Submissions/Roundtable: Admin tools development/Notes

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

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  • 5-10 minutes - purpose of roundtable / agenda bashing, why we're here (we: Rob/Dan)
  • 5 minutes - SUL finalisation and why we're doing it (<[[1]]>)
  • 5 minutes - straw polling ("What user class do you primarily identify with?")
  • 15-20+ minutes - user stories
  • 15-20+ minutes - open discussion of features needed
  • 5 minutes - admintools-l, where we place discuss these problems in the future / SWMT tracking bug:

Straw poll


  • Matanya
  • DerHexer
  • MF-Warburg
  • Marius (hoo)
  • Billinghurst

Admin on big wiki

  • matanya (commons)
  • Tom Morris (enwp)
  • MaxSem (old, grumpy, "ban all users" kind)
  • DerHexer (enwiki, dewiki, commonswiki, metawiki)
  • Rillke (commons)
  • mailer_diablo (enwiki, OTRS admin)
  • Rich Farmbrough [ex] admin on en, various rights elsewhere, editor on en: sw: etc.
  • Kuebi (dewiki)
  • Risker
  • Itti (dewiki)
  • FT2
  • KTC

Admin on small wiki

  • matanya (hewiki)
  • Vogone (betawikiversity)


  • matanya (hewiki)
  • Vogone (wikidatawiki)
  • Itti (dewiki)


  • matanya (hewiki)
  • James Alexander
  • DGarry (WMF) / Deskana (enwiki)


  • DerHexer (metawiki)
  • Julia W (enwiki)


  • Bryan Davis (irc:bd808, wiki:BDavis (WMF))
  • Alex Monk (Krenair)
  • Kunal (legoktm)
  • Marius (hoo)
  • MaxSem

User stories


User story: As an X, I would like to Y, so that I can Z

As an advanced rights holder I would like to be able to use my tools with a native mobile interface so that I can be more efficient no matter where I am or what equipment I have.

  • Time sensitive stuff: e.g. blocks, Oversight, Checkuser

[Global] As a steward, I would like to globally oversight a user's contributions, so that I don't have to give myself oversight rights on all wikis.

[Global] As an administrator, I would like to be able to mass-restore selected files that were deleted, so that I can undelete files faster.

[Global] As a commons admin i would like to be able to revert mass image removal from wikis, so that I can undo a mass image removal without doing it wiki by wiki.

As an oversighter, I would like to be able to mass suppress already deleted contributions rather than doing one by one. This is part of - also for AbuseFilter

[Globally] As an oversighter, when I globally suppress a username, I want any edits made by that user that were rolled back to not include their username (bugzilla:18526, closed as resolved wontfix due to a too hard realisation, now re-opened). -

As an oversighter, I would like to be able to suppress multiple entries at once, so that I can save time and suppress things quicker

  • From a development perspective, I'm noticing we want a lot of "do action x en masse" features... perhaps we could eventually define some action class and then have a page to do multiple actions of a given type with certain parameters?

As an admin I would like to have an IP blocking cookie (half life max. 6 hours), so that vandals can't evade their block as easily.

As an admin, I would like to get thumbnails of deleted files so that I can decide whether to restore a file or not.

  • Note: bawolff suspects this may be mostly implemented and just not exposed
  • It's not really... but it's not *that* hard to get it implemented (not very easy also, though)

As a person who doesn't like seeing spam on random wikis, I'd like for global abuse filters to run on all wikis. They exist: but only for small wikis you go propose it on enwiki

  • 883 wikis in total. Subtract 128 closed, 30 private, 5 fishbowl - leaves us with 720 wikis. 524 (small) + 6 (explicit opt-in) = 530 wikis have global abusefilters. That leaves 190 open non-small wikis with no GAF.

As a developer, I'd like to see all oversighted revisions converted to revision delete system. (we probably just need to press the button, script for it was already done as per bugzilla:18598)

As an admin, I would like the wiki to have better automated spam detection so that I don't have to delete spam.

As an administrator, I would be pleased having an intuitive interface for history splitting, that is also capable handling files.

People active in dispute resolution often need to review how a dispute has grown and "who did what" chronologically, or the text each disputing user had added and removed, on multiple pages. It's a very slow process, because the only tool is to view one diff at a time, on one page. I'd like a way to quickly scan through a set of diffs sequentially, or the activity during a period of history, on one page.