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WikiCredit - Calculating & presenting value contributed to Wikipedia
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Aaron Halfaker (en:User:EpochFail/en:User:Halfak (WMF))
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Aaron speaking in this session

A commonly cited reason why academics and other subject matter experts don't edit Wikipedia is because they can't claim credit for their work. While contributing information to Wikipedia is arguably a very high impact activity due to the massive amount of viewership, this impact is not easy to claim.

Due to recent advances in efficient tracking of authorship in Wikipedia[1] and past research on strategies for calculating the value individual editors have added to Wikipedia[2], we are now able to allow editors to claim credit for direct contributions to articles on a granular level.

But should we? Research on volunteer motivation patterns suggests that offering external incentives for intrinsically motivated actions undermines intrinsic motivation. Further, bad measures of what constitutes value could encourage disruptive behaviors in Wikipedia in the search for more wiki credit.

This presentation will discuss a system designed to measure and present the value of contributions to Wikipedia articles by editors. This presentation cover three areas of concern with respect to this system:

  1. a comparison of computational approaches to determining authorship and measuring the quality and importance of contributions to Wikipedia
  2. a discussion of state of the art research of the psychology of motivation, external incentives and gamification
  3. a discussion of the social implications of competition around "wiki scores" and enabling people to claim credit for their work in Wikipedia.


  1. WikiWho: Precise and Efficient Attribution of Authorship of Revisioned Content Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on World Wide Web, ACM, April, 2014 pdf
  2. Priedhorsky, R., Chen, J., Lam, S. T. K., Panciera, K., Terveen, L., & Riedl, J. (2007, November). Creating, destroying, and restoring value in Wikipedia. In Proceedings of the 2007 international ACM conference on Supporting group work (pp. 259-268). ACM.

  • WikiCulture & Community
  • Technology & Infrastructure

Either is relevant.

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30 Minutes
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Content persistence example. An example of word persistence between revisions is presented with arrows noting how "words" persist.
Simple web mockup. A simple mockup of the WikiCredit UI is presented as a home page/log in screen and a stats page.
Persistence project system. A diagram of the proposed system architecture for the Content Persistence Project is presented.
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