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Learn to edit Wikipedia
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Rolling programme of sessions over the length of Wikimania - a mixture of taught topics in groups and drop-in "Wiki-lounges" with one-to-one help available
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When the idea of a London bid was pitched to the Board of WMUK, one of the suggestions that excited me was an "outreach track" that would bring in members of the public to the fringes of Wikimania and deliver to them more information about the Wikimedia projects, including learning to edit Wikipedia, and I indicated at the time that I'd be interested in helping out in the delivery of such outreach.
Therefore, I'd like to propose a three-day programme of sessions to attract the general public into an area of the Barbican outside of the main conference, where they can get more information about the Wikimedia projects and chat with Wikimedians informally as well as get help to create an account and start editing (see meta:Meetup/Liverpool WikiLounge as an example of the format). Additionally - if there were demand - at set times, a group could be taught the basics of editing Wikipedia in the same way that we do introductory training sessions for organisations (see wmuk:Royal Society of Chemistry 2014 Event as an example of a training event which was followed by an editathon).
I have discussed this scheme with members of the WMUK Education Committee and received encouragement. We now have over 40 accredited trainers and I would ask all of them who are attending Wikimania to donate a session or two in the Wiki-lounge to provide fresh faces and varied experiences for the public to meet. I would also ask the WMUK office to provide literature and perhaps small give-aways as rewards for taking the first steps in learning to edit (for example, a mug with "I made my first edit to Wikipedia in August 2014").
Finally, I don't suggest that this proposal be set in stone, but I will promise to work with WMUK office and others who are interested in this track to incorporate further ideas as they arise nearer the time.
Education Outreach
Length of session
Six two-hour sessions
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Yes, of course
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A projector, some laptops, banners, literature and merchandise would be useful.
Special requests
Venue needs to be accessible to the general public.

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  3. I will be arriving at Wikimania on Friday evening so I can help deliver training if my help is required. Yaris678 (talk) 16:30, 7 August 2014 (UTC)[reply]
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