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Thanks to the the musical scoring extension, you can now write musical notation on wikis!

\relative c' { f d f a d f e d cis a cis e a g f e }   →  

\relative c' { f d f a d f e d cis a cis e a g f e }

First, download Denemo, which is a free WYSIWYG editor that outputs in the format required by the musical scoring extension!

Tips for using Denemo
  • To insert a note, use your arrow keys to select the place on the staff, then use your number keys to input a note of a specific length;
    • 0 for whole note.
    • 1 for half note.
    • 2 for quarter note.
    • 3 for eighth note.
    • etc.
  • After the creation of a note, the next note you input will be automatically placed after the first and not in line with it.
  • Pressing - or + after the creation of a note will make it flat or sharp.
  • To make a note into a chord, select a position above/below the note and press the button with hovertext "add note to current chord".

So let's try writing some music collaboratively!

  • Start a piece of music on this page, below!
  • When you create your piece, it may only have music playable by one person (e.g. one instrumental part, or a guitar and voice part)
  • Encourage other people to contribute parts to it!

And also...

  • You may add a part to another person's piece, but only if you also pledge to play that part yourself!

This is easier than it sounds! Need some help getting started?

The fine print

  • The organisers of Wikimania 2014 will facilitate performances of pieces which have at least 4 performers and are at least 4 minutes long
    • We can source common instruments for you if you're travelling from abroad!
  • Go crazy, but don't do anything that would be really awkward for the organisers (100 piece orchestras, 8 hour long pieces, pieces requiring cannons, etc).
  • Remember you're trying to make something for the audience to enjoy!


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