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Submissions/How I Wrote an Article for Another Encyclopedia, and How It Compares to Wikipedia

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

Submission no. 6004
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How I Wrote an Article for Another Encyclopedia, and How It Compares to Wikipedia
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Amir E. Aharoni
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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (I am also a volunteer in Wikimedia Israel and an international staff member in WMF)
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I started editing Wikipedia in 2004. I created and edited hundreds of articles in four languages. In 2009 I completed my B.A. studies in Linguistics and Hebrew language and started M.A., and some time after that a lecturer asked me to write an article for the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, which was being prepared by Brill Publishers. I gladly accepted the task and started working on it. This work was very different from writing for Wikipedia in many non-obvious ways:

  • In what language do I write it? (Only one! And it's enforced.)
  • How do I understand the scope of my task? (Send a lot of emails, and sneak into conferences to catch professors who can answer this!)
  • How to communicate with the General Editor and with other article editors? (It's pretty much impossible. And what's a General Editor??)
  • How do I get the article reviewed? (This is actually quite similar, except that the reviewers have credentials.)
  • Can I use original research? (Yes! And it's not original research any more!)
  • How is copyright handled? What can I do with the article that I wrote? (This part is quite scary.)
  • How do I insert illustrations? (This part is quite amusing.)
  • How are the authors compensated? (This part is very amusing.)
  • How is the article updated after initial publishing? (Most likely it isn't. This part is both amusing and sad.)
  • How is the copyediting handled after initial submission? (Send a lot more emails.)
  • When is the article actually published? (This part is a mystery with a happy ending.)
  • How does this compare to other encyclopedias? (Mostly in the pricing strategy.)

This may sound like negative criticism of traditional academic publishing, but it isn't. This is a fine work done by fine people, and the Wikipedia world can learn a lot from it. The most important thing I want to show in this presentation is that every contact between Wikipedia and the traditional academia should be taken as an opportunity to improve both worlds.

  • Open Scholarship
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30 minutes
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