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Systemic Bias Workshop Development
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Emily Temple-Wood
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United States
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Wikimedia DC
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This talk will be an update on my IEG project, which is an effort to create a best practice kit for running workshops on systemic bias. Systemic bias is an insidious problem on Wikipedia, where women, people of color, and non-Western topics are severely underrepresented. I hypothesized at Wikimania last year that workshops oriented towards social justice and advertised to women would succeed in both creating quality content about subjects affected by systemic bias and bring women into the Wikimedia community. It has so far been successful on both counts. The project is currently at its midpoint but the first phase will be finished by August. There will be a presentation and tutorial as a brief history and update on the project, as well as an overview of the kit and a call to action for using it at institutions worldwide.

The kit is currently being developed at Loyola University Chicago with a group of wonderful, dedicated young women - 90% of the attendees of our workshops are female - and we have come up with practices that in some cases are counter to the conventional wisdom of the Wikimedia movement. I plan to share these counterintuitive ideas and put forth some data on how best to attract women to these events and to the Wikimedia community.

With this talk, I will be handing out copies of the kit and answering questions on how to implement it, as well as soliciting feedback and beta testers. Data from the upcoming alpha test will also be included.

  • WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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Yes, dependent on scholarship though.
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Slides and a handout of the kit will be provided.
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