Outreach/Outreach Hackathons

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

In the months preceding the main Wikimania event, the team intend to run five hackathons, one focused on each strand of outreach. These will probably be run over weekends (Saturday morning to Sunday evening) at the main conference venue, The Barbican Centre, starting in approximately March 2014. The purpose is to socialise a mix of wikimedians and the relevant local London strand to create five new communities that may initiate and develop strand-related projects to be presented at the main event.

The Open Data Institute wish to partner with us on this.

Other Wikimedian Hackathons


These topics are all quite abstract, so we are brainstorming some slightly more concrete starting points to help facilitate the events and attract external organisations:

  • Health education
    • Sexual health awareness
  • Financial literacy
  • Legal literacy (citizens advice bureau)
  • Unemployment
    • Homelessness