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Small is beautiful - GLAM in small museums
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Andy Mabbett
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For the last four years, Wikipedians in Residence at major, internationally-significant GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) such as the British Museum, the National Archives of the United States, the British Library, the Dutch National Archive and Library, and the like have, rightly, been headline-grabbing, and very beneficial to them and to the Wikimedia movement. But the majority of GLAMs are smaller, more local in focus, and in many cases are highly specialised. Not to mention less-well resourced. Andy Mabbett has been a Wikipedian in Residence several times, including successful periods at The New Art Gallery Walsall, Staffordshire Archives and Heritage Services (including Staffordshire County Museum, and the historic William Salt Library) and Lancashire County Council Museum Service (based at their Queen Street Mill). He has also run shorter-term projects with partner organisations including the Black Country Living Museum, The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, the tiny West Midlands Police Museum, and the Institution of Civil Engineers, and many more. Based on these experiences, and honest appraisal of their achievements and failures, he will examine the issues facing such GLAMs when making decisions about open licensing their content and hosting Wikipedia (and sister project) events, and the issues these cause in turn for the Wikimedia community, and within that community. He will suggest ways of resolving, or at least managing, issues that might arise in such projects. Reasons given by small GLAMs, based on real discussions with them, for not undertaking collaboration will be examined. He will also describe the advantages to the Wikimedia Community (and to society at large!) of collaborative working with small and medium sized GLAM organisations, including private company and non-public-facing public-sector archives. Ending positively, he will describe some unlikely discoveries, new to Wikipedia, made in small GLAMs, including verifiable additions to Wikipedia articles about Thunderbirds and George Bernard Shaw!

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