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Wikipedia Goes Viral: Experiments in Social Media

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Siko Bouterse, Addis Wang, Jake Orlowitz, Netha Hussain, Ivan Martinez

Ivan Martínez (User:ProtoplasmaKid)

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User:Sbouterse (WMF), User:AddisWang, User:Ocaasi, User:Netha_Hussain, User:ProtoplasmaKid

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United States, China, India, Mexico

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There are many social media accounts used for promoting Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms - some of these foster active collaborations, some attract just a few followers. When and why might you want to use social media to advance your community project? What makes for a successful social media account?

We've been experimenting with social media to engage communities and peoples outside of Wikipedia in various ways over the past few years. In this panel we'll share some outcomes from these experiments, what we've learned, and some common strategies and challenges. Please bring your questions too - we'd love to discuss why and when you might want to consider running your own social media experiments!

Panelists include:

  • Addis Wang: coordinator of an account on, a popular Chinese social media website, for Chinese Wikipedia
  • Jake Orlowitz: coordinator of an account on Twitter for The Wikipedia Library
  • Netha Hussain: content creator for the WikiWomen's Collaborative on Facebook, and active contributor to WikiWomen's Collaborative India.
  • Ivan Martinez: coordinator of accounts for Wikimedia Mexico, Wiki Loves Monuments Mexico, Wikimania 2015, Spanish Wikinews and beyond.

The panel will be moderated by Siko Bouterse, who has supported many of these projects as a grantmaker at the Wikimedia Foundation.

  • WikiCulture & Community
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with 3 panelists and discussion expected, 45 minutes would be better, but we can do 30 minutes if needed.
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Yes, though some panel participants are awaiting scholarship acceptance.

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