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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

Hello, I am user:Ziko on the projects. See my user page on Meta Wiki.


Beurs WMNL

This is my request for a Beurs (scholarship) given by Wikimedia Nederland.

During the last years I had the privilege to experience the Wikimedia movement from many different angles. There are a number of topics I am more interested in than in others:

  • As a Wikipedia author, writing mainly about German and Dutch history, I have always been interested in writing techniques, taking or 'liberating' pictures and being in contact with museums and archives. I want to learn more about that, and pass through some experience from the past.
  • Teaching and presenting Wikipedia (Wikipedia issues) is still something we can improve on; I am going to prepare a lecture also for the Wikimedia Conference Netherlands. This is an important preparation for outreach acitivities. I am looking forward to read the report about the research that is done nowadays in the Netherlands, and am curious what role I could play in the implementation of the results.
  • As an activist in the WMNL board, I was busy e.g. with the cooperation between chapters. Our experiment in 2012/2013 did not turn out the way we hoped. At this point, I want to evaluate the experiment and keep in contact with the other chapter activists in order to find out whether another try (under different circumstances) makes sense.
  • I am also active in the Esperanto user group "ELiSo", which I cofounded last year. There will be a meeting in London where the future plans are a topic. We are interesting in giving more Wikipedia lessons in Esperanto groups, for example, recruiting new (multilingual) Wikipedia editors.
  • Last Wikimedia Conference Netherlands, I talked about the structure of the (international) Wikimedia movement. In general I am studying the movement and want to publish about it.
  • If there are sessions in London with regard to photography (and especially the social and legal aspects), I would definitely try to be there.
  • Last year I took part in the discussions about a Wikimedia encyclopedia for children. I'd like to meet the people from Wikidia and other projects in order to see what could be done in German and Dutch. This is not only a question of producing new free content but also attracting new editors who might not want to edit an "ordinary" encyclopedia.

As my "home wiki" (thuiswiki) I consider mostly German Wikipedia. More information in English can be found on my Meta Wiki user page.

I am fine with reporting after Wikimania in London, and have also done so after previous trips representing WMNL. I have read the WMNL Beurs application conditions and agree with them. Ziko (talk) 22:10, 14 May 2014 (UTC)