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Submissions/Presenting Wikipedia (so that people understand)

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2014.

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Presenting Wikipedia (so that people understand)

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Ziko van Dijk

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DE, living in NL

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Some time ago at a teachers' fair in the Netherlands, I met a very nice man at the Wikipedia session. He said that you are allowed to use everything to find on the Internet, on a website, on Facebook, or where evere else. It is public, isn't it? If you don't like that, you shouldn't publish your pictures on the Internet. 'Everyone is allowed to use that. Yes, everywhere, for everything.'

By the way, the man was a teacher for economics and society.

Wikipedia, its principles, the other Wikimedia websites and the Wikimedia organisations... all together, these are a lot of topics, complicated topics. How to select, how to present, how to explain to people in general how Wikipedia works?

One of the maybe confronting elements of preparing a presentation is the question what is the difference between you (as a Wikipedian) and other people who have different hobbies. What is your own relationship to Wikipedia, what do other people might already know about it, or about related topics, what might be interesting to them?

How can we reduce the amount of knowledge we have to pass through, without oversimplification or leaving the most important things obscure? Maybe you have to be much more radical in reducing the number of your topics and sub topics than you used to do? Also, what kind of background knowledge do you need, and do you already have it?

Based on some experience gathered in the past, I have confronted myself with these kind of questions, or have been confronted in the feedback. Consequently, my presentations have changed a lot over the years. And I hope, based also on your response, I will keep them altering in the future, seeking maybe not for the 'best' way to present our topics but for the most suitable for a specific audience.


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30 minutes

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Presenting Wikipedia

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