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Friday, August 8th, 17:30, room Frobisher 456

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Open Data Portal Austria

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Together with the Open Knowledge Foundation Austria and the Cooperation Open Government Data Austria, Wikimedia Austria is currently establishing an open data portal that will host non-governmental open data in Austria. Open data is an important part of free knowledge and often serves as a valuable resource for Wikimedia projects. With a nationwide portal for open government data in place since 2012, Austria has been an open government data pioneer among the German-speaking countries. Hence, our cooperation aims at building on this unique know-how and widening the focus on non-governmental data in a similar fashion. The project received 50.000 funding from the Internet Foundation Austria to support the design, implementation and launch of the portal which will be based on CKAN 2.1, an open source data portal software. The question of how to incorporate suitable quality management (e.g. user ratings of the data) and user interaction (e.g. comments, social media integration, visualization) plays a major role in the design of the project. Another part of the project concerns is the creation of a viable business plan for the maintenance of the portal in the coming years. From the beginning, we thought of the open data portal as a prototype that should be designed in a way that makes it easy to roll it out in neighbouring countries (DACHLI). It is also planned to incorporate an interface from the open data portal to Wikidata, in order to make relevant data available to the various Wikimedia projects. In the context of our presentation we will explain the conceptual and technical details of the project and also share experiences of how to plan and manage a multi-stakeholder project between civil society and public administration. It is also a story about the challenges you face when you try to convince companies, academia or NGOs to share their data.

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Presentation of Manuel Schneider, Stefan Kasberger and Claudia Garad on the Open Data Portal Austria at Wikimania 2014
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