TBA COMMENT
IT Italy Elitre (WMF) it, en, fr 5 Aug 11 Aug My 1st time, both at a Wikimania and in the UK. Drop by and say hi @ the Community Liaisons + Advocates booth at the Community Village, please! Running on community love and willingness to discuss.
CA Canada Quiddity (WMF) en 5 Aug 11 Aug Ditto ^, Elitre!
US United States Keegan (WMF) en 5 Aug 11 Aug My second Wikimania (D.C. '12), first attending primarily as a WMF staff member. I'm on the Community Liaison team with Quiddity and Elitre. I'm giving a presentation as a volunteer.
DE Germany Wuselig de-N,en-4 2 Aug 11 Aug My first Wikimedia. Sponsored by WMDE. Meeting other Wikipedians, especially from India. Commons
uk United Kingdom / US United States Julia W en-gb 5 Aug 11 Aug Somehow never managed to get to a Wikimania before. So excited for this one, can't wait to meet you all!
de Germany Dnaber de, en-2 7 Aug 11 Aug talk to me about software for style and grammar checking
in India Netha Hussain ml-N, en-5, kn-3, hi-2, ar-1 5 August 11 August WMF Scholarship.Meet me to talk about edit-a-thons, Wikiwomen and medicine!
uk United Kingdom / AU Australia Tango Mike Bravo en-gb 5 Aug 9 Aug My first Wikimania. I'm interested in establishing a wiki on sustainability management (everything a manager needs to know to run their organisation sustainably). Would like to meet with others who have established wikis on specialist subjects.
uk United Kingdom Linda Winter en-gb 5 Aug 9 Aug My first Wikimania. I am a psychology teacher and am interested in how wikipedia can be used in teaching.
de Germany Valentin Muenscher (WMDE) de en 7 Aug 10 Aug My first Wikimania. I work for Wikimedia Deutschland as a projectmanager in the education & knowledge departement.
de Germany Fctberlin de-N, en-2 6 or 7 August 10 August WMDE Scholarship; My first Wikimania.
il Israel deror_avi he-N, en-N 7 August 6 August WMF Scholarship. Come to my lectures: Common grounds for battle, or is the Commons still common? and The coolest projects of Wikimedia Chapters - be inspired
US United States OR drohowa en 4 August 12 August WMF Scholarship
HK Hong Kong joyceyyc En live here live here First Wikimania - excited!
UK United Kingdom threechordsongs En live here live here My first Wikimania.
es Spain Sdivad it, es-3, en-3, ca-2, fr-2 6 August 11 August Researcher. Hackathon too, first time at Wikimania (finally!)
DE Germany Stefan de-N, en-3, es-2, fi-1, la-1, tpi-1 7 August 11 August Student, Wikimania newbie, Finland fan, … kindly supported by a WMDE scholarship
DE Germany Matthias Süßen de-N, en-3, it-1 7 August 12 August WMDE scholarship
eu Europe Dvdgmz ca-3, es-3, en-2 7 August 12 August wikiArS activist, WCommons promoter, Amical Wikimedia & Wikimendia España member, teaching at UOC, MW/SMW consultant
se Sweden Sniper Zeta sv-N, en-3, no-3, de-2 6 Aug 10 Aug Alex., BA, Gdansk, Haifa, D.C.,HK. Press contact person for Swedish Wikipedia
GB United Kingdom Shiningroad en 6 August 10 August Never attended Wikimania before. I urgently need a place to sleep for the five days I will be at Wikimania. Please write on my talk page if you can help out! I can't afford a hotel/motel.
uk United Kingdom Addshore en-N, de-1 5th 11th
uk United Kingdom LoopZilla en 7th 10th Was at Frankfurt, living in London
TN Dyolf77 ar-N, fr-5, en-2, it-1 5 August 2014 11 August 2014 Wikimedia CH scholarship. Second Wikimania after Washington DC. representing the Wikimedia TN User Group
de Germany Schniggendiller de-N, en-2 6 August 11 August looking forward to my first Wikimania :-)
US United States ^demon en-N August August -
US United States jessamyn en 5 August 11 August Wikimedia Foundation Adv. Board Member, Open Library gal, first Wikimania, helping out in the press room
DE Germany Sebastian Sooth (WMDE) de-N, en-2 6 August 10 August WMDE, Team Communities
IT Italy Beatrice Irullo IT, EN, FR live in London - attending for the first time
NL Netherlands Erik Zachte NL,EN 5 August 11 August WMF Data Analyst
UK United Kingdom David Gerard EN 6 August 12 August I live in London and am on holiday, feel free to ping
UK United Kingdom Major Bloodnok EN 8 August 8 August First Wikimania. As a school teacher, I am interested in the education-programme. I live in London
US United States I JethroBT en, ja-2 7 August 12 August This will be my first Wikimania, and first time to London! Excited about engaging the community and am looking to hire someone with coding / interface development experience to join our team building a new mentorship space on Wikipedia called the Co-op!
UK United Kingdom Rich Farmbrough perl 6 Aug 10/11 Aug Looking forward to meeting old and new colleagues and friends
IT Italy Daniele Pugliesi it-N, en-3 I live in London Because of my business commitments I can not participate entirely (just few hours per day). I would like to meet with Jimbo! ;)
uk United Kingdom Edwardx en-N live in London live in London My first Wikimania. Meeting Wikipedians I've only met "virtually" before.
uk United Kingdom Rachelgoss en, ru, fr I live in London - Native Texan. I work as an art market analyst. Passionate about the bridges between art and technology. I'm pumped for my first Wikimania!
uk United Kingdom Evenmadderjon en-N - 8 August My first Wikimania, though I can only make one day. Simply hoping to learn.
- Cp111 en-3, zh-N Live in London Live in London First Wikimania. Great to meet fellow Wikipedians.
DE Germany Philipp Hirche EN,DE Live in London Live in London My first wikimania, eager to learn to shape wikirate.org
GB United Kingdom Redrose64 en 9? August 10? August My first Wikimania, will try to attend 2 days, might manage only one. WLTM anybody who might have heard of me
USA Unknown country Jasper Deng en, fr-3 8 August 11 August My first and probably only Wikimania.

