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The State (and Fate) of Video in Wikimedia
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Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado), Fabrice Florin (User:Fabrice Florin (WMF))
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User:Fuzheado, User:Fabrice Florin (WMF)
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American University, Wikimedia Foundation
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In a recent examination of English Wikipedia, we've discovered only about 0.1% of its articles have video content. While Wikipedia's text content has consistently improved and benefitted from significant new Mediawiki features, and photo content in Wikimedia Commons is often professional quality, video has been well behind. We examine the multiple factors for this, and examine the fate of video efforts in the project.

  • What are videos for in Wikipedia? Discuss the articles that contain the majority of videos today, and identify categories ripe for video content, such as human movement, sport, dance, sign language
  • Measuring video use in Wikimedia projects.
  • State of open video standards - Overview of Ogg Theora and WebM
  • Challenges in viewing, producing and uploading - A discussion of what devices can and cannot view Commons video today, why your iOS device can't view video, and the efforts needed to produce, edit and upload video
  • Recent RFC on using MPEG-4 - Describe the outcome of the January 2014 RFC on video standards adoption, and the contentious nature of using patent encumbered formats like MPEG-4
  • Alternatives to direct MPEG-4 support - What are some alternatives to direct MPEG-4 upload?
  • Wiki Makes Video, User:Jgmikulay class other video efforts - A rundown of some video creation efforts in the Wikimedia space
  • Future of video production - A prognosis for possible directions going forward
New designs for showing videos in Media Viewer

We will also discuss a couple initiatives under consideration to improve video support on Wikimedia sites, including:

We would love to get feedback about these proposed improvements, which are being considered as a collaboration between the Wikimedia community and foundation team members.

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30 minutes
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