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Attendee List

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Add a topic you want to work on at the Free Culture Weekend!

We will have a workshop to teach people to write music for WikiJam, and have a recital! --LailaWoozeer (talk) 16:21, 23 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Learn to use existing free culture tools

We already have a number of tools relevant to free culture and Wikimedia, including tools for:

  • Mass uploading to Wikimedia Commons
  • Tools for organising collections
  • Tools for measuring audience size

Lets talk about how we use them, why we use them and what their limitations are.

Design the tools of the future

We could use one day to scope the tools we need for the future. How do we:

  • Extract the improvements to metadata that we have crowdsourced on Wikimedia Commons
  • combine and extract data from other people's metadata
  • combine geo data with maps and create geographic timelines.
Add a Topic!
Suggested schedule

An event for all open organisations involved in free culture. Wikimedia is one of only a few open organisations able to afford to host space in The Barbican for a free culture event. There are tens of smaller free culture organisations who would be interested in attending. The emphasis will be upon future collaboration. This may lead to greater cooperation between open culture groups and personal contact between them , the Sunday will include planning for future events and joint projects including digitisation, future joint funding applications.

Saturday 10am - 5pm, lunch 1 - 2pm

Learning day

Talks on projects ranging from 5 minutes to 20-30 minutes from attendees talking about their projects. Talks will be added to this page as they are submitted, not all talks would be added by their authors, many would come through email. Once enough talks have been submitted we can arrange them into a running order. Lightning talks can be held in reserve for unforeseen gaps in the programme.

Sunday 10am - 5pm, lunch 1 - 2pm

Working together

Workshops and hackday looking at ways open groups working in open culture can work better together under the following themes. Both the room and public spaces could be used for this.

  1. Creating future plans, joint projects, funding applications.
  2. Hackday: building tools.
  3. Learning how to use tools.
  4. WikiJam
  5. London meetup for Wikimedia community, tour round the Barbican to highlight what will happen at Wikimania.

An hour at the start of the day could be used to identify areas of most interest people and split them into groups. A list of what people are able to offer in terms of each section is collected below

Creating future plans, joint projects, funding applications Please list ideas below

Hackday: building tools Projects/problems people would like to work on, special interest could be paid to linking Wikimedia projects with other projects, e.g better integration between OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia.

Learning how to use tools



Sign up for tour round the Barbican to highlight what will happen at Wikimania

This is not ticketed and not limited to people coming to the Free Culture Weekend, please sign up for this on the London meetup page here.