Maybe (25%–75%)

Probably (75%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
US United States varnent en-N TBD TBD Plan to attend - dependant on AffCom travel plans or scholarship.
IL Israel Bharel HE-N, en-4 6 August 2014 11 August 2014 Probably come, there is a problem with the flights and I hope the flights won't be cancelled.
NG Joluata EN 6 August 2014 11 August 2014 COMMENTI have british visa and would line to work of editing Certified National Accountant,Association of National Accountants of Nigeria,Nigerian College of Accountancy and add three names to the list of Nigerian Accountants -->
CM Geugeor FR-5, en-1 5 August 2014 11 August 2014 WMCH Scholarship; My first wikimania; waiting for visa.
GB United Kingdom robfalla EN 4 Aug 2014 15 Aug 2025 COMMENT

Unsure (50%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
by Belarus Da voli be-N, ru-4, en-3, es-1, fr-1 7-Aug-14 10-Aug-14 I intended to come but when I learned that the British visa is more expensive than Schengen one, and that granting British visa does not give right to enter Lithuania from where a low-cost flight to London is possible, I would rather give up.

British people, why don't you join Schengen Area?

de Germany Sebastian Wallroth de-N, en-3 ? ?

Probably not (25%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
AU Australia Steven Zhang English Not coming at this stage unless my circumstances were to change
LK Sri Lanka Rehman en-N, si-3, ta-1, hi-1, ar-1 2nd/TBD 11th/TBD Moved from 75%. Didn't get scholarship. :(
HK Hong Kong 春卷柯南 zh-5, zh-yue-5, en-3, ms-1, vi-1 Scholarship loser. Almost impossible to come unless there are stacks money falling from the sky to where I walk to.

Definitely not (0%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment

US United States Geraldshields11 en-n not applicable not applicable Attended Wikimania 2012 happy hour; missed HK; attended WikConference USA 2014 as the official still photographer and the photos are here. I have applied for a scholarship but did not receive one so, due to economic reason, I cannot attend Wikimania 2014.
OC Unknown country Capsot ca-n, oc-4.5, fr-n, sp-4, en-3.5, it-3, uk-1.5 none none I also applied for a scholarship but did not receive one, in spite of being such a charming person... Therefore, mainly due to economic reasons, I will not attend Wikimania 2014. Please don't cry for me... I hope a list of the grantees will be made public... some day... for transparency's sake.
US United States Djembayz en-n, de-3, sp-3, fr-1, ru-1 not applicable not applicable Attended Wikimania 2012. Did not receive scholarship due to missed communications. Hope to see you all in Mexico City!
YE ADMIRAL12 ar-N, en-2 5 August 11 August Got a scholarship! but couldn't get the visa. No visa
PH Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-2, zh-2, pl-2, ja-1, fr-1 TBD - Was very, very unlucky. Both my scholarship application AND my program submission were rejected, but oh well. Pray I get to go to Mexico City next year! :)
- Ladsgroup WMF Scholarship. No visa
FR France Edhral fr-N, en-3 7 August 11 August My third Wikimania would have been great, if I had not broken my ankle...
IT Italy Nemo_bis it-N, en-3, la-1.5, fi-0.3, de-0.01 Various reasons for uncertainty + in the end I had some meetings in Milan and I went for a longer transferta in Finland instead.