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Submissions/Zero-cost strategies for Wikimedia outreach

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Zero-cost strategies for Wikimedia outreach
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Netha Hussain
Jeph Paul Alapat
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User: Netha Hussain
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Wikimedia India Chapter
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Blossoming Soul
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A recent study[1] by the Program Evaluation and Designs team states that, in edit-a-thons, budget size doesn't appear to have an effect on the amount of content produced. A similar study[2] by the same team concluded that the more money spent to implement a Wiki Loves Monuments event doesn't equal higher participant counts or more photo uploads. In this context, zero-cost outreach events are important because they are likely to give as good results as those organized on a budget. In our presentation, we will touch upon the various strategies we adopted for outreach for Wikimedia on zero dollar budgets. Zero-cost could be achieved because planning and execution were done by volunteers, rewards were in terms of recognition of contributions and incidental costs were covered by the volunteers themselves, the host institutions or the sponsors. The objectives of these outreach programs were: to increase the number of contributors to Wikipedia, to increase the quality of articles on Wikipedia, to increase the diversity among editors of Wikipedia, to retain existing editors on Wikipedia, to increase awareness about open knowledge and to create a positive perception about Wikipedia. We will touch upon the following aspects:
  • Workshops and edit-a-thons for targeted audience, mostly minority groups to increase the participation and improve diversity of contributors
  • Featured Wikimedian of the Month[3] to recognize the work of outstanding contributors
  • Public talks and demonstrations at FLOSS fairs, tech-fests and meetings to create a positive perception about Wikimedia
  • Blog posts featuring inspiring stories from existing contributors and successes of various Wikimedia events
  • Self-help articles for getting started with editing Wikipedia
  • GLAM partnership with educational institutes

Our presentation will focus on each activity in detail and outline the execution process analyzing how it was made possible on a zero dollar budget. We will also discuss the scope for replication of these projects and their impact on the community.


  1. Meta wiki; Programs:Evaluation portal/Library/Edit-a-thons; 27 Nov 2013 ; https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Programs:Evaluation_portal/Library/Edit-a-thons
  2. Meta wiki; Programs:Evaluation portal/Library/WLM; 24 Jan 2014; https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Programs:Evaluation_portal/Library/WLM
  3. Wikimedia India Chapter wiki; Featured Wikimedian of the Month; 1 Jan 2013; http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Featured_Wikimedian/Archive/2013
WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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Yes, depending upon scholarship.
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Prefer a session on Day 1 of the conference

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