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Submissions/The missing Wikipedia ads: Designing targeted contribution campaigns

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Scheduled for Saturday, August 9, 3:30 PM, Auditorium 1

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The missing Wikipedia ads: Designing targeted contribution campaigns

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Dario Taraborelli

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Wikimedia Foundation (Analytics)

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  • Where can I find a list of stubs about living female scientists on the Spanish Wikipedia?
  • What are the most visited articles in military history with POV templates older than a year?
  • I need a list of health-related articles lacking high-quality images
  • Where do I find about notable historical events near my city with no dedicated article in my native language?
The Wikipedia Stubs Bot @wpstubs a proof-of-concept targeted contribution campaigns application by en:User:Theopolisme. (read more)
Spikes in monthly active editors in Commons caused by Wiki Loves Monuments campaigns

Gaps and biases in the coverage, quality or cross-language availability of Wikipedia contents represent an outstanding opportunity to onboard potential new contributors, particularly subject-matter experts. Over time, a number of initiatives have been launched to try and reach out to expert contributors and users from diverse backgrounds and demographies to bridge these gaps. With one notable exception (Wiki Loves Monuments), these outreach initiatives and campaigns targeted at communities and users who are currently underrepresented in Wikimedia projects have received limited attention in terms of technology and analytics support. Yet, outreach campaigns like Wiki Loves Monument have proved consistently effective in onboarding first-time contributors and driving participation from existing community members (albeit for limited amounts of time). Limited technology support means that these campaigns are in general hard to scale and there are significant barriers for organizing new campaigns at the push of a button. Lack of dedicated analytics support means that it's hard to determine the impact of these campaigns in a consistent and measurable way and make a case – backed by hard data – to partner organizations, movements and institutions about the importance of adopting or sponsoring these initiatives. This proposal describes a possible model to generalize Wiki Loves Monuments campaigns, allowing anyone (community members, chapters, partner institutions and organizations or interested members of the public) to programmatically create and run targeted contribution campaigns on specific topic areas, by:

  1. generating easy to distribute/embeddable calls for participation
  2. leveraging existing analytics tools designed by the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikimetrics, EventLogging, Account creation campaign logging) to evaluate the impact of these campaigns and identify the most successful ones.

I will review what possibilities are afforded by existing infrastructure and discuss what missing pieces are needed in order to best support this kind of initiatives.

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30 Minutes

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meta:Targeted acquisition campaigns (under construction)

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