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This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

Scheduled for Sunday, August 10, 11:30 - Auditorium 2.
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How Commons made a quality photographer out of me
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Diego Delso
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Poco a poco
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Wikimedia España and Wikimedia Deutschland
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Summary: I arrived to Commons in 2008 and uploaded aprox. 5,000 photographs over a few years. I believed that they were good pictures but at the same time I was amazed by the great shots that were shown day by day in the main project page of Commons. End of 2011 I came across a page called Quality images candidates and was surprised and delighted to see that there you would get a prompt feedback from experienced users about the quality of your pictures. I tried my luck but all my first candidates were declined, mostly due to reasons like perspective problems, bad crop, noisy or chromatic aberration that I couldn't even realize at full side. It took me a while to see those problems, and longer to understand how to fix them. I got help from a lot of experienced and patient photographers and learned something new everyday. By now I have visited a bunch of photography courses but haven't learned by far what I have learned in Commons in the last years. Today, I feel comfortable with different kind of photography, from macro to architecture over panoramas or HDR, both in the photography techniques and in the post-processing phase. I'm approaching the 5,000 Quality Images bar and have got over 125 Featured Pictures in Commons, and now it is me who tries to help others in one of the best photography learning platforms I could imagine. The best of all: participating is free, we achieve lots of free-licensed material and you never stop learning! :)
In this contribution I will show the before-after of my contributions in Commons and I will explain what I have learned thanks to Commons and how that learning process is fostered in the project. You can also read a bit about my experiences in this older entry of the WMF blog.
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Slides of the presentation >> HERE and presentation (YouTube) HERE <<

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