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Outreach/Future of Education

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

Please help develop our discussion document:Future of Education


Who would get a lot out of learning about Wikimedian education tools at Wikimania2014?

Key advocates/influencers in education reform

We may want to contact some of these people to see if they are interested in coming

- Sir Kenneth Robinson, [1]

- Sebastian Thrun, [2] thrun@stanford.edu

- Anant Agarwal, agarwal@edx.org

- Ronda Zelezny-Green, Ronda.Zelezny-Green.2011@live.rhul.ac.uk (UK based worth having a go at inviting)

- Noam Chomsky, chomsky@mit.edu

- Graham Brown-Martin [3]

- Sugata Mitra- sugata.mitra@ncl.ac.uk (UK based worth having a go at inviting}

- Keri Facer- keri.facer@bristol.ac.uk (UK based worth having a go at inviting}

- Alan O'Donohoe [4] (UK based worth having a go at inviting}

- Miguel Brechner Frey, haven't been able to find direct contact details may be possible to reach through ceibal@plan.ceibal.edu.uy

- Doug Belshaw-[5], [6] appears to be UK based may be possible to reach via:- 101 St Martin’s Lane, Floor 3, London WC2N 4AZ, UK

- Brett Wigdortz-possible may be reached via Teach First 0844 880 1800, Head Office: Teach First, 4 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AU

For more information on the latest in education reform you can follow this list on Twitter, comprising of individuals with an interest in the subject - https://twitter.com/Ramat_Tejani/lists/edtech-edreform-people

Critics of online education

For a balanced view of the future of education, it may be worthwhile inviting a critic of online education to be part of the panel, to address the conference etc.

-Di Xu, of Columbia University] and co author of Online and Hybrid Course Enrollment and Performance in Washington State Community and Technical Colleges

Draft email/letter

From 8–10 August 2014 Wikimania, will be held in London, UK, one of the program strands will be the impact that web based participants, material and organisations have and will have on educational practise and experience in the future. As an individual involved in this area would you be interested in addressing and participating at Wikimania 2014.


Upcoming events

If you know of any upcoming events please feel free to add them here.


Well, I went a long and was very impressed by Anne-Marie Imafadon who ran a demonstration of the Stemettes. Leutha (talk)

March 2014;

Past events




Publications of interest

Alive in the Swamp: assisting digital innovations in education - Nesta

Dis-location: school choice, residential segregation and educational inequality - Centre for Market Reform of Education

Wikipedia education organisations

A few of the many people working with Wikipedia as a teaching tool

  • Peter Gellart, lecturer at the Polytechnic of Namibia. Currently working with his students on English Wikipedia. Read blogpost here
  • Ganesh Paudel, active in the Nepali usergroup. Has just finished the first Wikipedia Education Pilot at Islington College in Kathmandu. Read blogpost here
  • Pia Palm, ICT coordinator and Education developer at Linneaus University who teaches biology student to contribute to Wikipedia. They contribute by writing articles on parasites. Read blogpost here
  • Ivan Matejic, Wikimedia Serbia. Has with the others in chapter developed a structure for working with schools, universities and primary schools. See more here
  • Dimce Grozdanoski, Wikimedia Macedonia. Works with the government to institutionalise Wikipedia in the curriculum for pupils in the country. See more here
  • Carol Ann O'Hare, staff Wikimedia France, works with PhD students to have them contribute their knowledge to Wikipedia as a part of their PhD education. See more here

Wikimedians with an interest in education reform

Feel free to add yourself to this list if you'd like to get involved in developing this stream.