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Roundtable: Admin tools development
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Dan Garry, Rob Lanphier
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Special:EmailUser/DGarry (WMF), Special:EmailUser/RobLa-WMF
User:DGarry (WMF) / User:Deskana, User:RobLa-WMF
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I originate from the United Kingdom. This submission originates from my country of residence, which is the United States.
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MediaWiki Core / Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation
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The MediaWiki software contains several tools which help maintain the quality of Wikimedia sites, by preventing widespread vandalism and other abuses to the sites. Many of these tools are restricted to a certain set of users who have earned elevated privileges by having a good track record of positive contributions. These tools perform functions such as deleting articles, blocking users, and viewing the IP information of users. We refer to the tools collectively as "admin tools", a name which is a slight misnomer, since these tools are used by many different user groups, including rollbackers, checkusers, stewards, and of course, administrators. The MediaWiki Core Team at the Wikimedia Foundation has an ongoing responsibility to maintain and sometimes extend these tools. We typically divide our work up into three month chunks (i.e. quarters), and as these tools affect all users of all Wikimedia sites and a large number of third-party users of MediaWiki, we have an interest in spending at least one quarter developing the tools, either by fixing bugs or adding additional functionality.
As of this writing, we are currently focused on infrastructural work (Single User Login finalization) which is an important prerequisite to many other potential features, such as global renaming and global CheckUser. Upon completion of that work, we have many options in front of us as to what to focus on next.
In this roundtable, we'd like to collaborate with the users of the wikis on what they'd like to see fixed, improved, or added. We'd like everyone (Wikimedia volunteers and Wikimedia Foundation employees, and Wikimedia chapter employees alike) to show up ready to be an equal participant in the session, so that we can all get a collective understanding of everyone's needs and requirements, and discuss the best way to proceed with the work. Together, we can come up with a clearer and more cohesive plan for the proposed site modifications, which will allow the MediaWiki Core team to work more effectively and, consequently, finish the work faster.
Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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1 hour
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There will be no slides. This is intended to be a discussion.
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A room conducive to running a roundtable would be nice, such as a room with a big round table (it's in the name, after all) so that all the participants are on equal footing. Failing that, something that's not laid out like a lecture theatre; a flat room with lots of chairs that can be moved into a large circle.

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  9. I'll pop in if I'm not busy. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 21:15, 19 July 2014 (UTC)[reply]
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