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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom


I work mainly on:

In advance: some really important sessions

Dick Bos (talk) 10:18, 10 July 2014 (UTC)

On the fly: some preliminary reports

Thursday 7 Aug 2014: Opening Ceremony

What can I tell about that? It was impressive. A lot of people. And it was very interesting to hear Salil Shetty of Amnesty International.

Friday 8 Aug 2014: Day One

10:00 - 11:00 Featured Speakers I: Systems, about Open Data and Wikidata

  • Nigel Shadbolt of ODI, the Open Data Institute
  • Lydia Pintscher - project manager of Wikidata

11:30 - 13:00 Social Machines II: Limits

With three different submissions:

14:30 - 16:00 Open Data I

This workshop had three components. I did two of it:

I first listened to: Submissions/Transforming_Wikipedia_into_the_timeline_of_everything! by Navino Evans & Sean McBirnie of Histropedia. It looks really nice! The developers show how to create a timeline in Histropedia. For instance the Wikimania timeline! The real power is in combining this frontend with Wikidata. It's now only in English. But it will be multi-lingual.

Next: A panel discussion on Wikisource: Submissions/Panel:_Wikisource,_from_digitization_to_data.
Andrew Matthews leads the panel with:

  • Billinghurst
  • ..
  • ..

some remarks that were made:

  • relation to Gutenberg. Wikisource: adding value to text. Images.
  • Wikisource is not (yet) very efficiently. Billinghurst: community is much smaller than Wikipedia.
  • Relation with GLAM-community. There seems to be redundancy.
  • How to address the great number of unfinished projects?

16:30 - 18:00 GLAM Evaluation

Only one submission: Submissions/Best_practices_for_the_evaluation_of_GLAM-Wiki_cooperations, but it's split up in some smaller presentations:

  • intro by Beat: how to evaluate?
  • Jonathan: distinguishes all different kinds of events: outreach editathons, etc. etc. who is attending?
  • Maarten: achtergrond: open cultuur data. connect culture sector to open content. better: impact analysis. Early adopters were interested already, but the next group is hesitating. How can we convince them?
  • Dorothe (?) WIR in Library York (consortium). (see also: Submissions/The_state_of_metrics_for_Galleries,_Libraries,_Archives_and_Museums_Projects and especially the etherpad on it).
  • Lilly (Germany) - try to build high quality cooperations on a continuous level. partly as a role model to convince other institutions. Example: GLAM on Tour. Other example: GLAM-Survey-Mailing. Important to connect Wiki-volunteers with volunteers in GLAM-organisations.

18:15 - 18:45 Keynote speaker Elizabeth Marincola

Elizabeth Marincola of the Library of science has a speech about the importance of open standards for libraries. It's a real relief to hear a speaker who doesn't use a "powerpoint" presentation, and who speaks slow and clearly.

Saturday 9 Aug 2014: Day Two


See Welcoming new users and the etherpad for a short report of this workshop, that was led by Effeietsanders and Iolanda.


Some Featured speakers on Education

  • Clare Suttcliffe of Code Club
  • Emma Mulqueeny of Young Rewired State

18:30 - 20:00 Wikisource Meetup

A very good opportunity to meet Andrew Billinghurst, Charles Matthews, Micru, Aubrey, Thomas (TPT) - who instantly fixed a bug in the Epub-tool! - and many other wikisource-friends.

Sunday 10 Aug 2014: It's raining cats and dogs

London in the rain. We had a bit of rain on Friday night. But now it's really raining. Shall I wait on my hotel room until the rain is over?

11:30 - 13:00 Social Machines IX

Three submissions:

  • the really fast speaking Aaron Halfaker about Wiki Credits -> measuring value; it looks like it's all about quantitative things. What is value? Priedhorsky e.a. 2007: contrib x quality (sic!). He does show himself that this is really difficult: "breaking bad" vs. "japan": bb gets much more hits, but is it encyclopedic more important? Next: social motivation. How does competition work out? It enlarges the gender gap, and it may have other negative impact as well. Finally about Gaming and deviant behavior. How can we prevent that people try to influence the Wiki Credit System? User:EpochFail and User:Halfak (WMF). The outlines of the digital meritocracy of the 21st century are written! see: Submissions/WikiCredit_-_Calculating_&_presenting_value_contributed_to_Wikipedia
  • Cooperation in Peer Production. Jerome .... Wikipedia as a global public good and the motivation to contribute to it. Contributing to Wikipedia as a Public Goods Dilemma. No surveys but tests (and games). Ook hier toch wel weer terugval op puur kwantitatieve inputs and outputs. See the results.
  • the third presentation

14:30 - Small is beautiful

Andy Mabbett on GLAM in small musea; see: Submissions/Small_is_beautiful_-_GLAM_in_small_museums. mind the institution template on commons! All kinds of tips if you want to work with a small museum.

Dick Bos (talk) 13:57, 10 August 2014 (UTC)