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Ten Years of Wikimania: Now What? We want your wacky, inane and imaginative ideas!
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Wikimania 2014 marks ten years (!) of the Wikimania conference since it started as a humble community grassroots effort at a youth hostel in Frankfurt, Germany.

We propose a combination of fact and fun in this session that will involve the audience in stretching their mind, pondering what Wikimania could be going forward.


A panel made up of Wikipedians who've been to each and every Wikimania (an elite club of eight) and others who have been instrumental in organizing Wikimania over the years will lead a reflection on the most historic moments in Wikimania history that will include photos, video and weird odds and ends collected over a decade of face-to-face gatherings. Grab a drink and soak in the things that made Wikimania unique, such as:

  • the birth of the GLAM movement in Alexandria, Egypt
  • a conference when local volunteers nearly outnumbered Wikipedians
  • a gigantic two-meter diameter Wikipedia puzzle sphere that was smashed into pieces
  • when Jimmy Wales's laptop was stolen
  • when everyone else's laptop was stolen
  • how a conference location was based on a famous Wikipedia edit war
  • how the article on seersucker benefitted from a keynote speaker
  • a list of couples who coupled at Wikimania

Pitch a thon

There will also be significant audience interaction in this session. We invite audience members to compete in a Pitch-A-Thon that allows 3 minutes for audience members to pitch their ideas for the Wikimania of the future.

  • Where and how should it take place? On a ship? On a moving train? At a carbon-neutral location? Next to Britannica's headquarters? On an Airbus A380 that stops on every (inhabitable) continent?
  • What keynote speakers should we invite? John Siegenthaler? Stephen Colbert? Phyllis Schlafly?
  • What content ideas deserve merit? An annual Wikimania musical production? "I Will Revise" done as a viral YouTube music video? Require all presenters to do their sessions with a sock puppet?

Practical, wacky, inane and imaginative ideas are welcomed. Pitches will be judged by a panel of showbiz, media, and Internet superstars.

Prizes: A 3D Wiki globe from Wikimania Taipei... A Diderot Wikipedia hoodie... A wiki-beanbag to sleep on... and a video clip of our superstar judges affirming that your pitch is worth investing in.

WikiCulture & Community
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