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Multimedia Vision for 2016. Learn more
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Multimedia Roundtable
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Sunday, 10 August at 11:30 GMT+1 (120 minutes) - Boardroom
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Fabrice Florin
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Fabrice Florin (WMF)
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Multimedia team page

This special roundtable workshop will invite community members to discuss new media tools under development by the Wikimedia Foundation's multimedia team.

It will be based on the same successful format we used in last year’s Wikimania, when our team collaborated with community volunteers to evaluate new product ideas and plan our next steps together. See last year's roundtable report, slides and video of this very productive session.

In last year's roundtables, we identified a number of tools that seem important for improving the user experience and technical infrastructure:

In this roundtable, we will focus on some of these projects, brainstorm them in small groups, then review them as a large group to outline the most important tasks, as well as collectively refine our multimedia plans and overall vision. (New planning page coming soon, based on this recent project review meeting.)


This creative workshop will be hosted by WMF’s multimedia team, with the active participation of a couple dozen community members.

We hope to engage up to two dozen community members familiar with multimedia tools and workflows — and a dozen WMF team members to collaborate in this creative workshop and guided discussion.

We welcome your suggestions for making this roundtable discussion as effective as possible. Please add your comments on this discussion page -- or email with your recommendations.

Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
Length of session
120 minutes

See also these related sessions on Friday:

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see last year's slides and videos -- new slides coming soon
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We would like a room where tables and chairs can be re-arranged into a circle, with several whiteboards and/or easel notepads, in addition to a standard projector. This is intended to be a collaborative session, where up to a couple dozen participants can brainstorm ideas together in small groups, then discuss them with the larger group, as well as demo examples on the projector.

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