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Where do we publicise things?

Note: For video productions from the Wikimania please visit and join videos.

Mailing lists

  • Digital Collaboration promote on design-l
  • Future of Education promote on education-l
  • Free Culture promote on wikimedia-l, glam-l
  • Open Data promote on openaccess-l, wikidata-l
  • Open Access Research, promote on openaccess-l


Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia Foundation

Open Knowledge Foundation


Open Access

Free Culture

  • [5]
  • [6]
  • [7]
  • geograph
  • Open Signal Maps
  • Open Street Maps
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation

Open Data

Social Machines

User:Ocaasi suggests also to share this at to village pump proposals on ENWP, write a wikimedia foundation blogpost about the theme pages (maybe once they're more developed), and tweet and facebook about them.