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Our conference is themed around outreach, and the key to good outreach is targeting. We've identified the following communities as ones with heavy overlap with ours:


For each community, we must:

  • Identify the main areas of activity within that community and their key influencers.
  • Research the relevant Wikimedian initiatives and their key influencers.
  • Familiarise each community with the others' initiatives using the platform of Wikimania 2014 as a hook.
  • Encourage them to collaborate on some activity that activates their communities and spreads awareness of each others’ initiatives and Wikimania 2014.
  • Invite them to make a submission for a presentation for Wikimania 2014.
  • Aid them in promoting Wikimania 2014 to their followers as the event approaches.
  • Write non-wikimedian friendly landing pages (Themes) for each community that explain wikimedia's relevance to that area.

Channels for publicity.

We are running a series of Outreach Hackathons in the months preceding the event.

We would like to produce Project Booklets for the event to help people find out about various projects within wikimedia!