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Submissions/User interface: Consistency, consistency, consistency!

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Mun May Tee-Galloway (MGalloway (WMF))
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Consistency is a huge part of how Wikipedia has earned the respect of its users.

People who cared and understood how to make Wikipedia easier and more intuitive for everyone to use built a manual of style for writing on Wikipedia. It is an impressive list of guidelines and standards on how to keep the content encyclopedic, credible, and neutral, amongst many other things. A house style that guides writers toward a consistent language, style, and format promotes clarity and cohesion on Wikipedia for a wide range of audiences. This manual solves the mystery of "how should I write, what tone should I use, can I use this source, etc.?" and allows editors to focus more on delivering substance to content.

Thanks to people who care about the consistency of the appearance of Wikipedia, we now also have a manual of style for the interface. The design team wants to solve the mysteries of "how do I style this page" or "what controls should I use" or even "how to make a button, would this work for screen readers?" We want to support editors' efforts by delivering a consistent experience across the projects. We want to showcase the tools that editors have created for everyone to use and enjoy. More than that, we want to make our interface a consistently delightful experience for every single person who encounters it. That includes you, who consumes Wikipedia with your eyes or with a screen reader, whether you are a or a , if you read from the left or from the right; if you read in an Indic script or with Latin characters. We want to take great care of your experience not just on Wikipedia but on all of the WIkimedia projects because it makes a difference in being more inviting for others to join the movement and for you to contribute more.

So come and listen to how we're starting to make all of this happen and help us get there, too.

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